The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Glitches

Fazing can produce a number of awesome effects like providing a way to bypass various obstacles. When you faze Link disappears for up to several seconds, during which you can walk through people and things. However, be warned that this method can potentially damage the game and console.

Simply pull up on the left side (the game's right) of the cartidge while keeping downward pressure on the right. Very gradualy let the left side start to lift up relative to the system. while you're doing this suddenly you will hear a bunch of static and Link will become invisible. If you let the game faze for more than a few secconds the game will freeze. If you do this while walking into a rock or Mido when Link disapears he will walk through the obstacle quickly push the game back in and voila you're past what you wanted to get through.