The Sims 2: Castaway Tips

Some people like to get off the first island in a rush-That is a bad idea! If you leave early, you may not have the time to make necessary tools, forage plants, like vegitables, spear fish, suppling you with a good amount of food, and fufill your goals! If you stay on the Island for a while, you really get a hang of the game and build up your skills-both in game and just getting around using the Wii remote. You get food, have recources, and craft some handy tools---I got a Fishing Pole before I left the Island! You also get a chance to identify all of the plant in the Jungle, like Rattan, Mandrake, Starfruit, and Longbeans! If you go to the Second Island too fast, the game might become a bit too overwheleming--It has happened to me before. This entire paragraph is telling from experience.