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Full Of Punishment. Full Of Gore. Full Of Fun.


This game is great. Although it is pretty short, and there really isn't much difference between the diffiulty levels, making the game pretty easy. But overall, it's pretty forgivable, once you take a look at all the good parts to this game, and boy are there quite a few.

Graphics - Definitely won't win any awards for best graphics ever in a video game, but they are damn good. And The Punisher's character model almost couldn't have been pulled off any better.

Weapons - The weapons are awesome. And in the main menu, there's even an "armory" section, where The Punisher will go into deep detail describing the pros and cons of each weapon. Whether you wanna use a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, an assault rifle, or a basic .45.

Action/Gameplay - The gameplay is pulled off to perfection here, and the controls are very easy to get the hang of. Just the push of a button and you're instantly chopping off someone's head or shoving them into a meat grinder.

Voice Acting - All the voice acting is done brilliantly, but the one that definitely stands out the most is Thomas Jane, the actor from the movie, doing the voice for the game. All of the other voice actors are okay to great, but Thomas Jane gets the best voice actor award for this game.

Interrogation system - One word: wow! I've never played a game with an easier interrogation system than this one. It starts off with grabbing them by pushing X. From here you can either kill the enemy, or interrogate them. When you choose interrogate, you will have to move the right analog stick in any direction. If you move it up, you'll stick your gun in their face to interrogate them. Down makes you smash their face on the ground. Left is choke, and Right makes you punch them either in the groin, face, or stomach.

Music - The music is good, and in some levels it sets the mood perfectly whether you're sneaking around on a Russian freighter, or running around on an island blowing up everything in sight, the music has to work. And luckily in The Punisher, it does.

Story - Not the greatest story in the world. But still good enough to mention. You start out taking on the Gnucci family, then before you know it, you're already going against big time bad guys, like Jigsaw, and even the Kingpin.


Framerate Problems - Every once and a while, the framerate slows down...way down. This flaw isn't all bad though, if it happens in the middle of a gun fight, it can make for a pretty good slow motion effect.

Short - The game is short. A regular gamer can probably finish the game in a matter of 3 days, but oh what a great 3 days they are.

Replay Value - Let's face it, once you beat it, getting medals and concept arts isn't the best way to increase replay value. But some of those sweet unlockable cheat codes help the replay value. Not enough though.

Overall, this game is good for a rental, maybe even a buy if you're a HUGE Punisher fan like me and you find it under $20. The game is good, not great, some of the flaws kept it from reaching even a 4.0 rating, but that doesn't mean this game isn't worth checking out. Believe me, you won't regret it.

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