The Sims 2: Pets Tips

Living at the town square!!!!
ok You can actully live at the town square!!!
I'm going to do the motives so you can know how to fill them up at the town square!!!

1. Hunger: There is a fountain for the sim and the dog so thats free food. theres a hotdog machine that someone did say on here that you can kick and a free hotdog will sometimes come out, you can bye a saucer and ice cream and stuff from the ice crem, the coffe and the smoothie machine. Also you can get sim food (Duuh) from it aswell from them.

2.toilets: There are toilets at the town square. Or you could let your sim pee his or hers pants and do this.

3.hygene: There's a big fountain that you can splash in. Or theres taps where the Toilets are.

4. Bed: Select the bench and select power nap this will fill up your motive in no time!

5. Socal: Talk to the people who go to the town square and other family members.

6.Comfort: Sit on bench!!!

7.Fun: go to the bench and select play game.

8. Tips: When your pets really wants to go home, it is best you go home.
If you take your stuff with you such as a bed the police will come and take it away.
If you run out of pet points, Simply do the gnome cheat( L1,L1,R1,X,X,d pad up) then do the give sim pet points cheat( Triangle,circle,X,square,L1,R1) Then select the gnome and select give sim pet points. Easy!

Hope this will help you alot. thanks from Angel88891 xxxx