The Sims 2: Open for Business

  • Released on Sep 4, 2006
  • By Maxis for PC, Mac

The Sims 2: Open for Business User Reviews


New Sim Sport, Extreme Shopping!

The good:

1. A new feature that allows you to construct and run your own business.
2. Theres a new neighborhood called Bluewater Village.
3. A whole new set of family households, community lots, and residential lots.
4. Theres a few business's already set up and ready for use in the new neighborhood.
5. New elevator feature that will bring Sims to new heights in life.
6. A load of new clothes, items, and objects have been added to the character creation; build, and buy modes.
7. Sims can now craft Robots!
8. A ton of new music has been installed, giving the game a new sense of style some-what business like.

The bad:

1. Robot's cannot breed.
2. Sims still cannot kill each other.
3. The music is good but could be better.
4. Making a business isn't user-friendly enough.
5. The game is more complex.


The Sims 2: Open for Business expansion pack was released in the U.S. on February 28th of 2006. It was published by Electronic Arts, and developed by Maxis. It brings with it a whole new perspective to the Sims 2 games, such as sims can now run their own business, craft Robots, ride up elevators, and more! But when I first started I think that the best part of this expansion pack was that sims could run their own business's I mean come on, there has been nothing like this before in any of the other Sims 2 games.

Just like almost all other expansion packs there has to be some sort of new plac...


Not the best Sims game we've seen...

The good:

* Create businesses.
* A new idea of "badges".
* Be able to make more food.
* Gives your Sims the opportunity to be business owners as a career.
* New items//clothes//interactions.
* Whole new downtown-like area.
* The graphics are amazing as always.
* More of that Sims music we know and love.

The bad:

* Businesses are really hard to manage.
* Besides businesses, there's not much else to this expansion.
* Some businesses [[ie: hair salon]] are pretty pointless.
* May make running the game a bit slower.


Now to hit a little more in-depth on each of my points.

Creating businesses takes work. Don't give your Sim a business unless they're going to commit 100% to that. Especially when first starting out this game, that will be the only way to do it. First you have to choose between numerous things; car dealership, restaurant, flower shop, hair salon, appliance store, bakery, robot-seller, toy store. Once you pick a focus, some businesses require that you actually make the products yourself. Get people to earn badges to get better. Which brings me to my next point...

One really great thing about t...

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