The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Unlockables

Fairy Fountain Locations
These fairy fountains provide a number of pink fairies that can be caught in bottles or immediately touched for a full health refill.
General AreaPrecise Directions
Sacred Forest MeadowWhen by the Forest Temple where Saria is as a child go down the only path into the maze but ascend the ladder directly in front of you, then drop down the hole there.
Zora's DomainGo onto the platform in the water/ice and play the Song of Storms.
Kakariko GraveyardGo forward and look for the grave with flowers in front of it. Pull it back and drop down the hole. Behind the chest is a wall you can bomb, revealing a passage to a fairy fountain.
Ganondorf's CastleGo into the Ganondorf's Castle, but don't enter the tower that leads to Ganondorf. Instead, use the Lens of Truth and search for a secret passage. Enter the secret passage, and you'll find a Fairy Fountain there. Adult Link only, must have all medallions to get access to Ganondorf's Castle.
Hyrule FieldGo to the northwest corner of the field and find a lone boulder. Destroy the boulder to reveal a fairy fountain.
Desert ColossusFind the dried up oasis at Desert Colossus and stand on the nearby rock that Navi indicates. Play the Song of Storms to fill the oasis with water and turn it into a fairy fountain.