The Sims 2: Pets Cheats

Living in the Town Square
It is possible to live in the town sqaure! well not really live but stay there for a long time (really long time)

In the town square if your sim or pet gets hungry go to the fountain near the hot dog machine. its free food.

If you need to go to the toilet, theres a facility near the hotdog machine.

If your sim is dirty (hygene) go to the fountain and select "splash" .

If your sim gets tired simply go to a bencg, select sit, then push the X button and select power nap.

When low on social simply talk top someone or play with your pet.

When the comfort level gets low, sit on a bench and vhoose play game.

If your pet gets hungry, by a saucer dish or some tea or some ice cream. (speacial type!)

Sometimes your pet just has a want to go home. best you do that.

There are also alot of other things to do at the town square and to get the most of it its recomended you have the cheat gnome and pet points cheat!