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The Movies: Stunts & Effects

[edit] Features

  • Break a leg. Include death-defying stunts, stunt scripts and new stunt double characters in your movies. From practicing in the Stuntmen training facilities to suffering on-the-job injuries, you control the jumps, falls, rescues and battles that can make your movie memorable or take you on a trip to the Hospital.
  • More bang for your buck. With the new particle effects engine, enhance your scenes with incredible visual effects. Fireball explosions, shattering glass, smoke and steam can turn an ordinary action sequence into a cinematic showstopper. And the special effects don't end there: crush vehicles, create water effects, change the weather and add lasers for visual impact!
  • Ready the set. Go. Dramatically expand your studio lot with many brand-new movie sets and technologies. A lush jungle landscape, a bustling city street and a military-grade barracks are just a few of the realistic environments where your stories might transpire. Bring your actors to the green screen set and have them appear to be flying across the Sahara.
  • Small size. Big impact. With the addition of new miniature sets and scenes across several genres, you can go for dramatic sweeping angles and larger-than-life scale. Swoosh through a canyon of steel skyscrapers or pan across a star-filled galaxy in breathtaking cinematic style. Choose from an impressive collection of miniature models, from military helicopters to Alien mother ships, and create period war epics and extra-terrestrial invasions.
  • More. Bigger. Better. Pick from a host of new backdrops, costumes, props, vehicles and aircraft, to dress each of your sets and scenes down to the last detail. Plus, utilize the updated costume section menu to make your actors appear older or heavier so they're fully into character.
  • Roll out the red carpet. Earn industry awards, achievements and reviews for new stunts and effects featured in your movies. Prepare your acceptance speeches because you can win best stunt movie, best stuntman and biggest daredevil stunt performer.
  • Make your magnum opus. Check out the numerous upgrades to Advanced Moviemaking mode. For starters, you can add sophistication to your celluloid storyline with new plot construction stages. The improvements stem directly from feedback provided by The Movies Online community.

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Jul 22, 10 12:36pm
Makes it a lot better. But still could do with a lot more. TheMoviesStuntsandEffects
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
A good game, but pretty disappointing as an expansion pack. TheMoviesStuntsandEffects
Dec 15, 08 4:46pm
Too bad I cant find its disk anymore... TheMoviesStuntsandEffects
Jun 28, 08 7:32pm
even more addivtive TheMoviesStuntsandEffects
Jan 13, 07 3:20pm
Very Great Expansion TO The Almighty Game! TheMoviesStuntsandEffects
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