The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II Cheats

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Achievements & Gamerscore
Servant of the Shadow (80) - Complete Evil Campaign without a Hero dying.
Cover the Lands in Darkness (25) - Complete Evil Campaign.
Pillage Erebor (20) - Complete Evil Erebor with all bonus objectives.
Ravage Fornost (10) - Complete Evil Fornost with all bonus objectives.
Demolish the Grey Havens (5) - Complete Evil Grey Havens with all bonus objectives.
Destroy Lothlorien (5) - Complete Evil Lorien with all bonus objectives.
Commandeer the Old Forest Road (10) - Complete Evil Mirkwood with all bonus objectives.
Crush Rivendell (30) - Complete Evil Rivendell with all bonus objectives.
Scour the Shire (10) - Complete Evil Shire with all bonus objectives.
The Dragons of Withered Heath (15) - Complete Evil Withered Heath with all bonus objectives.
Reclaim the Blue Mountains (10) - Complete Good Blue Mountains with all bonus objectives.
Servant of the Secret Fire (80) - Complete Good Campaign without a Hero dying.
Captains of the West (25) - Complete Good Campaign.
Rescue Celduin (15) - Complete Good Celduin with all bonus objectives.
Assault Dol Guldur (30) - Complete Good Dol Guldur with all bonus objectives.
Defend Erebor (20) - Complete Good Erebor with all bonus objectives.
Cleanse the Ettenmoors (10) - Complete Good Ettenmoors with all bonus objectives.
Secure the Grey Havens (10) - Complete Good Grey Havens with all bonus objectives.
Clear the High Pass (5) - Complete Good High Pass with all bonus objectives.
Defend Rivendell (5) - Complete Good Rivendell with all bonus objectives.
In need of a lesson (0) - Lose 10 Multiplayer matches in a row.
Try a tutorial (0) - Lose to someone ranked 20 places below you.
Istari Power (5) - Purchase first player power.
Capture and Hold (15) - Win 1 Capture and Hold game.
My Heroes!!!! (15) - Win 1 Hero Vs Hero game.
King of the Hill! (15) - Win 1 King of the Hill game.
Middle-earth Financier (15) - Win 1 Resource Race game.
Good Practice (5) - Win 1 Single Player Skirmish game.
Sergeant (15) - Win 1 Versus game.
Capture them all!!! (30) - Win 10 Capture and Hold games.
My Heroes are better than yours (30) - Win 10 Hero Vs Hero games.
King of Kings (30) - Win 10 King of the Hill games.
Entrepreneur of Middle-earth (30) - Win 10 Resource Race games.
General (30) - Win 10 Versus games.
The Hobbit and the Troll (50) - Win a game against someone 20 places higher than you.
The best thing to do in any match is to build your two or in some cases one primary building which are the basic unit buildings that make your swords man,archers,and pikemen. In every match mode you start off with two builders use both to make the buildings and with (or if there's enough) make a hero and send out the hero and two sword battlions and an archer battalion after those building are made you should really focus on resources. While your first attack squad is attacking the base you should be making a follow up attack squad and you should be in control for the rest of the battle.
Mordor Battle Strategy.
When playing as Mordor, remember that they aren't a good race to be defensive with. If you play defensively, you will most likely lose.

However, Mordor excels at offense (their Attack Trolls and siege artillery are capable of levelling a fortress in seconds). Mordor's power lies in its numbers.

This is an effective building order that I use myself in most of my matches.

  • When starting out, have one builder create an Orc Pit and have the other build a Slaughterhouse (which should be shooting for above 80%).

  • When your Orc Pit is complete, construct another Orc Pit. Consecutively start training Orcs. It is imperative that you build lots of them; queue up at least 5.

  • The builder who built the Slaughterhouse should now build another Slaughterhouse.

  • Have the Orc Pit builder construct a Troll Cage.

    You should have at least 3 Orc battalions by now (you've probably noticed that they build very quickly). Select all of your Orcs, and move them to your opponent's base.


    When you get there, ignore his units. Head straight for his structures. Taking out his unit-producing buildings (Archery Range, Barracks, Green Pasture etc) would be great, but you can settle for the resource-producting buildings (Slaughterhouse, Mallorn Tree, Furnace etc). Set your Orcs' battle positions to Agressive, which heightens their attack but lowers their defence, and have all of them attack a single structure.

    Once its destroyed (remember to ignore your opponents' units), scout around with them until you find another structure, and attack it, but your Orcs are probably dead by now. Which isn't a problem what-so-ever, because the other Orcs will now have arrived and can attack the structure. Try using Tainted Land + the Agressive battle position to destroy it.

    While you're doing this, you should also be concentrating on your base; building new structures and tightening your defenses (now would be a good time to upgrade your Troll Cage; the sooner you can start creating Attack Trolls the better).

    By using this strategy you have forced the opponent to go on the defensive trying to defend his base, and you've also damaged his economy by forcing him to rebuild lost structures.

    Stay on the offensive unless:

  • He has cavalry. Construct a Harradrim Palace and produce Easterlings, which are pikemen.

  • He has lots of archers. Train some Mountain Trolls to destroy them.

  • He has pikemen. Produce some archers to deal with them.

    Also, while this is happening, don't neglect your base, or your heroes. Picking heroes and powers is dependant on the map and your opponent.

    As previously stated, when using Mordor the main thing to remember is to remain on the offensive at all times.
  • Unlockable Heroes
    Urulooke - complete evil campaigne with no heroes dying.
    Hadhood - complete first level of good campaigne with all bonus objectives.
    Mektar - complete good campaigne with no heroes dying.
    Idrial - complete level eight of good campaigne with all bonus objectives.
    Olog - complete level eight of the bad campaigne with all bonus objectives.
    Thrugg - complete level four of the bad campaigne with all bonus objectives.
    Maur - complete level four of the good campaigne with all bonus objectives.
    Krashnack - complete level one of bad campaigne with all bonus objectives.
    Tumna - complete the whole bad campaigne.
    Brerthor - complete the whole good campaigne.
    Avatan - Win 10 capture and hold games.
    Felek - Win 10 hero vs. hero games
    Fhaleen - Win 10 king of the hill games
    Celebrim - Win 10 resource race games
    Ohta - Win 10 versus games.


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    Level Up Heroes
    To easily level up heroes, find a wild goblin cave, a warg den, etc.

    Put your hero on Defense Mode, and let him attack the people surrounding the den. He/ she won't attack the den, instead, he'll wait for more wild enemies to come out.

    This is a great way to level up heroes quickly.
    Ohta - The greatest Hero
    Win 10 vs Matches, then you get the greatest hero....Ohta. He has Cripple Shot against heros, Elendil in case you need to escape, Whirlwind to take out HUGE armies in a small amount of time, and Arrow Shower, which takes out huge armies in almost no time at all.

    Once he's level 10, he's unstoppable.