The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Glitches

Under water moblin
1) Go to the Secret Forest Meadow as an adult.
2) Go to the end closest to the Forest Temple.
3) In the passage right before the first set of stairs a Moblin patrols, wait in the area next to the passage(at the foot of the stairs) until the Moblin is between you and the pool of water.
4) Move out in front of the Moblin so that he sees you, as soon as he roars jump back out of the way.
5) Wait until he has gone past, and then keep waiting until he comes back past you, immediately run out in front of him and chase him towards the water(he'll keep running away).

If you were fast enough he'll run all the way back to the water and fall in, he'll sink to the bottom and continue to walk around underwater. Using a similar method you can get the other nearby Moblin into the same pool of water.