The Sims 2 Tips

Good Tips 4 da SIMS 2
When the aleins, Jimmy the neck, or when you collapse and get sent back to your room. You will probably be very slow. The best way to get fast again is to take (If you own it) the Super drencher out and it will automatically make you faster. You can then either go and get more sanity in the basement by puching meat in the freezer, (which is the fastest way to get to full sanity) or you could go vanquish aleins. (When you walk through a door the Drench goes away, so pull it out again to make you go fast)

Afeter you build the casino the best room to build is the Art gallery. It lets you paint 5 paintins. Guests buy them because they are sad and they make them feel better or they love it or they hate it and they wanna burn it. The most a painting (for me) ever brought in was $2,000! From there you should either build the guest's Rooms, (Deluxe, Modern, and Jungle) or The secret Warehouse. The Secret Warehouse has one big surprise. It is home to bigfoot. if you feed bigfoot he makes your guest's attitude's go back to neutral.

Faster rooms>>>>>
to finish rooms faster (Takes 8 hours to build) build room, save, then turn off the DS. Turn on and go to settings, Date and Time, Time. Set the clock ahead 10 hours at least. You shouldn't do 8 hours exactly . You should do it more random. If it was 10:15 when you built the rooms, set it to 9: 21 to be random. if it is not random, you will be sent to your room and the aleins will invade. you will have to stop them. But you will be very slow.(USE 1ST Tip!!!USE 1ST TIP!!!)