The Sims 2: Pets review
Nothing's perfect... but this game comes pretty close, for a console version Sims game.

The good:

Well, there are many good things about this game, and to start off, it's got PETS! Yes, I know about The Sims 2 Pets expansion pack for the PC, but come on, obviously, this one was so popular that EA made a separate version for the Wii (and the DS, and the PS2, and the PSP, and the GameCube, and the 3DS). That means people liked it. Also, it's great for if you're one of the many people (including me) who don't have the right kind of computer to run regular Sims, or you just want something different.

Also, the graphics are quite good. Just above Wii standards I'd say. There's also a lot of nice music in the game, which adds to the nice visual/audio layout. That good old nonsense language Simlish is still there too, with some new variety.

But not just that... there are lots of options for customization for both Sims and pets, you have a lot of options to choose from when building and furnishing your house, there are a lot of actions for your Sim to undergo, and the game has a rather amusing sense of humor. Sims are also still able to get abducted by aliens and get married and breed their pets! Yay!

The Town Square is also a nice touch, filled with all sorts of cool stuff for you and your pet (mostly your pet) to enjoy. Direct control is also a very easy, straight forward way to control your Sims. This game is also very family-friendly.

The bad:

There are no skunks or wolves, Sims can't be werewolves, pets can't get jobs or enter into contests, Sims can't get pregnant or have kids, Sims can't WooHoo, and you will only ever have access to two lots at a time (your house and the Town Square).

Also, Sims and pets don't age, die, get sick (apart from when they eat something rotten or get abducted by aliens, though in both situations they only throw up), or turn into ghosts, and they only get to ride in cars to go to their jobs. Also, the in-game time can get a bit confusing.

The game does have a fair amount of glitches and bugs, though if played carefully, these can be avoided, and they are all usually only minor.


This game has got what it takes to be a Sims game. It really does. It's got standard Sims graphics and sound, and it definitely brings the complete open-mindedness back into The Sims, especially after The Sims 2 Castaway Wii, which was based on a plot.

The customization options seem almost endless. You can play around with your dog or cat's tail, fur, markings, head, jowls, nose, body, and more. Plus, if you're one of those people, you can dress them up in shirts, hoodies, shoes, hats, glasses, and of course, collars and bandanas. Then you can choose personality. This will affect the gameplay. With Sims, there are plenty of options to choose from, and you can seriously spend hours on end (if you like everything from hip size to eye shape to be perfect) customizing your Sim, not just with looks, but with personality too. Here you can choose any sign of the Zodiac you want, and then customize it by assigning points.

Once you've customized your Sim, you can choose to live in a house that's already been built, or you can build your own on an empty lot. There's also hundreds of different items to choose from in the Build And Buy mode section after you've finished laying out walls, flooring, doors and windows. You can just have fun with it!

Your Sims can meet up with your other families, or the pre-made ones, and you can become friends with them or even get into a romantic relationship with them... or you can become enemies.

The Town Square is a mostly pet-themed place where you can go to socialize, eat hot dogs, drink soda, coffee, eat ice cream and smoothies, and then get your pets washed, or get them some new toys... or even sell them, plus much more. There are lots of things to do here!

When your Sim gets a job, it will take skill and friendship to proceed, and there are many different choices for jobs, so it can take a while to get to the final level in any job via promotions.

You can also teach your pets tricks and play with them... but if you don't pay attention to them, or at least if you don't feed them, they will run away and be found as strays on someone else's lawn. That's another thing; strays. Strays are a cool feature to the game as well. When they appear, if you become friends with them, you can take them in. The maximum number of inhabitants allowed to live in a lot is six.

If you can look past a few glitches and the subtractions of some interesting features of the PC version, then this is a great game. It has nice visual content, with lots to look at and a lot of nice, in-game animation. The audio is pretty standard for a Sims game, though it's definitely got some unique music and ambience.

There are several different control styles to choose from in most menus, so it's a very "go-at-your-own-pace" game. Even so, the controls may take a while to get used to, and sometimes there are glitches in the control schemes.

Some common visual glitches include: No animations (no music notes coming from the stereo when it is on, no water in the shower, plus more), not being able to move an object, and getting stuck on things (Sims can't go anywhere because they are stuck trying to get past a chair or a fence or anything). There are many others.

I'd definitely recommend this game to anyone. Of course, the PC version will always be better, but this is a very nice and well-suited game for the Wii. It gets a 3.7 out of 5, and it really is a nice game for Wii owners.

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