The Sims 2 Cheats

How to do stuff...
Here's how to do loadsa stuff that I wanted to know...

Secrets: Everyone has a secret (i.e. townspeople). To find out their secret you need to get your relationship with them to best friend, then they will tell you their secret.

Easy Money: Paint masterpieces, and make sure your creativity skill is high (walkthroughs tend to have a list of where skill points are).
While in the lobby, people buy the brochures. Hanging around means making quick money!
Make sure you personally check out guests, which gets you a tip, and make sure you check out guests when their happy, or they may not pay the full bill.
Play the Walk the Plank card game. If you get a bit enough difference, you'll get more money. Always play if their's a stacked deck or double money.
Search the desert with the metal detector. You find everything from mummified aliens to bars.