The Lord of the Rings: Conquest User Reviews


A Mediocre Poke Into Tolkein's Masterclass Universe

The good:

- The bulk of theoriginal soundtrack is included, despite a few favourites being missed.
- No other game allows you to pummel hordes of hobbits using the dark lord Sauron.
- The online blend is quite interesing.

The bad:

- No support or rankings in the the online component.
- Some parts of the game just don't feel like Lord of the Rings.
- Multiplayer combat slips up in terms of making a convincing hand-to-hand battle system.


I'm not just a huge fan of video games nowadays, but I have also been a huge fan of films as well, and coincidently, the Lord of the Rings saga is my undisputed favorite series of films of all time. At the time of the cinema release of The Fellowship of the Ring, I was a little too young to comprehend the elaborate plot, but within a year or so I was addicted to Tolkein’s classic, seizing copies of all of the books, DVDs, and more importantly, the games that were launched for the Gameboy Advance, Playstation 2 and even the PC. I never played the movie tie in that was launched with the relea...

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