The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass cheat codes.


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Big Plays
Completing the following tasks (Big Plays), while playing against another player over Wi-Fi, unlocks rare Golden Ship Parts.

For every four Big Plays you complete, you will receive a letter telling you to go to Cannon Island to pick up your reward part.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Battle MasterComplete the Big Plays "Limit" and "Master" in the same match
BreakBreak 10 or more of your opponent's helpful items
Get EverythingWin a match by turning all of the Force Gems your color
GuardianWin a match without letting your opponent score any points
Guardian KingTake Link down 3 times as the Phantoms
LimitDefeat Link within the last 20 seconds twice
MasterComplete the Big Plays "No Miss" and "Guardian" in the same match
MiracleWin with a final score of 1-0
No DribbleWin without dropping any Force Gems outside a base or safe zone
No ItemsWin without taking a single item
No MissWin without being taken down as Link
PerfectComplete the Big Plays "Get Everything" and "Guardian" in the same match
Perfect MasterComplete the Big Plays "Perfect" and "Limit" in the same match
QuickWin a match felling Link in the first 20 seconds twice
SoloDefeat Link in any one turn using only one Phantom
TakePick up 10 or more helpful items


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This is the way to get the legendary Neptuna (which is like the Hyruleian pike)

1. First you must attain the fishing rod by going along the story line.

2.Catch one of every type of fish (there are 3)and go to the guy that gave you the fishing rod.

3. The sword fish symbol will start to appear on your map.

4. In a random event instead of a rusty sword fish you will get the legendary neptuna.

I have seen him once but he's pretty hard to catch so I didn't get him. If you have any questions PM me.
The chickens on Zauz Island, and Mercay Island can get mad at you. Go up to them and hit them with any weapon a bunch of times. The one chicken you hit will turn red, and then a bunch of chickens will attack you.
Diamondmaster10's Boomerang Tips for biggenners.
  • 1: Tap the touch screen if you attacking something, like the lame birds near first boss
  • 2: Tap on a Item like a Rupee
  • 3: Press the L or R button instead of Touching it.
  • 4: Whilist the Boomerang is in flight. use your sword to attack minor enemy's.
Please Note: This is just for beginners. Done flame me via PM.
Digging under trees or in dark-ish spots is the best thing to do for ruppes. Also, Talk to people and those Bong-things often, they might tell you usefull infomation about digging in spots!

(Also, dig by the tree in the storehouse where you get the normal sword. You get a treasure map)
Easy Bellum: Last Part of the First Battle.
After Celia gets her memory back, climb back down the stairs to where Bellum is flying around. When you get to the bottom of the stairs they will collapse. Run away from the middle of the arena up against the little square shaped part of the floor where the staires used to be. Make sure you are at the very edge of the arena. As long as you stay there Bellum will never hit you! It's always worked for me.
Easy Gold membership (beedle)
To get an easy gold membership, save 1,000 rupees.
Then visit beedles shop, and buy the bigger bomb bag.
It gives you 50 points and gold membership is 50 points!
The gold membership gives you a discount!
easy ship parts
1. if you have the northeastern map, go to the very top and in the middle theres an island. there are ships really close so you can kill them and salvage ship parts. then go back to island and leave. ships will respawn. this is easy, i got three full ships in three days, and in about a week, i got full ships of all ships where the peices sell for 50 or 800 rupees. also, you can get pieces that sell for 1500, but no gold ones.
2. keep resetting your clock one day ahead and visit beedle. in a day i got all the rest of the parts so i have all of them now. also you can find expensive treasures for dirt cheap sometimes. like a regal ring (1500 rupees) for 230.
ps. if ur a VIP member for beedle, dont bother using masked beedle cuz he doesnt give a discount. so everything is ridiculously expensive even though you might get rarer stuff. if your not vip, just shop with regular anyway cuz you'll be a vip real soon.
every day shopping
every day is a count as a real day in the game. so if the mask vender comes and says he'll stay for 1 week, he'll stay until the end of the week.

to make my self clearer this would be how it happens.

arrive monday, leave next monday.

hope i helped!
Extra treasure/ship parts
After getting the phantom sword, you can kill the phantoms in the Ocean King's Temple. When you kill every phantom on a floor, a chest will appear with treasure or a ship part in it.
Fast Money
A great way to get money is to beat the Archery/Goron Game, depending on which you are best at, do this many times and the prizes you win are always worth a good price. If you do well you will often win ship parts worth 800 rupees. Sell all you win on Mercay Island and within no time you will have max rupees.
Fastest way to cut grass
The fastest way to cut the grass around islands is to use the hammer. Doing this can also get some good money.
Finding Freedle
To find freedle, firstly, go to mercay island and walk to the temple of the ocean king. On your way you'll find a crack in the wall. Bomb it open. Go in and jump across the ledges and shoot the eye. A bridge should come out. Go out of the cave through and shoot the eye there as well. A statue should come out. Hit it, and point the light to the temple of the ocean king. Follow the light and bomb the area where the light hits. If done correctly, another cave will appear. Make your way through, and you'll get to the North-East Isle on Mercay island. Make sure you hit the switch on the small isle.
Want to learn how too fish better???
1. start pulling even if the fish isn't on the line.
2. to make catching the fish easier make small circles.
3. to see what fish is on the line make the DANGER bar full(to the top)then reel it in a bit and fill the meter again.
4. if you go for the swordfish shaped shadow you better be hoping it is a Rusty Swordfish 'cause that's all it is.
5. 3 circles equaul one yard away from your ''fishy''.
free sunken treasure
to get free sunken treasure whenever you see a pirate ship go for the big one, and shoot it down. and right where they sink there will be a red X on the map and you can salvage it for a ship part to treasure but if you use the cyclone slate, fish,salvage another treasure of basicly anything to make the sea chart leave the top screen the x will disappear.
Freebie Card
When you achieve a silver membership to Beedle's store, you will receive a freebie card. This will allow you to buy one item for free. I suggest that you save this until Beedle has a golden ship part in stock, which sometimes cost in excess of 7000 rupees.
frozen chicken
grapple hook two chickens together and they will be frozen for a few seconds
also it looks like they are kisin!
Garden of Life
You know the garden on Mercay Island (the one with the rocks in at the beginning) if you take out the rocks and come back when the grass is there, slash it all and the only thing there is hearts.Great for when you got lots of heart containers but small life.
get fast cash
after the treasure buying place opens up,
1.go to the travelers ship in the bottom left part of the sea.
2.then go to him, fight off the monsters and you will get a treasure.
4.then change DS internal clock a day later.
5.go back and repeat steps 1-5.
6.later, go to treasure buyer and sell your loot.
NOTE: you can only have 9999 rupees at a time.
NOTE2: everytime you go back he wil give you more treasure.
when you are done, switch the DS time to normal.
Hazard Alternative
Instead of jumping a hazard, try blasting both creatures that are holding the hazard. This will sink the hazard instead of making the ship jump over it.
How to get tag mode
go to mercay island from the dock then go up past the town and go to the tree with the 100 rubies go left till you hit the wall then you see that wall in frount of you go up then there will be a long flat wall then bomb it a cave shoud so up then go in throught it down the stairs accross the bridge then up the stairs out the cave then go down and stand on the swich them the bridge will come down then just go up and he will be there (i dont know his name) sorry
How to kill a chicken
Lift up a chicken by tapping it. Now jump into the sea. You will drown and lose 1/2 heart,but the chicken will drown,too.
Item help
From beginning of game to end

- If in a hurry hold "R" or"L" and then shoot for monster.
- Shoot at a jar to get its contents from far away
- Use to lock on to multiple things and hit those things in the order specified.
- If shot in to fire, it will hold the fire while it moves untill it comes back to you.
- If shot at a weakish monster like a ChuChu then it will be stunned
- In the Ocean King Temple you can use it to make noise to draw over the phantoms if needed.

2- Bombs
- Use to break cracked walls
- If in a hurry hold "L" or "R" and throw it.
- If put in to right spot then you could hit and kill a monster.
- These also make a bit of noise when set off in the temple so be carefull.

3- Arrows
- Shoot from afar to hit things far away
- Use to kill a monster from their weak point
- If in a hurry hold "L" or "R" and then shoot
- If shot at fire it will carry it till it hits something
- If shot at the rope it will ounce off
- Wont make any noise at all in the temple but, if you shoot the back of the phantoms then they will be stunned for a moment.
- Shoot a eye switch to trigger things

4- Bombchus
- In a hurry hold "L" or "R" and draw the root and go
- Draw through a mouse hole to lead to another area
- Look on the top screen to see where you are actually going
- Draw toward a monster to hurt it and mostly kill it.
- Blows up a cracked wall if drawn to it.
- use it to hit orb switches in unreachable places

5- Grappling hook
- Use to shoot from this place to either a chest or a pole
- Draw from a pole to a pole or a torch to a torch or a chest to a chest or any other combination to make a rope tow walk on or propel you up
- Use to draw over to an enemy
- In a hurry hold "L" or "R" and then draw the line

6- Hammer
- Use to kill weak monsters
- In a hurry hold "L" or "R" and then hit
- Touch the screen where you want to hit
- Hold the touch on the screen to hit harder
- If charged up it can kill even bigger mosters
- Hit the switch on the other side of the proppel pads while standing on the other end to propell you up.
- Makes a lot of noise in the Temple of the Ocean king and can stun the phantoms if charged up

7- Sword
- Touch a monster to stab a monster
- Draw a lind in front of you to slash at the monster
- Keep drawing circles around the character to do a spin attack
- Stab at orb switches to engage them

8- Phantom sword
- Same sword techniques as the sword
- If you hit a phantom from behind you can kill it
- A really strong sword made by the 3 metals, the 3 spirits, and the phantom hourglass
Last boos tip
When the last boos make a spin and tries to attack you with the spin,spin with your sword and it will say: RUB
Masked Beedle: Random? I think not!
Now, before you start PMing me and reporting that this cheat is false, actually try it.

Beedle's Masked Ship will appear during these times(according to your DS clock)

10:00 PM to Midnight on Weekdays (monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday)
10:00 AM to Noon on Weekends (saturday and sunday)

For those who don't know this, the Masked Beedle sells rarer items than the regular Beedle sells.
piece of heart with *the* mask
when a yellow head appears on the map, it's the masked vender. go to his ship right away, and buy the piece of heart for he stays only a week at a time.
Reference - Zelda 1
When you are playing a multiplayer game, the music for Link is really catchy, right? Well, it is really the music for the field map for Zelda 1!
Rupee Tracker
I dont really know if it is or if it is on a certain fairy but
If you are low on rupees go to rocks and if your fairy circles one that means theres a rupee
Symbol on Map
After going through the Temple of the Ocean King, there is a map on the wall with a symbol telling you to press the symbol on to your map. Just close your DS for a few seconds and then open it and the symbol will be on your map.
the second boss
to beat the second boss you have to throw a bomb when it makes a tornado and it will flie in the air and gets stunned then keep slashing it with your sword repeat the process until its deafeated
the three sprit's special powers
the three spirits are thje spirit of power, the spirit of wisdom, and the spirit of courage.
onece you get ten gems of either power, wisdom ,or courage go to the island in the south west map. go between the three rocks and power up a spirit.when powered up they give you special powers.

these are the special powers:
spirit of power:your sword gets on fire
spirit of wisdom:your shield gets more defence
spirit of courage:your sword shoots power waves

you can only use one spirit at a time.
the whale
On the island where you meet the cheif frog, the riddle makes sense, if you think about it. The island is shaped like a whale. I wont give away the answer for the people who wants to figure this out on their own. But, the whale will help lots.
By defeating pirates at sea, sometimes a X will appear on the map where their ship sank. You can go here and use the salvage arm to find some treasure.
Treasure Chart From The Man Of Smiles
When you help the Man of Smiles for the first time instead of choosing the Mysterious Thing choose The Normal Thing. He will give you a Treasure Chart and the Mysterious item.
uncharted island
this is a tricky island located south east and very close to "bannan island." the trick here is to find all the stone statues and hit them in order to open a path to a cave, but there is no map nor is there any good clue to finding the order they must be hit. the only clue is " first is the rudder then comes spray, then it paddles and then sees a way." the trick is to go around the island very carefully and sketch your own map with your stylus. if you have done the sketh correctly you should have drawn what looks like a whale. then find the four statues and mark them on your map. the statue on the whales tail(the rudder) is hit first, then hit the statue on the whales blowhole(the spray), then the statue on the whale mouth(the paddle) and then the statue on the whale's eye(sees a way). after hitting all four you will be able to meet the chief frog and get the golden frog slate.
Weird Stuff.............
1. This only works if you have the Grappling Hook. In the Temple Of The Ocean King, go the the third floor, you know, the one with the Force Gems, go North, to the place where the Phantom patrols and there is a yellow pot. Go in front of the two torches, and use the Grappling Hook to make a rope line between them (it is not impossible, it just takes practice) and lean Link against them to make.... a catapult! Let go, and he will be catapulted, and you can go through the door! By the way, do not run forward, because then it won't work.

2. The World of Chickens.
You can pick up a chicken with a Grappling Hook. You can make two chickens bump into each other with the Grappling Hook. You can jump off places and go further with the chickens.

3. In Harrow Isle, if you keep digging even though you have had ten goes, you get warned, then fined 100 Rupees, then EVERY RUPEE YOU HAVE, then you get banned from the island forever. You can pay a fee to get back, but this is hard, cos you have NO MONEY!

4. In the North East Sea, there is an island, where there is an oppotunity to win a Heart Container! It is called Maze Island. It is North East to the Isle Of Ruins.

A word of advice. Don't be afraid about fighting Bellum. Even though it is long, it is easier than some bosses.
Wi-Fi - Make players lose their points!
To make players lose their points in the online Wi-Fi game, grab the opposite colors triforce and throw it onto a safe zone, this will make the piece neutral and the other player will lose their points. Good Luck!


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hook, line, and chicken?
after you get thehook shot from ice temple go to zaus island or mercay island. once there go attack a chicken 4 times and then lay a bomb next to it. quickly take out your hookshot and link with the chicken (before the bomb explodes). when the bomb is a split second from explodingnow grapple the chicken if done right the chicken will turn red wont come to you but the claw will still be there after the onslaught of chickens youll end up grappling it.weird huh
Instant Great Spin Attack
Do a Great Spin Attack, then go through a screen transition point (door, cross an island half, etc.). As soon as you have control again, do a regular spin attack and you'll be doing a GSA instead.
The headless Link
If you die with a wall right behind you, it will look like your character has no head.


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a couple of helpful tips
u can hit a torch w/ ur boomerang to make the boomerang catch on fire. in the main temple basement floor 1 u will need 2 light 2 torches. one is lit w/ a switch, the other w/ the boomerang. also if u see a candle blow into the microphone 2 blow it out.
Bellum kill on your first try
Phase 1- Temple bellum
Bellume has a few attacks and they could get annoying if you dont know what to do to get away from him and kill him, but thats what I'm here for. The first part he has one attack that is easy to dodge and only one way to kill him. Kill the gooey eye things that he shoots out and run around him while using your grappling hook to get the weird purple smoke off of him. When all of the smoke is off of him he gets stunned for a moment and goes to the edge where he shows off his big fat eye. Attack the eye like crazy untill a cut scene shows him float up to the second floor. Go for the stairs and watch out for the falling gooey eyeball things as you go up the stairs and once at the top start circling around him once again, and dont fall down in to the pit. Watch out for when his eyeball hands go up and then slash down. Just run away on one of the two directions and you wont get hit. Also when he does the hand thing the gooey eyeballs will fall from the ceiling. Just run away. When in range shoot the eyeballs on his hands until he falls back down in to the water pit below. Go back down and do the same thing you did in part on with the grappling hook, but watch out, he now shoots out 3 gooey eyeballs at the same time as you circle around him. Once again after you attack his eyeball a few hundred more times he floats back up to the second floor. Go up there and do the same thing to the eyes on his hands that you did before to him now, accept now the hands and the gooey eyeball things come a lot faster and the eyes blink so your arrow might miss. Just run around not stopping and wait for your chance when the eyeballs open and the fire. Then, once you got all his eyeball hands, he will go even higher up to the third floor. Go higher up to the third floor and watch out for the falling gooey eyeballs that fall from the ceiling. Once at the top do the same thing that you had to do on the second floor but this time with one more distraction. Now when he lifts all of his hands in to the air he will have all of them come down and flatten you. Just run to the right and you wont get hit. Trust me. Once all of his eyes are again dead he will float up and puke out a light ball thing that Ciela will suck back in and it will give her not only her memories back, but also the power to stop time. Now rush down to the bottom first floor once the cut scenes over to go for another battle. All he does is circle the arena and then go in to the middle and then circle again. To dodge if he gets to close to you, all you have to do is get close to the water pit. Also the only way to hurt him is still on the eye, so you are going to have to find a way to get to it. Ciela will be flying around the room making time balls that will let you stop time if you click on the hourglass on the bottom of the screen and then quickly draw a figure eight. When she makes the ball, collect it and then right when Belllum comes down from the being in the middle thing and is about to hit you, unleash the stop time move and then quickly get behind him and attack his eye. A few of those and he will die.

Phase 2- Ghost ship
Its an easy short stage since you wont have to steer the boat like in other water bosses. The weak points are also well exploited. As Linebeck steers the ship around the gost ship shoot down the oncoming purple balls and then attack the ever growing eyeballs on the ship untill only three are leftt pertruding on the top. Shoot those last few down and then head in for the final fight.

Phase 3- Linebeck phantom
This is the harder of the three phases. The weak spot is on his back so you are going to need to get back there and to do that needs some practice. Stop time and circle around to find that the eye is closed and cant be touched. When you get back to reality Ciela will explain how the eye was closed and it only opens every once in a while so she goes to the back to see it and gets captured. But the good news is that now you can see the eyeball that opens and closes on the top screen. The bad news is now that Ciela is captured she cant make anymore of her time balls. Attack the phantom in the front and watch out for his attacks and after a couple of seconds of lashing out at himm he will jump to the side where you will have to again attack him really fast or he will get you first. After he jumps to the side and you get a few more hits on his hard shell you will have a rubbing duel where if you rub the screen fast enough he will be stunned enough for you to get one blow to his chest and he will be stunned enough to let Ciela go for a second. In that second Ciela will make a time ball and give it to you. Once you get it the phantom will be on the prowl again and you will be watching both screens now. Wait for the eyeball to open on the top screen and then stop time and get to his back and unleash your fury on his eyeball. Do that around five times and he will explode and the ocean king, you, tetra, the great sea, and everyone else in the game will be saved. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! YOU JUST BEAT THE GAME!!!!!
Blow up Seagulls
To blow up a seagull just use your cannon and shoot it at one. Then you should see it dissapear.
Bye,Bye tornado!
you know those whirl winds that deal out damage?
Well here's how to get rid of them1 Simply shoot at them with your cannon! I first did it with a meager cannon!
Deft swordplay
Tip for deft sworplay. whirl your stylus everywhere randomly.
Goron Quiz Answers
These are the answers for the quiz the cheif Goron gives you in order to become an official Goron. The questions are in a random order.

How many homes are there on this island?
How many Gorons live on this island?
The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at?
How many Goron children live on this island?
Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?!
=(Keep count of what question your on from the beginning)
How many Gorons are outside right now?
How many Gorons are in their homes right now?
Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults?
What is on this spot?
How many Rupees have you won so far? Easy!
What color were the odd creatures on the cliff?
How many rocks are there in this home?
Great Spin Attack
This is an another move that will make you spin like a tornado. Here's the step

1. Go to Northeastern Sea and board on the traveler ship kill all the enemies and talk to the guy while your leaving

2.You recieve a Hero's New Clothes from the guy, Next is to head to Northwestern Sea and board the traveler ship just talk to him and he'll give you the Telescope go to Southeastern Sea and board the traveler ship (around the ice island) now talk to the guy(he's at the bottom left) he'll give you the guard notebook

4. Now head to Southwestern Sea and board the traveler ship near Molida island. Kill all enemies and talk to the guy(he's playing dead) You'll receive wood heart and some treasure

5. Now head to Southeastern Sea, you'll notice theres another traveler ship board that one (not the one in step 3)talk to the wayfarer and say you found romance in the sea.

6. Finnaly, head to Northwestern Sea and head to Bannan Island, and look who's back defeat the monster again. Head to the wayfarer's house and take the treasure at the back.
More hours time
There is a few different ways of getting more time in the hourglass. One way is to beat a boss which gets you two minutes, and another way is to find a treasure chart and then salvage the sand from the ocean.
skeleton's wisdom
In the entrance of the temple of the ocean king at a certain point of the game three skeleton's at the entrance will have some wisdom to share for a price and heres everything they say in order.

Temple shortcuts
Secret one:
If you have an item that can go through holes in walls Head to the upper left corner of the 5th floor.

Secret two:
you can jump the third basement floor with this item If you have a key, you can even use it on the lower floor.

Secret three:
You can pass through the 11th floor with ease. Go to the 12th floor once first.

Handy techniques
Secret one:
Yellow pots will not be magically restored until you exit the temple. But curious things happen to blue and red pots when you change floors.

Secret two:
Weapons other than the boomerang work to defeat the phantom eyes. Set bombs along their path of movement.

Secret three:
Red pots can be taken to the floor below. But safe zones that you've created will disappear when you change floors.

Phantom secrets
Secret one:
Phantoms have a weakness: the eyes on their backs. Shoot them with an arrow there to halt them...for a moment...

Secret two:
Powering up your spirits will affect the Phantoms...Spirit gems are hidden in the temple.

Secret three:
If you think safe zones are really safe, think again... Use the phantoms' backs and uneven terrain to your advantage...

Tantalizing wisdom' right?
Temple of the Ocean King
This only works if you have the Grappling Hook. On the third floor, you know, the one with the Force Gems, you can skip it to save time. Go North West, or North, to the place where the Phantom patrols and there is a yellow pot. Go in front of the two torches, (it is not impossible, it just takes a few tries.) with the Phantom well out of the way, and use the Grappling Hook to make a rope line between them. Make Link lean back against them, so they make a catapult, and let go. DO NOT RUN FORWARDS BECAUSE THEN IT WON'T WORK. You'll then be on the next floor. I bet you discovered that already. Also, on most of the floors, if you kill all the Phantoms (spoilers ahead!) with the Phantom Sword, doesn't work if you stun them, a Treasure Chest appears! It always contains something good.
24513: dont go in that order, but go in the order from one to five. 1 is in the fouth position so hit 4 first, 2 is in the first position so hit the 1 second, and so on.
1=4, 2=1,3=5,4=2, 5=3. the order should be: 41523.

Masked beedle: he will appear if you play the game through 10-12 miday or midnight, he sells golden ship parts sometimes too.

Extra time in temple of ocean king: buy 2 bottles of purple potion. when your time runs out in the temple you do not get killed. so each time you get hurt walking, you can still survive by getting into safe zones or picking up hearts. when you die the purple potion will work in and heal you. and keep doing this until you run out of your second bottle. this should buy you about 3 to 4 minutes.

Enemy ships: If you see enemy ships with sails, there is always treasure that you can salvage when you kill them. you can find ship parts and other good stuff.

Big fish: If you dont want to waist time fishing and then getting a little skippyjack, you can always see what fish you are fishing by letting it jump up first. just pull hard till the metre reaches the top and the fish should jump and then you can see it. if you dont like the fish press the arrow on the bottom screen and you will stop fishing.

they weren't superb tips, but they should help you some time in the game. enjoy!