The Sims 2 Cheats

three VERY VERY easy ways to get money
If you stand in the lobby for about 40 mins you will earn your self about 2,255 simeloens because all the people standing in the lobby they will buy one of the booklets and you get 17 coins (make sure you have people in the lobby and your in the downstairs lobby) and dont forget to restock it every few mins

if frankie fusilly asks you for the vault go to the money machine thing (forgot wat it is called) after you build the vult and ask it to print as much money as you can so you can and try not to let the security gaurd catch you wich is why i said print as much mone as you can

get a metal detector and look in the desert by the crashed spaceship and find mummified aliens at least have the government lab take it to the government lab and exaime it