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The Sims 2: Pets (Living in Town Square) and Easter Egg?
Are you tired of living in your own house and get bored and calling your neighbors to come by to your house? Well, it's time to live in somewhere that is more funner and bigger, that is... Town Square!
1st, make your own family (or just select a family that is already in your neighborhood)

2nd, in your family lot, buy some things you want that is perfect for you to live in TS. (Note1: You cannot bring some things. Like the sink, bed, fridge, etc. If you bring those the TS Security will come and you must pay 5$ and he will put those things in your inventory.)

3rd, after you arrive at TS, go into your family inventory and put those things at TS. You may need some pet points for the pet items. Why? Your sim isn't in good mood? Don't worry! If you're hungry/thirsty and sleepy you should drink the Drinking Fountain. It should make your hunger/thirst and sleep go up (Not Max). And, the Fountain makes your fun and hygiene go up (Not Max either). And there are 2 tricks that makes you hygiene go up. The sink and fountain. I prefer you use the sink. It makes you hygiene go up much faster. Just use the trick for the poors. Choose Sink, Wash Hands many times. It even should not fill your hygiene to max (Again).

4rd, have fun! Oh, and you should bring 3 recycled couches and a Cheapovision Television. The TS Security won't put it back in your inventory. Put those near the coffee stand. People will watch your TV. Btw, there's something like a glitch or easter egg.....

I called it the "Ghost hates TVs"

I lived in TS. I put 3 recycled couches and a TV, i turned on the TV. When i go to power nap, the TV closed itself. I even saw something picking up the coffee i put down. It's like... Black and blur. It's blur because it was near the pet bakery and the couches were at the coffee stand. The "Thing" moved and i was like "WTH?!" it/she/he drinked the coffee lol!

But, after that the "Thing" goes to the.... Ok the "Thing" kicked my pet! I woke up and tried to get to him then, it goes to the pet bakery to browse something! It's like a normal sim but that time my sim and my pet we're the only one there. Because it's midnight. But.... When it browsed the pet bakery... It shows like a reaper cat LOL. Ok, ok.. It shows a black cat wearing a black hood. It/she/he actually should browsed the pet shop!

Finally! When almost at 1:50AM It goes to the phone (There is one in the sidewalk) and called someone. And talked about the same thing! Black cat wearing black hood! Then, 2:15 it dissapeared. And i leaved the TS and made my own house.

So, that was the mystery of the "Thing". Sorry, if i spooked you out and you didn't make it to live in TS. But, it really exists. Or, not.

Ok, bye!