The Sims 2 Cheats

how to cheer up/restrain people
here is how to tell the signs of angry,loopy,etc. people.

when they cry press CONSOLE
when they put thier arms out press HUG
when they look at you and move thier hands press PEP TALK

when they have thier arms out real wide press STEADY
when they lean down funny press STOP
when they hold one arm near thier stomach press STERN YELL

when they put thier arm out to you press YELL BACK
when they put thier arms in punching motion press BEG
when they throw thier arms in the air press CALM HANDS

when they look like thier throwing someting press DANCE
when they hold up a hand click HIGH FIVE
when they look likke thier talking click LAUGH

when they lean in press KISS
when they make a 'come here' motion SHOW OFF
when they put a hand to thier ear press SERENADE