[edit] Background

The Roman crew of a ship is going to conquer an uninhabited island (or so it seems). For its survival, the crew has to plan its expansion wisely: build roads, hunt for food, gather resources, and mine for precious minerals. But will they be prepared for what else they find? Let’s just say that keeping a large, well-trained army will be necessary to defend the kingdom you have built. Smoothly zoom in and out for customized views. One screen for world play, the other for resource management. Player can switch when desired to play entire game with stylus on lower screen. Train and build your army to be prepared for any attack. Expand your kingdom by occupying enemy buildings and borders. Construct military buildings in strategic locations as your kingdom and army grows. Plan harvest and transport of a variety of raw materials and resources. Your kingdom depends on these resources for food, shelter, and expansion. Each time you play provides a different experience with 2 campaigns, 4 nations to explore, varied climates, 6 types of soldiers, and 30 occupations to manage.

[edit] Gameplay

The franchise leaves it entirely in the player's hands to build up and expand his empire, with both battles and empire bulding features. The DS version includes two campaigns (one for the Romans and the rest of the settled World, including Vikings, Nubians and Asians) across two play modes (play in Free mode or challenge the computer for control of the world). Players can go to war with six types of soldiers, or make a pieceful colony of shipbuilders, farmers, cattle breeders, hunters, fishermen, and other class types in a total of 30 job types. The Nintendo DS version also allows play with the stylus, where you can build your roads and direct your settlers via the touchscreen.

[edit] Features

  • Ensure a functioning goods transport by strategically placing roads and buildings
  • Monitor closely limited resources and mine them if you need them
  • Enlarge your borders to get new land and resources for the expansion of your settlement
  • Train you military and combat against your enemies
  • 2 Extensive campaigns: 'Roman Campaign' and 'World Campaign'
  • Freeplay mode play vs. the AI with all 4 nations
  • 30 different groups of workers and 6 different levels of soldiers.
  • 4 nations(Romans, Vikings, Asians, Nubians)
  • Large variety of enviroments (Forest, Lava, Ice, Swampland, etc.) across 7 continents
  • Easy controls with stylus: The player can switch the position of the screen every time with a button. With the help of the zoom function the Settlers can be watched at close range

This game is also known as Die Siedler in Europe.

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Nov 7, 2009 (iPhone)
    • Aug 21, 2007 (DS)
  • Europe: Aug 3, 2007
  • Australia: Aug 9, 2007
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