The Sims 2: Pets Tips

Cats and Dog look alikes!!
Though you can only get cats and dogs there are great look alikes so you can have different animals. Here are some you can try. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Have a fox as a pet
When you are creating a family, choose the cat. Use the fur color code to unlock the "Deep Red" cat color. Choose "Head" then go to where you can change the shape of the snout. Find the longest snout available. Its face will now resemble a fox somewhat. Make sure the ears are as large and as fox-like as you can get them. Then, go back to the place where you can change its fur and colors. Change the "Extra Fur" option to #2. Next, go to "Fur Markings" and choose the first one. Change that to the narrow strip on its chest. Make its color pure white. Go to the second choice of fur markings and make its legs all black. Finally, choose the option that makes both of the ears covered in the back with the color black. Add your choice of neckwear if desired, and you will now have a pet fox.

Have a skunk as a pet
Pick a small skinny cat. Go to "Body", and change "Body Type" to "3". Go down one and put the pointer to default, then go six places to the right. Set "Tail Type" to "2". Go to "Customize Fur", and set the fur color to black. Go to "Fur Markings Bottom Layer". Start at the red cross, then go one place down and three places to the right. Change the "Ears" to "2". The rest can be done as desired.

Have a wolf as a pet
Select a Siberian Husky. Make it completely white. Go to the fur markings and start at the red cross. Move six places to the right and select the pattern. Select this for the bottom layer and make sure to change it to a light brown color. Next, choose any pattern for the back. Change it to a light yellow. This is for the middle layer. For the top layer, choose the same pattern as the bottom layer. Change this to black. Your dog should slightly resemble a wolf. You are now done with the fur. Change the body type to #4 and the fur style to #1. Go to the face options and change the muzzle to the default muzzle. For the wolf personality, it is Gifted, Hyper, Friendly, Aggressive, and Pigpen. If desired, you may choose your own personality. Add the optional fashion accessory. You should now have a pet wolf.

I hope this is useful!!!