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A wonderful console Sims game... completely worth it.


The Story
Well, as far as story lines are concerned, this game doesn't really have one! The Sims 2 Pets Wii is a very nicely done and well-thought-out game, bringing the complete open-mindedness of most other Sims games to the console! Yes, that's right, this game is perfect for those with a creative mind who long for life simulation style games. This is a family-friendly version of a Sims game with a new feature: Pets! Yes, if one thing had to be relatively close to a story, it would be this game's new feature of being able to have pets! You can still create a neighborhood however you want ...


Nothing's perfect... but this game comes pretty close, for a console version Sims game.

The good:

Well, there are many good things about this game, and to start off, it's got PETS! Yes, I know about The Sims 2 Pets expansion pack for the PC, but come on, obviously, this one was so popular that EA made a separate version for the Wii (and the DS, and the PS2, and the PSP, and the GameCube, and the 3DS). That means people liked it. Also, it's great for if you're one of the many people (including me) who don't have the right kind of computer to run regular Sims, or you just want something different.

Also, the graphics are quite good. Just above Wii standards I'd say. There's also a lot of nice music in the game, which adds to the nice visual/audio layout. That good old nonsense language Simlish is still there too, with some new variety.

But not just that... there are lots of options for customization for both Sims and pets, you have a lot of options to choose from when building and furnishing your house, there are a lot of actions for your Sim to undergo, and the game has a rather amusing sense of humor. Sims are also still able to get abducted by aliens and get married and breed their pets! Yay!

The Town Square is also a nice touch, filled with all sorts of cool stuff for you and your pet (mostly your pet) to enjoy. Direct control is also a very easy, straight forward way to control your Sims. This game is also very family-friendly.

The bad:

There are no skunks or wolves, Sims can't be werewolves, pets can't get jobs or enter into contests, Sims can't get pregnant or have kids, Sims can't WooHoo, and you will only ever have access to two lots at a time (your house and the Town Square).

Also, Sims and pets don't age, die, get sick (apart from when they eat something rotten or get abducted by aliens, though in both situations they only throw up), or turn into ghosts, and they only get to ride in cars to go to their jobs. Also, the in-game time can get a bit confusing.

The game does have a fair amount of glitches and bugs, though if played carefully, these can be avoided, and they are all usually only minor.


This game has got what it takes to be a Sims game. It really does. It's got standard Sims graphics and sound, and it definitely brings the complete open-mindedness back into The Sims, especially after The Sims 2 Castaway Wii, which was based on a plot.

The customization options seem almost endless. You can play around with your dog or cat's tail, fur, markings, head, jowls, nose, body, and more. Plus, if you're one of those people, you can dress them up in shirts, hoodies, shoes, hats, glasses, and of course, collars and bandanas. Then you can choose personality. This will affect the gamepla...


Sims 2 Pets Positives and Negatives Review

The good:

~Many features, including customization, pets, homes, furniture.
~Very good graphic acceleration.
~Smooth-running; no lag.
~Classic Mode option.
~Large variety of items to purchase.
~Marriage option.

The bad:

~Cannot have babies.
~Cannot choose age of Sim.
~Not many career paths.
~Fire hazard bar is a pain.
~Not as many features as PC version.
~Sims do not age.


"The Sims 2: Pets" is a very addicting and fun game. It has lots of features such as creating your own pet, and building and furnishing your own home. However, "The Sims 2: Pets" can become boring, and even frustrating at times. There are not many career paths to choose from, and they don't pay much. You can get married, but you may not have kids, and your Sims start as adults and do not age. There are many customization features though, such as facial hair, clothes and body structure. The controls are fairly simple and the game is easy to master. A feature called "Aspiration Points" are a...


Pets are just like Sims!

The good:

-New Cooking Feature
-New Sewing Feature
-You treat and diagnose pets!
-Good DS graphics
-Can own a pet!

The bad:

-Annoying Music
-Only one goal, game soon gets boring
-Only two places to visit.
-Too repetitive
-Not enough to do.


The Sims 2: Pets DS is a great game for the portable it is played on. The game was released to North America on November 6, 2006. The Sims 2: Pets DS is a very different kind of Sims games when compared to the other games of the series. The game is very different with all of the many new features such as using recipes to cook, using patterns to sew, treating pets, diagnosing pets, and being able to own a pet. The game itself is quite similar to the popular Sims 2: Pets PC expansion pack but also very different.

In this game you will play the part as the doctor and Health Authority of Paw Va...


The Sims 2 Pets DS

The good:

You can create your own pet.
You get a chance to use your stylus

The bad:

The graphics are a bit grainy
The game gets boring quickly.


In the Sims 2 Pets DS you end up taking your own pet cat or dog with you and owning your own vet centre. Your sim has the original motives of energy, hunger, social, comfort and hygiene and these are fairly easy to maintain.

Unfortunately this leaves you with an awful lot of time on your hands during the game because it takes a long time for a customer to come in. You get a couple of customers a day and they come in and tell you their pet is ill (or ugly). You take them to the diagnosing table where you can x-ray them, brush them, feed them and so on.

Once you've discovered the illness the p...


The Sims 2 Pets

The good:

The pets add to the game well.
It's incredibly child friendly.

The bad:

It gets boring quickly.
It takes a while to load.
It takes up a lot of space.
You can't control the pets.


Out of all the Sims 2 expansion packs I would have to agree thi one is the most child friendly. The pets are a great feature and they do a lot of interesting things that normal pes do in real life. It can be annoying to refill the holes dug in the garden and clean up their little puddles but if it's your own cat or dog you can scold or praise it and if scolded enough it will learn to behave.

I've found that cats ae more entertaining than dogs because you can do more which is a big surprise because in over all opinion in real life, dogs do more.

You can teach your pets tricks and give them jo...

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