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I'll take the red pill

The good:

Cool visuals, excellent combat, BULLET TIME.
Promising storyline and abilities trees.

The bad:

Some initial bugs with missions. Confused about code compiling and some character management issues.


I bought this game after hearing about the Matrix apocalypse at the end of beta testing. It sounds like this game is really going to take MMP storytelling to a new level by letting players control the continuing storyline of the Matrix.

I've seen some people hyperjumping in the game- WOW, I can't wait to fly around the city from rooftop to rooftop.

So far it's a really great online community. There is a streaming webcast at The style and music really set this experience apart from the typical fantasy MMP.

The combat looks great and the bullet-time effect is just pla...


Even a psychotic monkey on acid and speed, would not play this game

The good:

Cool storyline
Various animations (incl Bullet-time)
Music is awesome
PvP is consensual (if you're the type to worry about griefing)

Really, other than the big stone jungle you run around in, there is nothing good about this objectively good about this game. Everything gets "old" after a few weeks in.

Only thing worth mentioning is the graphics. And, I'm sure you're not going to kick out cash to look at a game...look not play.

The bad:

PvP is consensual (other than going along with the overall theme of a truce. PvP is no more of a honorable duel)
PvP servers only "open up" if the truce breaks.
People in the know use exploits like crazy and devs are slow to fix them
No group activities


Every server and client problem you can imagine, short of it not functioning

Heavily-player dependent

Because it's a player-dependent game, you may find yourself at the mercy of a loud-mouth 14 year old.

Oh, and the cool storyline...garbage. It turned out to be heavily one-sided. The events are more or less for the people who stay on the game 24/7. If you have a life, you're not invited to join the storyline. The riddles so hard that nobody gets them. And, the devs have to help and because the devs have to help certain people have the information to be involved in the storyline. It's horrible.

Need a heavy-duty video card. Ok, so I had a vid card with 64MB of dedicated memory. I could run this on the lowest game setting. The lowest game setting allows you to see blurry textures. Now, there was an event that required you to read what was on the wall. Needless to say, I couldn't so now I have to make a choice (a quick one too): be involved in the event and kick out more cash to buy a new vid card or stay out of the event. Please understand that the events are horrible and the game at that point was getting old. Then, what really bothers me the most is: who's logo is at the bottom of the MxO home page...ATI. So, I said, (insert your favorite expletive) that.

This game is flawed in almost every way possible.


Ok, I've played two MMOs in my lifetime: FFXI and MxO for a total of 11 months. I played FFXI for six months and MxO for five. FFXI was already one year into the game when I started. MxO I've been playing since beta. And, the truth is: MxO is nowhere close to FFXI standards.


The game starts you off as a redpill and they give you an opportunity to train through a tutorial. After that, you're on your own. To run missions, to fight mobs, to code, to shop, to stand around, to PvP duel, to party, to chat.

There are three ways to level: Mission, Combat, and Coding


To take part...

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