The Sims 2 Seasons review
The Sims 2: Seasons expansion pack

The good:

The expansion pack adds a lot of new items, interactions and features to the game.
You can finally put uneaten meals in the fridge as leftovers.
Your sims can experience all four seasons.
It fits in with other expansion packs like Bon Voyage well.
Plant sims.
Hair style options allow you to alter your sims look and vary it.
There are six new career paths with this game.

The bad:

It can take up quite a bit of space on your computer.
It can lag your game quite a bit.
Plant sims only have three life stages.


The Sims 2: Seasons is one of the most popular expansion packs for The Sims 2 as well as Free Time and Nightlife, due to its large amount of new interactions and items.

The expansion pack adds the four seasons to your game. These are spring, summer, autumn and winter. Your sims can do many activities according to what season it is and what the weather is like. In winter your sims can enjoy building snowmen, engaging in a snowball fight or making snow angels. Autumn is a great season for your gardening sims. A wide variety of crops can be grown in autumn, not to mention that all of the leaves start to fall from the trees and they need to be raked up. Piles of raked leaves can either be burnt, put in the composter or played in. However if you play in the leaves too long you may have to make your sims rake them up again.

Spring is also a good season for gardening, after all the snow from winter has melted of course. Summer is full of water fights and sliding into the pool with the brand new pool slide.

With Seasons you now get a thermometer next to each of your sims portraits. If you let them get too hot, they may overheat! A nice cold glass of homemade lemonade made using the lemons your sims can grow on their trees and the fruit juicer can help cool your sim down. If your sim gets too cold by going outside during winter without their warm clothes on, they may freeze. You can warm them up by bringing them in next to the fire or exercising.

To ensure that your sims don't get too cold, the create-a-sim mode lets you choose one more set of clothing; outerwear. Your sim will automatically change into this when they go outside. However if they don't you can always use the new coatstand to change into their clothes.

With each season their comes weather. It will hail or snow in winter which will allow your sims to dress up warm and go ice skating or build a snowman. The rain in spring or summer lets your sims splash in the puddles but be careful! If you hear thunder then your trees may get struck by lightning and may catch fire. The downside to this is if you call the fire brigade, they treat the fire like it's not there. Luckily the rain should put the fire out.

A big feature in this game is the ability to garden. Your sims can grow a large variety of different crops and can either sell them or put them in the fridge. Your sims can water their plants, give them fertilizer or even spray them with pesticides to that your plants don't get eaten! However if you spray your plants too much your sim may turn into a plantsim.

If your sim really is a good gardener, they may be able to join the gardening club which allows them to get discounted seeds and prizes.

If your sim is near a pond or river, they can now fish. If your sim catches a fish then they may be able to either cook it for dinner, sell it or hang it on the wall. However if you do leave it lying around, the cute little penguin that sometimes visits your house may eat it. As sims catch more and more fish they can earn talent badges and learn how to use other bait.

Hair style options is another new feature. This allows you to choose a different hairstyle for each outfit that they wear. This means when they put on their formal wear, their hairstyle will be different to their swimwear and so on. You can choose these in the create-a-sim or you can alter them using the plan outfit option on a dresser or a wardrobe.

Your sims can now pursue on six new different career paths. These include the education career path, adventurer profession, being a gamer, law enforcement, journalism and musician.

Another new feature is to give gifts to other sims. Your sim can boost their friendship with another sim by giving them an item out of their inventory. Children can only get gifts from other members of their family and if the two sims don't have a high enough relationship, the other sim may reject the present. The more expensive a present is, the more of a boost on the relationship.

This game comes with a large range of new items. Theres a whole collection of country themed items to add to your cottages and lots of gardening things such as the ladybird house and the "Stuff me Silly" Scarecrow. Your sims can also enjoy making some delicious hot chocolate using the Perfect Packets Hot Chocolate Maker.

The new special kind of sim is a plantsim. Your sims may turn into one if they spend too much time spraying plants and end up with literally having green fingers. Plantsims only have three motives which are water, light and love. Just like real plants. Water can be satisfied by simply taking a bath or a shower, swimming or drinking some water, light is achieved by sitting outside or being in a room with special lights and love is basically the social reaction and just interacting with other sims should sort that out.

Only having three needs can be very useful. Your sims have more time to garden and build skills. They already have a gold talent badge in gardening so this makes them super at coping with their crops. However it can also be a burden because sometimes you just have nothing to do with them.

Your plantsims also only come with three lifestages, toddler, adult and elder. Toddlers can be spawned from adult plantsims so a bonus is you get to skip the pregnancy. Toddlers spawned from adults will also have all of the skills that the adult has. This is useful because plantsims don't get to be children and teenagers and time is lost. Plantsims are very easy to look after and are wonderful in the garden.

The game does lag quite a bit when it rains and it does take up quite a lot of space but I think that it's a great game I agree with most of the simming population when they say that it's one of the best expansion packs.

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Tainted Oct 31, 08
Good review! It had a lot of information, covering all the new things within the game. One thing I would like to see would be your opinions on your opinions of the game, as opposed to information about the game. Also, it would be helpful if you also talked about the other aspects of the game, such as the graphics and sound, etc. Overall though I liked it.
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