The Sims 2: Pets Cheats

Fill Hunger of 190 with this Recipe
You must have the most expensive fridge, fish tank, and fruit tree to create this recipe. Be sure to harvest the sea food and feed the fish and to harvest your fruit and water your tree regularly. Now that you have the proper ingredients, Go to fridge and choose get ingredients.

Ostrich, Lobster, Shark, and Dangle Berries

Go to counter and prepare barbeque. (Make sure to use counter to prepare your meal or you will loose hunger and energy value)

Go to stove and make barbeque. If done correctly the food should steam pink hearts and have values of Hunger 190 Energy 95 and Bladder -60. You will need to go immediately to the bathroom but won't have to finish your food to bring Your hunger and energy levels to max. They should also stay full longer.