The Sims 2: Pets Tips

Make Perfect Grey or Arctic Wolves
If you`re thinking Yay!!!I can have a a wolf look alike. Pick Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Go into body:
body type-4
the bar underneath-move the thing 2 spots over from the left (first move it all the way to the left!)
go into customise fur
fur style-4
fur colour-either white or the grey under pitch black
extra fur-2
go into head
extra hair-1
go into morph head
eyes-top-bottom row 1st eyes-
-bottom-top row 1st eyes-
-2nd from the top
snout-top-toprow last one-
-bottom-bottom row last one-
-1st from the top
jowels-top-top row 1st one-
-bottom-bottom row 1st one-