The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Glitches

Drown without being underwater
Weaken yourself (lose hearts) to have enough health for a bomb to be able to kill you. (bomb takes 1/2 of a heart; have maximum 1/2 of a heart) Now you need to go to a place where's a cliff and a water; in this case are Lake Hylia and Gerudo Valley. (where's the bridge and a river.) Go to either place and go to the edge of a cliff. If you are going to Lake Hylia, you will see two bridges, and go to the place where Kaepora Gaebora is(as a child Link) and stand at the edge. If you are going to the Gerudo Valley, don't cross the bridge, just stand at the edge of the cliff just beside the bridge. Now take out your bomb and keep it in your hands. If you're at lake Hylia, you will need to react fast; wait until the bomb is close to exploding, then jump. If timed well, bomb will explode while in air. If you're at Gerudo Valley, you can freely jump at any time.(but I recommend as soon as possible) When the bomb explodes while in air, it will hurt you and take your last 1/2 hearts, but since you're not on ground, you'll not die right now. When you fall into the water, a drown scene will play instead of "falling on the floor" scene.
There is a reason for this. When you're underwater and you try to resist to come to the surface (by going under something or using iron boots while not using zora tunic), the game will eventually launch a timer that will warn you that you must come to the surface for air, but if you constantly refuse to come to the surface, the timer will run out and game will at an super-duper fast speed remove all your hearts and show the death scene. (was it falling on the floor or drowning; when using iron boots, you fall on the floor while underwater, as an Adult Link.) However, if you fall into the water while having no hearts (losing all of them in the middle of the air), the game will perhaps think the timer ran out and that the game already removed the hearts, so it will show the drowning scene instead. Or, it could be a reason that falling down in the middle of the water (not on the bottom) would be pointless.