The Sims 2: Pets Tips

Sweet Timberwolf!
Choose a "Samoyed" in the dogs to start; pick the gender you want. For the head, pick the type #1 ears. Go to "morph face" and click "morph eyes"; keep the first head the same, but switch the bottom head to the ugly pug-like face just left of that collie-like face; Then scroll the "L-stick" all the way down for some angry eyes. The snout and jowls are good, so go back to the menu; hit done and then go to "Body." Switch the tail to the strait fluffy #2 tail. The fur type is good, so go to "customize fur" and click on "fur color"; make the main body color the light tan in the upper left corner. Now go to "fur markings." For the first marking, choose the gray color next to the green; the marking for this one is over right two spaces, down one. The second marks are the color black; the markings are down two, right one. And ta-daaa! A lovely Timberwolf!