The Sims 2: Pets Pet Food Guide
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The Sims 2: Pets Pet Food Guide

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This walkthrough was originally written for The Sims 2: Pets on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
A guide to creating pet food using various Recipes for The Sims 2 Pets
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With The Sims 2 Pets one can create pet food using the food processor and food
that you have made with the refrigerator.

It is easy to make Pet Food in The Sims 2 Pets, just have a Sim go to the Food
Processor with food and choose to make Pet Food while at the Food Processor.

Important Note:
It is important to keep in mind that if you use only the food that is not from
left over plates you will make the better quality expensive pet food and if you
use food from left over plates you will get the much lesser quality pet food

Check the refrigerator for the common recipes and some example ingredients, keep
in mind that one can substitute something if it is in the same category, also
fish can be substituted for meat in the recipe.

For example if the recipe calls for strawberry then any other fruit may be
substituted instead or if the recipe calls for beef then another meat item like
pork may be substituted or one of the fish items like cod may be substituted

Also recipes may have up to 4 ingredients, so one can add more kinds of fruit to
a fruit shake or more kinds of meat to Roast or Sliced Roast for example.


Some foods have Special Effects for Sims like:

Red Hearts means that it is a Romantic Meal
When your Sim eats this, romantic social interactions are more likely

Black Hearts means that it is a Repulsive Meal
When your Sim eats this, social interactions will be in enemy mode temporarily.

Green Smoke means that it is a Nausea Meal.
When your Sim eats this, the Sim will throw up.

Rain Drops means that this meal makes the bladder full.
When your Sim eats this, they will need to head for the toilet.

Stars means that it is an Energy Meal
When your Sim eats this they will gain Energy, and +3 to skills temporarily.

Note: food with no special effect will usually make moderate quality pet food as
long as it not from a left over plate.

Note: food that has a special effect will make expensive quality pet food when
making pet food, as long as it is not from a left over plate. It doesn't matter
exactly what the food does if a Sim eats it, but it matters whether it has a
special effect and it matters whether it is from a leftover plate or not.

Note: any pet food made from a left over plate will be of cheap quality.

In order to make a food with a special effect one needs to read the description,
for example Energy Meals use food items with a positive number for the energy
line in the recipe, Romantic meals use food items like fruit or most fish in the
recipe. Meals with Rain drops use food items with a high negative number for
bladder. Nausea meals are somewhat harder since with these one needs to read the
food description, for example a recipe with Soursop with make a nausea meal.
Repulsive Meals are the hardest, to make one of these one needs to experiment to
find one that has Black Hearts, but one that is in refrigerator's list is "Fruit
in Pastry", make this per the ingredients listed and you will have a Repulsive


The following are two lists of the common recipes and what kind of pet food
results, divided up into recipes that make dry pet food and those that make wet
pet food.

Some food recipes make Dry Pet food like these:

the food recipe                                     food processor makes
Roast                                                   dry pet food.
Sliced Roast                                            dry pet food.
Roast & Fruit Sauce                                     dry pet food.
Wellington Roast                                        dry pet food.
Soup                                                    dry pet food.
meat/fish+liquid+dairy+food processor+stove
Stir Fry                                                dry pet food.
Chef's Salad                                            dry pet food.
Carpaccio                                               dry pet food.
Salad                                                   dry pet food.
Grilled Vegetable Salad                                 dry pet food.
Ceviche                                                 dry pet food.
Hors D'Oeuvres                                          dry pet food.
Fruit in Pastry                                         dry pet food.
Barbecue Sausages                                       dry pet food.
meat/fish+fruit+fruit+fruit+food processor+stove
Combo Pizza                                             dry pet food.
Sandwich                                                dry pet food
Kebabs                                                  dry pet food
Panini                                                  dry pet food.
meat/fish+fruit+oil+grain+food processor
Jam Sandwich                                            dry pet food.
grain+grain+oil+fruit+food processor
Pizza                                                   dry pet food.
Sweet Vegetable soup                                    dry pet food.
Roast & Fruit Sauce                                     dry pet food.
Veggie Stir-Fry                                         dry pet food.
Fruitspacho                                             dry pet food.
fruit+oil+food processor


Other food recipes make Wet Pet food like these:

the food recipe                                      food processor makes
Meatloaf                                                wet pet food.
meat/fish+meat/fish+veggie+veggie+food processor+stove
Burrito                                                 wet pet food.
meat/fish+liquid+veggie+grain+food processor+stove
Roast & Veggies                                         wet pet food.
Fruit                                                   wet pet food.
Fruit Compote                                           wet pet food.
fruit+fruit+fruit+fruit+food processor+stove
Fruit Shake                                             wet pet food.
Fruit Smoothie                                          wet pet food.
Salad-in-a-cup                                          wet pet food.
Gratin Shake                                            wet pet food.
Parfait                                                 wet pet food.
Samosas                                                 wet pet food.
meat/fish+fruit+grain+food processor+stove
Casserole                                               wet pet food.
meat/fish+meat/fish+veggie+fruit+food processor+stove
Dumpling Stew                                           wet pet food.
Barbecue                                                wet pet food.
Shake                                                   wet pet food.
Lasagna                                                 wet pet food.
meat/fish+veggie+cheese+fruit+food processor+stove
Ceviche Puree                                           wet pet food.
meat/fish+oil+fruit+food processor
Cheeseless Pizza                                        wet pet food.
meat/fish+grain+veggie+fruit+food processor+stove
Lasagna                                                 wet pet food.
meat/fish+veggie+cheese+fruit+food processor+stove