The Sims 2: Pets Tips

dogs peeing on the carpet?kitty having no fun?
dogs hint:

ok,is your dog peeing everywhere,and you have to give it a bath 3 times a day?well,just buy a bunch of patches of flowers,and they will go pee in that,than peeing in the kitchen

cat hint:

kitty having no fun?well,if ypou have more than 1,700 dollars,youre in luck! the "old climey tree"(i think thats what they call it) is 1,700,and is can be used to satisfy the scratching need,and kitty will climb up to the top of the tree to have fun,and dont worry,they know how to get down you can also climb up the tree and have some fun,and doggie can pee on the tree!
fun for the whole family

p.s: if you sit in the tree as the sun sets and pan around the tree slowly,it makes a great effect if you are making a movie about the sims 2 pets,and dont forget to show that great veiw of the lake!