The Sims 2 : University review
A Great Sequel to a Popular Series

The good:

-great graphics
-new items/tasks
-longer Sim lifespan
-customize your own University
-never ending gameplay

The bad:

-long loading times
-no children, or marriage
-Sims speak with an annoying sound
-cannot edit dorms when playing with a Sim


The first expansion pack to the newly developed Sims series begins with a bang. Sims 2 University brings together other Sims to various universities to complete their degrees. As a solo Sim, or playing as multiple, together you can move into a dorm with other Sims. You can also rent a house if you're wealthy enough. Remember, only teens can be sent to university, but you can also create a Sim through the university main screen. Those Sims created at university will move back into the neighbourhood once they have completed university.

Like any Sim game, in University your objective of the game is to live as a Sim and complete University. This isn't a one-way ticket, you do have to work to pass, as you can be placed on academic probation or be kicked out. This expansion pack gives an additional 24 days to your Sims lifespan, which I found a great feature. The University itself is not hard to keep up with. If you write your term paper, go to all your classes and finish assignments, you will pass with flying colours. A great feature they added is called the Influence Meter. These are points, similar to Aspiration Points that can get other people to do things. This includes homework, pranks and much more. Lastly, University is about having fun! This expansion pack brings new items devoted to partying, such as the fruit bunch barrel.

This is the official trailer. As you can see, you can still perform many of the same actions, but things such as hanging out, and streaking have been added.

In the video, you can hear faintly Sims talking. It can get rather annoying, and they will always speak like that. Disregarding that, the game sounds are great. The music changes when certain things happen, and there is some sounds for certain items (i.e. music players, pinball machines) If worse comes to worse, you can actually change the music of the game to something else!

The video demonstrates the wonderful graphics Sims 2 University has to offer. Characters are shown at their potential through new 3D graphics, and a rotating camera. The graphics are the highlight of the game, as they make it seem more real. Even small details, such as makeup and tattoos, are shown much more visibly.

New Features
Like any Sim expansion pack, Sims 2 University brings new things into play. These include:

  • New items, clothes, and Sim body features
  • New careers
  • Longer lifespan and a new town
  • Influence meter
  • Job Rewards

    Sims 2 University included Paranormal, Artist, Natural Scientist and Show Business as part of the new careers. Including the other career paths, they have all been given job rewards. Job rewards are given to Sims who reach a certain stage in that career. These can include things such as a phone to the Grim Reaper or a personal plastic surgery station.

    Lasting Opinions/Recommendations
    Sims 2 University is one of the only expansion packs I never find myself bored of. There is so much to do all the time, and can be a challenging game. Some glitches can occur in the game, but most of them can be rid of. I highly recommend this to anyone with Sims 2, or is looking to try Sims for the first time. However, if you have already installed a later expansion pack, University cannot be installed.

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