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One major flaw. However, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest Link.

The good:

+ Great story
+ Fun, new items
+ Upgradable items
+ Plenty of sidequests
+ Lots of collectibles
+ Interesting an enjoyable NPCs

The bad:

- Too much handholding
- Poorly designed dungeons
- Uninteresting terrain
- Horrendous motion controls*


Here's some disclaimers first:
> I don't much like motion control. It's a brilliant idea for mini games (ie, Wii Sports Resort), but basing a whole game on it wan't such a great idea. I'll get more into this later.
> I am a die-hard Zelda fan. I've beaten and generally loved every Zelda game as soon as I could get my hands on them (this includes the infamous Zelda II).

I'll get into the goods of this game first. This game had the potential to be the best Zelda game yet, with a plethora of risky new features that simply printed gaming joy. The story, which even before seeing the official timeli...


Another Great Zelda!


Novemeber 2011 was a great month for gamers. In a 30 day period, the majority of the years most anticipated games were released and I was struggling to decide which of these games I should spend my $110AU EB voucher on. I was already playing Skyrim, and being the RPG enthusiast that I am, Zelda was the obvious choice. I hadn’t heard much about the specifics of the game, frankly because I didn’t really care. It was Zelda, and for that reason, it was going to be a quality game. So out of the store I strolled, planning to head straight home and into my gaming room, when I heard a faint “excuse...


Repetitiveness holds it back

The good:

+Motion controls
+Upgrade system

The bad:

-No item short cuts
-Graphics lose detail when in the background


Graphics: Up close, there is a very good marriage of the graphics of Wind Waker and the graphics of Twilight Princess. Solid colors and a painting like texture compose the animations on the screen. Unfortunately, many of the details are lost as character and places move into the background. It reminded me of an impressionist painting. For anyone who didn’t take an art class, enter Monet in a search engine. This made it difficult to tell what exactly was coming when looking through the first person view. (3.0/5.0)

Gameplay: Since 2011 was the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, there sho...


A Soaring Success


More often than not pre-game hype results in sighs, groans and a lot of post-game hang-ups. For Skyward Sword, there is no denying that this game received its fair share of hype before hitting our shelves. We marvelled at the sound of the MotionPlus controls scheme (and the worry of another Other M crept upon me) and wondered just how great the game could be after spending no less than five years in development, including a good several months of polishing. Skyward Sword marks a celebration of a big 25 years for the Zelda series, so did being in development for the life of the console do th...


Incredibly Satisfying

The good:

The character styles and acting you have always loved.
The combat feels smooth and makes you feel like you are right in there with him.
The design of the world is fantastic as usual.
There is nothing more fun then flying on a giant bird.
The random denizens of the world are interesting and fun to talk to.
The upgradeable items and shields
The story

The bad:

Camera angles are sometimes hard to fix and get right.
Wii remote loses it's sight from time to time.



When I first started playing this game I was truck by it's detail. The graphical style of this game is beautiful. Every detail of the dungeons and the houses are just in my opinion "Fantastic". Every time I get in to a new area of the world I just have to explore and see how many rupees I can find. I don't think that this beats the visual and astounding feeling you get from Oot when you first step into Hyrule but for me it was still very pleasing.

From the Spiders all the way to the Kikwi, you will find new and fantastic design and animation you would come to expect from a Legen...

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