The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks cheat codes.


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Catch the Bunnies!
Catching the Rabbits can be an annoying and tedious task, however you should know that the Rabbitland Rescue Guy is more than willing to reward you for your efforts.
UnlockableHow to unlock
5 RupeesReward for each Grass Rabbit Link finds and brings to the guy at Rabbitland Rescue
10 RupeesReward for each Snow Rabbit Link finds and brings to the guy at Rabbitland Rescue
Heart ContainerBring a total of 5 Rabbits to the guy at Rabbitland Rescue
Swordsman's Scroll #1Bring all 50 Rabbits to the guy at Rabbitland Rescue. This scroll teaches Link the Sword Beam ability!
Rare TreasureCatch 10 rabbits of a single type
Rare TreasureCatch at least one rabbit of each type
Slightly alternate endings
Before you fight Malladus and you are still in the train, Zelda asks what you want to become when you resume your normal life. You have 3 answers to pick from, "engineer", "warrior", or "dunno". The answer you pick will slightly alter the final scene.
UnlockableHow to unlock
WarriorZelda hears link sword fighting outside, walks over to the window, and waves.
EngineerZelda hears link blow the train whisle, walks to the window and waves.
DunnoZelda stares out the window for a few seconds, smiles, then goes back to her work.
Stamp Station Rewards
By visiting Stamp Stations scattered across Hyrule, you can fill up the pages in Niko's Stamp Book and net yourself some awesome rewards.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shield of AntiquityAcquire 10 stamps. This is the very same shield as in Phantom Hourglass, and it cannot be eaten by Like-Likes!
Engineer ClothesAcquire 15 stamps. Link can now wear the Engineer's Outfit from the beginning of the game!
Swordman's ScrollAcquire 20 stamps. This scroll teaches the powerful Great Spin Attack!


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Cucco Summoner
Can't figure out how to reach the treasure chests on top of the buildings in town? Try playing the Song of Birds near the Cucco rancher; you never know what might happen.
Exit Dungeons Quickly
Stuck at the end of a big dungeon or cave that you need to walk the whole way back to the exit to get out of?

Just press start and then tap "Save and exit", exit the game and then restart it, you will be outside of the dungeon you were stuck in!
Hearts from dolphins
When you're in the ocean realm yellow dolphins will sometimes swim next to your train. Blow your train whistle a few times and you will get a heart.
Make Zelda go faster
when Zelda is in a phantom hit her with a whip when she is following a drawn path, it seems cruel but she'll go as fast as you run.
Phantom Zelda Item Drop & Attack Rage
If you hit Zelda while she's a Phantom with an item (such as your whip or boomerang) while she's carrying an object she will drop it.

Hit her repeatedly and she will get so mad she attacks you.


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beware of the fire ball glitch!
When you are fighting maddulius, in the part where you protect zelda, never get hit close to the bottom of the screen! I got hit close and got shoved OFF-SCREEN so I failed. BEWARE OF FIRE-BALLS!
Phantoms Strike when in safe zone
make one of the rolling phantoms chase you into a safe zone and before it turns normal hit it with your sword then it will try to hit you in the safe zone.. It will stop if you hit it with your whip its useless but fun

Easter eggs

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Healing the body and soul.
Playing the Song of Healing while fighting Byrne(Bren,Bryn,Byran) will cause him to say "That song...", possibly a reference to in Majora's Mask when you need to play the Song of Storms to Sharp in Ikana Valley but play the Song of Healing, causing Sharp to start a dialogue about him having no soul left to heal.
Make dark trains slow down!
If you are being chased by a Dark Train then you can shoot at it a lot of times then it will "blow up" and slow down temporarily! (handy if its chasing you as if you do not shoot it enough times it will gain on you and eventually blow you up) Hope I helped! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Ocarina of Time Reference
When you and Zelda start the actual final fight against Mallades(forgot his name), the area you fight him at looks like the one from Oot.+,Mallades looks like Ganon!
Soldiers bow down to Link
You can earn the rank of "Captain", and have the castle soldiers at your feet, by striking the guards 999 times in the recruit training minigame.
Tingle and Birds
As well as seeing Tingle in the Castle Town shop, you can also get a glimpse of him in Linbeck III's Trading shop, in the back-left.
If you play the Song of Birds by a few white birds (like in Aboda Village) you can get them to come by Link and one will perch on his head. It doesn't do anything, but it's cute!
Tingle Statue
In the Hyrule Castle Store you can see a statue of Tingle in the back on display.