[edit] Background

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the fifteenth game in the The Legend of Zelda series; it is set one hundred years after the events of the previous games where the latest incarnation of Link travels to Hyrule Castle to meet Zelda. The Spirit Tracks that make up the train system which runs around Hyrule have been disappearing and the land is in peril once again, Link must travel to the Tower of Spirits to stop the evil and to save Zelda.

It was developed and published by Nintendo in 2009 as an exclusive for the Nintendo DS.

[edit] Gameplay

The game world is divided into two different areas, the overworld and the exploration level; the overworld is how Link travels around Hyrule however in this mode he cannot explore the land on foot, he travels in the Spirit Train to reach areas faster. Most main quests are completed on foot as the player explores towns and dungeons.

Progressing through the story will open up more of the map to the player allowing them to visit new locations and complete new missions; dungeons will also become available to the player where the aim is to defeat the enemies inside of them. Link is able to attack enemies in several ways, he can attack with his sword, boomerang and throw bombs at enemies. There are also defensive movements and abilities which can be used to dodge attacks or reduce the amount of damage taken.

Puzzles can be found throughout the world and also in dungeons, the player will need to complete these in various ways in order to progress through the game. Some puzzles cannot be completed along and the player will need the help of a phantom which can be found in some dungeons.

Both screens on the Nintendo DS are used for this game; the top screen displays the map and the bottom touch screen is the action screen where the main game plays out. The player controls Link with the Nintendo stylus and can also use his items and weapons this way; the player is also able to make notes on the map which can be referred to again later.

The Nintendo DS microphone is also used, the player can blow into the microphone to unleash the Whirlwind ability to find items or knock enemies unconscious. Some items also demand that the player blow into the microphone in order to use them.

It features a multiplayer mode where up to four players can connect through the DS Download Play; the aim is to collect as many Force Gems as possible while attacking other players and avoiding the dangers of each stage. Players can also trade items using the local trading system called Tag Mode.

[edit] What's New

The player is now able to control the Spirit Train vehicle as it moves along the train network through the world; the player has control over the speed of the train, can drive in reverse and can also stop the train on the tracks. At points, the player will need to move the train to other tracks to avoid collisions with other trains and the player can also attack enemies from the train using cannons.

Another new feature is the ability to control Phantoms which impacts combat and puzzle solving; the Phantom is controlled with the stylus and they are invulnerable to lava, fire and metal spikes however they also have their own unique abilities. The Phantom Guardians can be found in various dungeons and are hostile towards the player until Zelda possesses it; once the Phantom is Zelda-possessed they can be controlled by the player and the player can even ride on their shoulders.

Dungeons in Spirit Tracks have been enhanced by the inclusion of a spiral staircase which allows the player to quickly travel through a dungeon; there is a central area however the player no longer needs to travel though the entire dungeon to reach another area.

[edit] Features

Drive the Spirit Train – Race across the overworld and reach new areas quickly while avoiding the many dangers

Dungeons – Explore and complete dungeons to progress through the game

Puzzles – Complete the unique puzzles and use the new Phantom mechanic to help

Phantoms – Control powerful Phantoms to destroy enemies, complete puzzles and reach new areas

Use the DS Microphone – Interact with the game through the microphone to summon Whirlwinds and use items

Multiplayer – Compete with up to four players in one instance and fight for Force Gems

[edit] Players liked:

  • Good controls
  • Nice graphics
  • The Phantom mechanics

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • The train mechanics
  • Weak story
  • No world exploration

This game is also known as Zelda no Densetsu: Taiyou no Kiteki in Japan.

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