The Sims 2: Pets Tips

Seven Great Recipes!
Recipes like these are great, because they:
- Fill up your sim's food motive
- Fill up your sim's mood motive

If your motives are high when your sim goes to work, they usually get promoted, which means you get more money! Go to your sim's fridge, and pick one of these seven recipes. To get this ingredients, you may also need a fruit tree/plant, and a fish tank.

#1: Chicken,egg,onion,apple.
#2: Beef,pork,tofu,chicken.
#3: Turkey,dagle,berry,shark,milk.
#4: Shark,cherry,tofu,beef.
#5: Chicken,cherry,tofu,potato.
#6: Lobster,pork,broccoli,lime.
#7: Lobster,shark,manostean,cherry.

Make sure you cook these recipes before you eat them,
otherwise they will not fill any motives!