The Sims 2 Cheats

Makin' Money
Here are some tips for making money:

Play the card game(s) in the casino.
Play the scratch card game in the shop.
In casino, go up to yellow slot box next to the Moogoo Monkey stand.
Sell gourds, nuclear rods, number plates and spacecraft parts.
5. (almost there)
Buy the alien place (down in the basement) to demummify mummified aliens.
6. (finally!)
Stay in your hotel lobby and wait for people to take those booklets.

Other tips!

Restock your booklet stand every few minutes.
Stuck on stuff? Talk to the boy behind the computer for info. (forgot his name)
Most lost stuff are in the desert (walk forward onto sand hills) other things are next to hotel.

This helps alot!
All of it is true!

And if you have Sims2 on the GBA, you can unlock Moogoo Monkey in the casino.
Just put both games into the slots on the DS and play on the DS game.