The Sims 2: Pets Tips

Beyond stars - Highest ranking food possible
There miiight be other types of food like this (there probrably are) but I haven't had time to discover them. Yet.

You've probrably made food before that has had small stars coming off of it, right? Well, this dish gives you more the 'Fourteen lightbulbs stuck in a microwave' look than the 'broken christmas tree light' one that increases all of your stats by 3.

This dish gives the same effect, but makes your character feel better on the whole, and even with lv. 1 cooking, fills 100 hunger.

The items for the dish are as follows:

Ostrich, Broth, Whole wheat flour, Dangleberry.

When it is cooked, it will give you a message very much like this one; "Looking at this food makes you feel unstoppable. You feel as if you could do anything. Or climb tall buildings. Well, maybe not the tall buildings thing."

Hope you enjoy!