The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Easter eggs

Ocarina Song Endings
After you play a song on the Ocarina, you will hear a little melody that comes after some of the songs that you play. Here is how to play some songs through more:
Saria's Song: down,right,left,stick up-up,up,left,R-left,left,stick down-right,stick up-A,A,stick up-A,stick up-down,stick up-A
Epona's Song: up,left,right,stick up-right,right
Song of Healing: left,right,Z-down,A,Z-down
Nocturne of Shadow:Left,right,right,A,left,right,
stick up-left,stick up-right,stick up-right,stick up-A,stick up-left,stick up-right,R-right(whew!)