The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Deku Tree Guide v1.3b
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: : : : The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Deku Tree Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Deku Tree Guide

by Celcius   Updated to v1.3b on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the 3DS version of the game.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Walkthrough 
by Gary Le Couilliard
Neoseeker name - Celcius
Version 1.3b
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This is a progressive game, as you progress you become stronger and more skilled, e.g., say you can't get past a certain 
point, you look around and you find an item which solves your problem (yippee right) later one you will have to use that 
item again to get any further, you keep finding new items, and as the dungeons get harder you will be calling upon all of 
your items not just the ones you recently received. It is a game with set goals and several ultimate purposes which means 
that when you complete one ultimate purpose (and feeling pretty good) another one even more crucial pops up.  
It is a huge adventure which is enjoyable, challenging, and fulfilling and I am here to share the magic with you. 
A lot of people consider Ocarina of Time to be the greatest game ever made I am one of them and after reading this I hope 
you will be too. This takes you step by step through the game allowing you to enjoy it for what it is.

So lets begin shall we

You get an intro sequence explaining that Link is the good, which has to defeat the evil, and so on, you've watched it so 
why should I say it again.

Kokiri village

After that your in your house, sadly their isn't anything in there, except for your score card which you can come back and 
check to see your totals. Exit your house and talk to Sara.  Pay close attention to the blue action button, when you come 
close to her it turns to speak that's when you can speak. After the dialog is finished follow the path and go right at the 
fork, read the sign and jump across the water to the other side where you can see another fairy is. The Kokiri is called 
Mido he won't let you through to see the Great Deku tree because he's jealous because Sara likes you, so he says he won't 
let you through unless you have a shield and a sword. Along the way the game will tell you how to do use items and use the 
controls, so gives me less typing to do ;).  

Kokiri shop 

Item                     Pieces          Price (Rupees)
Recovery heart             -                  10
Arrows                   30-10               60-20
Deku Seeds                30                  30
Deku Nuts                 5-10               15-30
Deku Sticks                -		      10
DEKU SHEILD                -		      40

Rupee hunt

Now you can collect 40 rupees while trying to find the Kokiri sword.  A good thing to do is to talk to the locals, this is 
great for getting background info, and it adds to the story.

You should check in every house for rupees especially the following (I could just tell you to search the houses and be done 
with it, but this is a walkthrough so here are places to get the money) Read signs outside the house to get the right ones.
(Tip: in houses press top C ^ to get an overview of the house you're in.)

House of twins*- break jars to get 6 rupees

Stones - various locations next to houses, (look for them) then throw them.

Sara's House - Spiral slope on the outside of the house, go up and across brige for a blue rupee (worth 5 rupees)

Tall grass - there a two patches of this with about 2 rupees found in each.

Mido's House - outside his house there are stones throw them, and behind his house is another blue rupee.

Stepping stones - Our side the Kokiri shop there are stepping stones, if you jump across them and them jump back you'll 
get, yet another Blue rupee, but they all add up right.

Now head South West up the slope, if you need some gameplay help then go into the house here, The know it all brothers will 
help you out. 

There is a short fence maze go through it and read the sign next to the hole in the wall, now go through the hole.  
Go right for 5 rupees and left to see a big bolder, to get past wait for it to go by then run right there a side bit here 
where you can get another blue rupee keep going around too find a treasure chest in it is the Kokiri sword. Before you 
leave the training area talk to the Kokiri near the hole in the wall, and complete his tasks.  By now you should have 
enough rupees to buy the Deku shield.  If not then cut down some bushes as you leave the training area. When you have 40 
rupees go back to the Kokiri shop and buy the Deku shield.

With both sword and shield equipped Mido lets you pass.  Go through the passage, kill the withered Deku baba to get Deku 
sticks, I don't think I have to tell you how to beat them now, just slash them.

--Battle List:  Inside the Deku tree--

These strategies are based on you using Z targeting.

-Wall skulltula-

Location: Climbing walls on upper level

Information: Be careful if you climb a wall with them on, if they face you then stop, 3 moves with them looking at you and 
they will know you are a living creature and attack you, you'll know if they detect you.

Weakness: Shoot them with the slingshot.

-Deku baba-

Location: Throughout the dungeon

Information: They are plants so their roots keep them fixed in that spot, use that to your advantage.

Weakness: Wait till they lunge at you then attack when they are horizontal, this will stun them now finish them off

-Deku Scrubs-

Location: Lower level 

Information: They are tricky if you get too close they will hide under ground, only coming back up when you are at a safe 

Weakness: Bounce there projectile back at them with your shield, they run away so catch them, you can't kill you spare 
them for info.

-Big Skulltula-

Location: Upper level, between gaps in web

Information: Attacking them head on won't work as their skulls can deflect any attack you have at this stage.

Weakness: There weak spot is the belly, wait for them to turn around and stab them, do this twice and their history

-Gohma Larva-

Location: Big room in lower level 

Information: In the room with 3 eggs on the ceiling move to the centre
When they go red it means they are getting ready to attack, they are your first taste of what Gohma is.

Weakness: Wait for them go red when they do this shield to block it then counter attack, it will run away, finish it with 
the sling shot, do same with other 2

--Battle list ends--

Key: <C = left C button  
         \/C = down C button
         >C = right C button

Inside the Deku tree

Once inside the Deku tree you will notice a hole in the centre of the room, but it has a web over it, which you have to 
break by jumping from the highest level of the dungeon.  Go up to the ladder to the right of the entrance and follow the 
ledge along up to the big chest to get the dungeon map, keep going around and go through the door.  Deal with the Deku 
scrub, through the next door to get the fairy sling shot, turn around from the chest and face the way you came in, 
Z target the ladder navi should be there when you look there, and shoot it down with your newly acquired sling shot.  
Return to the chest where you got the dungeon map, you will see vines on the wall and wall skulltulas, climb the wall 
going either left or right at the top and pressing A to jump down.  

You are now at the upper level of the Deku tree, go around and through the door.  In this room jump on the switch and jump 
across the pillars go to the left to get a recovery heart in the small chest and your first gold skulltula jump on the 
switch again and go straight across to the treasure chest which have the compass in it.  

(Tip: I found this to be the best C button configuration for this stage of the game, of course you can have it 
any way you want: Fairy Sling shot <C, Deku Nut \/C, Deku Stick >C)

The idea now is to (near the bared entrance) light a Deku stick with the lit torch and use it to light the torch on the 
right, equip the stick and do it, which will unlock the door.  Back in the main chamber there are gaps in the web in 
front of you, kill the Big Skulltula there, look down and you'll see the web covering the hole you saw when you first 
entered the area, and a heart just in front of you, jump for the heart as soon as you get the heart aim for the centre of 
the web and landing on it should break it.

(Note: it may take you a few goes to get it right and you will have to climb all the way back up to try again)
(Note: Hit the very centre other wise the web won't break)

You'll fall down the hole into water.  

Go to the land on your right out of the water jump on the switch to get the torch burning, this is also a subtle clue as to 
what you do next, look around and to the south and you'll see a door covered by a web, now seeing what the fire did to that 
other web do I have to tell you what to do, yes because that's what I'm here for, light a Deku stick on the torch and take 
it across the water, if you have to swim you'll loose the flame, jump down in the shallow water you should be able to jump 
from shallow the shallow and, burn down the web, oh and avoid the Deku baba attacking him would put out your Deku stick.
Deal with the Deku shrub in the next room (he is so a traitor), to move one shoot the grey eye above the bared door to
unlock it. 

In the water room swim to the left hand side at the edge to the pool directly under the spinning spike log the is a 
switch, dive under the hit the switch, this will lower the water level allowing you to cross to the other side on floating 
platform. Push the moon block in the only direction you can until it slots into place and you hear a chime to get to the 
above ledge. Light the torches to move on to the next room.  This is the big room with the eggs on the ceiling (refer to 
battle table for info).

(Tip: when you're done with the burning Deku stick press B to use your sword this will, save you a Deku stick by stopping 
it from burning down.

Still in the big room, the east passage is covered by a web, burn it down this is the way to go.  The other passage in the 
NW is blocked by a breakable barrier, which unfortunately you can't break at this point in the game, you need the bomb bag 
and bombs to great it, so make a note of it and come back later.

Through the hole in the wall of the east passage, this will lead you to the chamber where you fell through the web.  
Push the moon block, so that it gives you a way to get back up.  Use the torch to light a Deku stick, stand on the web 
covering the hole, and press the C button you have the stick assigned to this will allow the fire the get to ground level 
and burn the web.

Deku Scrub brothers Sub boss before Gohma 

If you attack them in any other way then the one stated, you will never beat them
2 - 3 - 1

	       3rd                 1st               2nd
                  DS1               DS2             DS3     

 From left to right is 1 - 3 so 2 is first, 3 is second and 1 is last, then chase him down.


Parasitic Armoured Arachnid

In a dramatic style the door slams behind you once you enter, look up and search for a red and yellow eye, then there will 
be a cut scene where you are introduced to it face-to-face.

Straight from the off it jumps down and comes straight for you, Z target it during the whole battle, avoid it until its 
eye turns red, this is when you strike, shoot its eye with your sling shot, its now stunned and now vulnerable to your 
sword attacks, suggested combo to do now: jump attack, stab, stab, jump attack, is effective.  He will recover and retreat 
to the ceiling, KEEP Z targeting on him,
(Note: If you loose the lock just wait for it to come back done and retarget)
watch his eye until it turns red again, when it does, shoot it with sling shot 
to stun him again, one more combo like before and he should be defeated, if its still going then just follow him and watch 
for the red eye.  When he goes down, pick up the heart container and leave via the blue light.


There is a cut scene where the Great Deku tree congratulates you for lifting the curse, tells you about the Triforce and 
how it was created, and DUN DUN DUN tells you that even though you defeated the evil boss he is and always has been doomed, 
oh and he also gives you the Kokiri emerald and explains that the one in your nightmares "in black armour" is the one who
did this to him while trying to find the Kokiri emerald. Your journey continues as you head for Hyrule Castle, in search 
for princess Zelda.

(Tip: save regularly don't forget now)
The Kokiri called Mido confronts you at the end of the passage, doing his hard man impression again, after the dialog is 
finished he lets you past.  Your back in Kokiri village, exit the village through the west passage.  On the bridge there 
is a touching farewell with Sara, where she gives you're the Fairy Ocarina.


05/05/04 - clarified the wording throughout - added a few more notes

Copyright 2004 Gary Le Couilliard