The Sims 2: Pets Cheats

Live in Town Square
While at home enter cheats and raise money and pet point levels. Then go to the catalog and purchase these items - Garden Swing, Bed, Fridge, Counter, Stove, Hot Springs, Trampoline or other activity items. Now go into your inventory screen and hit square for grab mode. Select your purchased items by hitting X and then place each one in your inventory by pressing square.

Take your family to town square. Go into the emporium and purchase a dog house and food bowl or what ever pet products your pets need to stay happy and place them in town square. Go into your inventory and place the Garden Swing and Hot Springs in the middle of town square and place your trampoline or other activity items towards the back of the property. These items shouldn't be against sim law and the police should not come and take them away. Be sure to keep your pets food bowl full and use the pet salon and other shops to keep him happy.

Use the swing to make fast friends and the hot springs for making friends and getting clean. When you need to meet another need such as sleep take the item from inventory and use it. The police will come and write a $5/item ticket for trash and when not in use he will place it back in your inventory. Items should also return to inventory when you leave town square. A cheat gnome is also available in town square so don't worry about the tickets!!!