The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Guide Part 1 - Roland Carlos
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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Guide Part 1

by Roland Carlos   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the 3DS version of the game.
Yet Another Zelda 64 Guide (Yes, that is the real name): Version 1.1, Part 1
By Roland Carlos
Web Sites: (Page for Starcraft) (Page for Pokemon, GB Game)

Hello, and welcome to yet another Zelda 64 Guide. Hopefully, you will find
this one useful to you. I am making this so people who get the game on 
Christmas will find it useful. This guide lists many secrets not found on
most internet based guides. If you would like to take from this guide, just
give some credit to me. Now, on with the show!

Table of Contents - Part 1
1. Introduction
2. Version Updates for Part 1
3. Game Controls
4. How to Start Off in the Game
5. Items
6. All 36 Hearts

1. Introduction

Well, the reason I am making this guide is to help people in Zelda 64 (oh, 
BTW, the real name is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but Zelda 64 is a lot
shorter). I have made only one other RPG guide. It was for Final Fantasy
Tactics (a good game, get it!) for the PSX. However, I am refining my way of
writing using this guide.

I reserved the game and got it on Dec. 3, 1998. Yup, I remember when I got 
the game. I started playing and couldn't stop. I played many hours and had
many sleepless nights. However, if I didn't do that, there wouldn't be a
guide, now would there? I just beat the dang game recently (of the time I 
am writing this) with a game you should call "perfect". 20 white-bordered
hearts, big magic meter, 100 Gold Skulltulas, a horse I call Epona, all
4 bottles, 3 magic spells and magical arrows.

Sure, beating a game usually means it's death, especially in single ending
RPGs. However, it did not for me. I am still playing it even though I have
got the "perfect" game.

Hopefully, you will benefit from the help I will give to you. If you don't,
well, you just aint looking hard enough.

-Roland Carlos (Confirmed Zelda 64 Master)

2. Version Updates for Part 1

Version 1.1: January 10, 1999 - Did some editing, placed 6. "All 36 Hearts"
in the contents.
Version 1: December 12, 1998 - Started the dang thing, duh!

3. Game Controls

Control Pad - Not Used
L - Toggles on/off the little map
R - Raise Shield, Move to Right in Subscreen
Z - Use Z Targeting, Change view to behind Link, Move to Left in Subscreen
B - Take out Sword, Use Sword
A - Open, Check, Speak, Climb, Go Down when on ladder or edge, Grab, Drop,
C Up - Listen to Navi, Change view to 1st Person Link
C Left, Right, Down - Use item equipped on that button
Start - Go to Subscreen
Control Stick - Move (the slighter, the slower), Jump, Swim

Up + A - Climb onto block
Left or Right + A - Push or Pull
When Holding, Left or Right + A - Throw

Sword Moves
B - Vertical Swing
Left or Right + B - Horizontal Swing
Up + B - Sword Thrust
Hold B (longer, more powerful, more magic used) and release - Spin Swing
360 + B - Weak Spin Swing

When Z Targeted
Up + A - Jump Attack
Down + A - Back Flip
Left or Right + A - Side Jump

4. How to Start Off in the Game

Needless to say, starting the game in the beginning is hard. You usually 
won't know what to do for a long time, a time better spent playing the game
more. I will help you up to leaving Kokiri Forest.

You'll start in your house. Go out and go down the ladder. You will talk to
Saria for some time and then you can walk around. If you try to go to either
the Hyrule Field or Deku Tree exit, you will be stopped. However, Mido at the
Deku Tree will say you need a sword and shield to pass. 

Getting the sword and shield are easy, you just need to know how. The shield
is super easy. While browsing around the houses of Kokiri Forest, you will 
see the shop owner selling a Deku Shield for 40 Rupees. Open the chests in
Mido's House for some Rupees. Go to the House of Twins to get a few Rupees. 
You can go back and forth in the Twins House to get the Rupees in the pots.
You can also jump on the blocks near the shop without falling for 5 Rupees.
Buy the shield whenever you get enough Rupees.

Now, go to the Know-It-All Bros House. Talk to them for some helpful
beginner's information. When you are done with them go into the fence maze 
and talk to the Kokiri at the end for some information. When you are done, 
go to the little hole and stop. The Blue Button (representing A) will say
"Enter". Press A and enter. Use Up to go forward. You will be in a secluded
part of Kokiri Forest.

A boulder will go around in a circle around the column. Just follow behind it
and when you get to the to north-western part, take a right. Open the chest 
there for a Kokiri Sword! Go out the way you came.

Now, go back to Mido. He will let you pass. On the way to the Deku Tree, you
will be "attacked" by Deku Babas. Well, all they do is stand there, you can 
slice them for Deku Sticks, but they will just regrow, so kill enough for 10
Deku Sticks or practice your swords play.

When you get far enough you'll talk to the Deku Tree and he will let you 
inside him. You will be in a large room. There are some Deku Babas that 
attack. To beat them you can either attack like crazy (not recommended) or
let them attack, block with your shield and counter. 

Climb either the ivy or ladder. If you use the ladder just run off the edge
so you can get to the other side. You will jump automatically and land. Keep
going on the ledge and you will reach a chest. It will contain the Dungeon
Map. The Dungeon Map allows you to see the whole map in the Subscreen. Now,
enter the door after the chest.

You will see a Deku Scrub. It shoots Deku Nuts at you. If you get close, it 
will run away, so you need a different tactic to beat it. You can Z Target it
and when it fires a Nut, stand still and use your shield. The shield will
reflect it back to the Scrub and he will get hit. It won't die, but it will
stand there. Go up to him and talk. Listen to what he says and remember it. 
It will help you. Go into room behind him.

Jump off the ledge and climb the ivy so you can get to the chest. Open the 
chest and recieve the first real useful item, the Slingshot! Now, you are
probably wondering how to get out. People who have a real tough time would
just save and reset now, so they can go back to the beginning of the Deku
Tree. The way out is real simple. Aim the slingshot and the ladder above
the door you came in. Fire, and the ladder will fall down. Climb the ladder
to get out. Go back into the large entrance room.

Keep going forward on the ledge. You will reach some ivy. There are some
Skullwalltulas on the ivy. If you trying climbing it while they are on it, 
if they hit you, you will be knocked down. It is possible to climb while they
are on the ivy, but I just Z Target them and Slingshot away. Go up the ivy 
when they are dead.

If you try go off any of the log ledges, you will be attacked by a Big 
Skullwalltula. They are hard for the beginner and require patience. Now,
don't get close to it when it is facing you. It will use the un-blockable
spin attack and send you flying back with some damage. Wait till it is turned
away and attack with the sword or slingshot. Don't jump off yet though.

Open the door nearby and go into the big room. Step on the switch to your
right and three pillars will rise. Jump onto them and keep jumping until you
get to the chest on the other side. Open it for the Compass. It will allow 
you to see where the Boss (marked by a Skull) and the Chests are in the
dungeon on the map. Jump back, but stay on the 2nd pillar. Face the alcove
and jump in. You can get a recovery heart and you will see a Skullwalltula
type enemy on the wall. When you try to kill it, you see it takes two hits
and it leaves a big skull behind. That my friends, is a Gold Skulltula. Get
the token. There are 100 Gold Skulltulas all over the world, and you have

In order to get out of the big room, you must use your Deku Sticks. Take one
out and have its tip touch the torch on fire. The Deku Stick will catch on
fire. Bring the fire to the other torch. The door will open, and you should
put away the stick before it burns out (just stand still and the A Button 
should say, Put Away). Go onto one of the log ledges (make sure to watch out
for Big Skullwalltulas) and jump off. Land on the web and you will crash down
onto the water below.

There are two Gold Skulltulas in this room. One is on the small gate. Use
the slingshot to kill it and jump off the ledge to get it. The other is on
the ivy leading back up to the entrance. Kill it and climb up to get it.

Use a Deku Stick and grab some flame. Go over to the door covered by webs.
Make sure you walk on the shallow part so the flame will not go out. Use the
flame on the web and it will burn out so you can go into the room. Beat the
Deku Scrub and remember what he says (2,3,1). To go to the next room, use 
the Slingshot on the eye above the sealed door.

Jump into water, but avoid the spiked log. Dive a little bit when you get to
the switch so you can touch it, barely. A platform will be raised, but only
for a limited time. Use it to jump onto the other side and watch out for the
Big Skullwalltula there. Go into the next room. 

The room is very easy, just light all the torches. Go into the next room. 
Walk around the edge until you get to the door. If you go into the center, 
you will attacked by some Gohma Larvae. Also, the wall that looks weird, it
is a bombable wall, but you need bombs to open it. The bombs will gained 
later in the game.

You will end up back into the place where you entered the basement. Get some
flame and roll onto the webbing while the flame is still going. The web will
burn and you will fall into the next room.

Remember 2,3,1 from that scrub? You use it here now. There are 3 scrubs in
the room. You must kill them in this order, middle, right, left (get it?). 
Nuts from other scrubs may hurt you so watch out. Move around after you send 
a nut back at its attacker. When you kill them in the right order, the door 
to the boss opens. Make sure you are ready because there is no turning back.

If you want to know how to kill the boss, go to the How to beat the bosses
section. I want you to look at the rest of this guide! After you win, make
sure to grab the heart somewhere on the battlefield. Then, step into the 
light so you can be taken out of the Deku Tree. 

Make sure you have everything you need before you leave Kokiri Forest. You 
can now since you beat the Deku Tree Dungeon. You can come back, and you
should, but there is a whole world to explore. After you leave Kokiri Forest,
the whole world is yours. It's up to you from here. Good luck!

5. Items


Kokiri Sword - You get this after beating the Kokiri Training Course. A weak
sword, can only be used by Child Link.

Master Sword - You get this in the Temple of Time. Does twice as much damage
as the Kokiri Sword, but can only be used by Adult Link.

Giant's Knife - You can buy this for 200 Rupees from the Big Goron in Goron
City. Does twice as much damage as the Master Sword but you cannot use a 
shield when the Giant's Knife is out and it has a nasty habit of breaking.
Can only be used by Adult Link.

Biggoron Sword - Get this after giving Biggoron the Eyedrops. Just like the
Giant's Knife, but cannot be broken. Can only be used by Adult Link.


Deku Shield - Buy this for 40 Rupees at Kokiri Forest Shop. Only shield 
Child Link can hold in front. Burns easily. If lost, you always get one from
the next small treasure chest you open.

Hylian Shield - Buy this for 80 Rupees, or for 40 Rupees from the 
Death Mt. Guard, or get it for free in the grave with the flowers in 
Kakariko town. Can be used by Child Link with a penalty, used by Adult Link

Mirror Shield - Treasure of the Spirit Temple in the Adult Link part. 
Reflects energy and can block most attacks. Only used by Adult Link.


Kokiri Tunic - You start the game with this. No special abilities offered.
Can be used by both forms.

Goron Tunic - Buy at Goron City for a lot of Rupees or get it for stopping 
the small rolling Goron. Allows you to stay in hot areas for unlimited amount
of time. Only used by Adult Link.

Zora Tunic - Buy at Zora Domain for a lot of Rupees or get it from defrosting
King Zora. Allows you to stay underwater for an unlimited amount of time. 
Only used by Adult Link.


Kokiri Boots - You start the game with this. No special abilities offered.
Can be used by both forms.

Iron Boots - Get this from the Ice Cavern. You cannot run or float with these
boots. Can be used only by Adult Link.

Hover Boots - Get this in the Shadow Temple. You can walk over pits for a 
short period of time. There is no traction with these boots however. Can be 
used only by Adult Link.


Deku Stick - Get from Daku Babas or buy it in Kokiri Forest Shop. You can use
this like a Kokiri Sword, but it breaks after one use. Use also to transfer 
flames around. Amount held can be increased.

Fairy Ocarina - Get this from Saria. The first Ocarina you get.

Fairy Slingshot - Get in Deku Tree. Use to attack enemies from far away or 
hit far away switches. Amount of ammo held can be increased.

Boomerang - Get in Jabu-Jabu's Belly. Use to stun enemies from far away and 
grab certain items. Once thrown, it always comes back.

Magic Bean - Buy from kid eating beans at Zora's River. Plant where you find 
soft soil. When you grow up, there will be a Magic Plant where you planted.


Fairy Bow - Get in the Forest Temple. Use to attack enemies from away or hit 
far away switches. Amount of ammo held can be increased.

Fire Arrow - Get at Lake Hylia. Equip this on a Fairy Bow to shoot fire 
arrows. Costs 2 MP each use.

Ice Arrow - Get in Gerudo Valley. Equip this on a Fairy Bow to shoot ice 
arrows. Costs 2 MP each use.

Light Arrow - Get this from Zelda. Equip this on a Fairy Bow to shoot light 
arrows. Costs 4 MP each use.

Hookshot - Get for finishing Dampe's Catacomb Race. This item allows to 
grab onto far away items or attack very far enemies.

Longshot - Get this at the Water Temple. Basically a Hookshot with longer 

Megaton Hammer - Get this at the Fire Temple. Use to knock down rocks and
statues as well as hitting down rusted switches.


Deku Nut - Throw to stun most enemies. The amount you can carry can be 

Ocarina of Time - Get this from Zelda. Just like the Fairy Ocarina, only 

Bomb - Get your first bombs at the Dodongo Cavern. Use to blow up enemies 
and blow down some walls.

Bombchu - Just like a bomb except it moves and can climb walls. Blows up
after some time if not blown up already.

Lens of Truth - Get at the Bottom of the Well. Use to see what is really 


Din's Fire - Get from Giant Fairy at Hyrule Castle. Fire surrounds all over 
you and attacks nearby enemies or set aflame torches. Uses 6 MP each casting.

Farore's Wind - Get from Zora's Fountain. Cast it the first time to set a 
warp point. Use again to warp to the set warp point or to make a new one. 
Uses 6 MP each casting.

Nayru's Love - Get it in the Desert Colossus. A shield surrounds you and
protects you from damage for a limited time. Uses 12 MP each casting.


Green Potion - Fills Magic Meter.

Red Potion - Fills Life Energy.

Blue Potion - Fills Magic and Life.

Lon Lon Milk - Recovers some Life Energy.

Fish - Give to Jabu-Jabu to open his mouth.

Poe - Sell to Ghost Hunter.

Big Poe - Sell to Ghost Hunter.

Bug - Drop near Soft Soil to release a Gold Skulltula.

Blue Fire - Use to melt ice.

Fairy - Refills your Life Energy or revives you if you die.


Keaton Mask - Give to Death Mountain Guard in Kakariko Village.

Skull Mask - Give to Skull Kid in Lost Woods.

Spooky Mask - Give to kid who walks around Kakariko Graveyard at night.

Bunny Hood - Give to running man in Hyrule Field (found many times near Lon
Lon Ranch)

Mask of Truth - Use to talk to Clock Stones.

Gerudo Mask - Change what people say to you.

Goron Mask - Change what people say to you.

Zora Mask - Change what people say to you.

Weird Egg - Malon gives this to you. Wait till the next day when it becomes
a Cucco.

Cucco - Use to wake up Talon at Hyrule Castle.

Zelda's Letter - Give to Death Mountain Guard to have him open the gate.


Pocket Egg - Given to you from chicken lady in Kakariko Town. Wait till the
next day when it becomes a Pocket Cucco.

Pocket Cucco - Use to wake up Talon at Kakariko Town.

Cojiro - Given to you from chicken lady after using Pocket Cucco to wake up

Odd Mushroom - Given to you from the man in the Lost Woods.

Odd Medicine - Given to you from old lady in Kakariko Town.

Poacher's Saw - Given to you from Kokiri Girl in Lost Woods.

Broken Goron Sword - Given to you from carpenter boss in Gerudo Valley.

Prescription - Given to you from Biggoron in Death Mountain.

Eyeball Frog - Given to you from King Zora in Zora's Domain.

Eye Drops - Given to you from Old Man in Lake Hylia.

Claim Check - Given to you from Biggoron in Death Mountain.

(See any connection with most of the Adult Event Items? Go to the How to get
the hard to find items section and see what the connection is.)


Bullet Bag - Used to hold your Deku Seeds, ammo for the Fairy Slingshot. Can
be upgraded.

Quiver - Used to hold your arrows, ammo for the Fairy Bow. Can be upgraded.

Bomb Bag - Used to hold your bombs. Can be upgraded.

Goron Bracelet - Given to you from Darunia. You can now pick up bomb plants.

Silver Gauntlet - Get this at the Spirit Temple as a child. You can now pick
up heavy blocks and rocks.

Gold Gauntlet - Get this in Ganon's Castle. You can now pick up heavy 

Silver Scale - Get this in Zora's Domain. You can dive up to 6.

Gold Scale - Get this in Lake Hylia. You can dive up to 8.

Stone of Agony - Get this in Kakariko Town. If a Rumble Pak is equipped, you
will feel movement when you are near a hidden pit.

Gerudo's Training Pass - Get this in Gerudo Valley. You can now walk around 
the fortress freely.

6. All 36 Hearts

Here is the recommended order in which to get the Hearts. This is also the
way to get as many hearts as soon as possible. There are other ways of 
getting them, but you have to wait longer.

Hyrule Market

- Win in the Treasure Game.
- Give Little Richard back to owner in Back Alley (Richard is white dog 
behind stand near guy in window).

Lon Lon Ranch

- In little area blocked by boxes in building in the southwest of Lon Lon 

Lost Woods

- Win game with the two Skull Kids.
- Play Saria's Song for lone Skull Kid west of starting point.

Kakariko Village

- Randomly placed in one of the soft soil spots in the graveyard, have Dampe
dig there.
- Play Song of the Sun in secret graveyard pit with lone Redead.

Goron City

- Throw bomb into spinning pot when the face pointing at you is smiling

Death Mountain Crater

- Go down wall into alcove.
- Have Owl drop you off on Impa's roof. Drop down onto ledge. Go inside door.

Hyrule Market

- Win in Bombchu Bowling when the prize is a Heart.

Zora's River

- Cucco glide onto ledge with ladder. Climb up and jump on the pillars. Glide
to the heart piece.
- Cucco glide onto ledge with heart piece near entrance to Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain

- Light all the torches in Zora's Domain.

Lake Hylia

- Get a 9 or 10 pound fish in fishing game.

Gerudo Valley

- Cucco glide onto the ledge below the bridge. Crash into the box.
- Go up ladder behind waterfall.

Hyrule Field

- Bomb the center of the gates in front of Lake Hylia (helps if you have
Stone of Agony).

Kakariko Village

- Use Boomerang to get heart piece in windmill.


Kakariko Village

- Hookshot onto roof with guy on roof. Talk to him.
- Use Magic Plant in graveyard to get to ledge with heart piece.
- Beat Dampe's Catacomb Race in under 1 minute.

Kakariko Village

- Go to Skulltula House and get heart piece (only if you have 50 tokens).

Death Mountain

- Use Magic Plant on Death Mountain to get to ledge with heart piece.

Death Mountain Crater

- Use Magic Plant near entrance to Fire Temple to fly to ledge with heart

Zora's Fountain

- Jump to ice piece with heart piece.

Ice Cavern

- Melt ice containing heart piece.

Zora's Fountain

- Go to bottom of water where Jabu-Jabu was. Heart piece is easily found.

Hyrule Field

- Bomb the secret pit near tree in northwest part of field. (One closer to
Lon Lon Ranch).

Lake Hylia

- Use Magic Plant or Pierre to get to roof Old Man's house. Climb the ladder
to lookout point.
- Dive to the bottom of the pool in the Old Man's house.

Zora's River

- Play Song of Storms for the frogs
- Play all your top row for the frogs. Beat the fly eating game that follows.

Gerudo Fortress

- On roof after room with the two Gerudo guards. (Look to your right.) Latch
onto the treasure chest or use Pierre.
- Get 1000 points on the Horseback Archery Game.

Desert Colossus

- Use Magic Plant to fly and drop onto the ledge with heart piece.

Due to lack of space a txt file can hold, I must end it short here. But do
not worry! Just proceed to part 2! (If available).

Copyright 1998 Roland Carlos