The Sims 2: Pets Tips

Energy drinks
Here are some Energy drinks that may help you when your Sim is tired but you want to stay up.You need to buy a medium size fish tank that has the Eel in it and you need to buy the large size fish tank and you need to buy a frood orchard.These are all located in the miscellaneous part in the object catalog.

1.) ostrich,strawberry,Llama,and orange (53 hunger 75 energy -17 bladder)

2.) mangosteen,ostrich,shark,and strawberry (58 hunger 95 energy -24 bladder

3.)ostrich,mangosteen,Eel,and strawberry (50 hunger 100 energy -29 bladder)

4.)ostrich,mangosteen,Eel,and shark (59 hunger 100 energy -37 bladder)

Make sure you blend these with a Entropix Blending Hutch