The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (N64) Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D cheat codes.


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A Cow At Link's House
Serves no real practical purpose other than giving you an extra source of Lon Lon milk. The cow will be sent to Link's house in Kokiri Forest but since you do this as an adult then it will only be there as an adult.
UnlockableHow to unlock
CowYou must have Epona. Talk to Malon at Lon Lon Ranch and do the obsacle course. Once you have completed 2 laps under 50 seconds you get a cow.
Biggoron Sword Trading Quest
The Biggoron Sword is an adult only two handed sword that causes double the damage of the master sword and has longer reach. The drawback is that you can't use your shield at the same time. Unlike the Giant's Knife, this sword will never break.

To claim this sword you need to complete this trading quest. You need to work through each item in order. Note that for timed items you are not allowed to use warping songs or you will fail immediately.
Trade ItemWhere to obtain it
Pocket EggTalk to the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village near the graveyard entrance.
Pocket CuccoLet time pass until morning comes around while you have the egg (sun song helps).
Cojiro (Blue Cucco)Use the pocket cucco to wake Talon (sleeping in the left house near the village entrance from Hyrule Field), then give it back to the Cucco lady.
Odd MushroomGo to the lost woods. Once you enter, take a left and walk up to the wierd guy with the liberty spikes and hand him the Cucco.
Odd PotionRush over to the old potion lady in Kakariko Village - she lives in the only house with a purple roof. As a shortcut you can go to the new Potion Shop. If you go to the dark space in the back, you end up in the area with stairs to the Old Potion shop. You have a time limit of 3 minutes. Note this this part will also make blue potions buyable from her for 100 rupees.
Poacher's SawGo back to where you talked to the weird guy in the Lost Woods, and he won't be there anymore. Instead there will be a blonde girl. Give her the potion and she will give you this.
Broken Biggoron's SwordGo to Gerudo valley. Give the head carpenter the saw.
PrescriptionTake the broken sword up to the giant goron on top of death mountain.
Eyeball FrogGive the prescription to King Zora in Zora's Domain royal chamber (you will need to unfreeze him with blue fire first).
EyedropsGo to Lake Hylia laboratory (the building you see after entering from Hyrule Field) and give the frog to the guy inside. You have 3 minutes to do this.
Claim CheckTake the eyedrops to the giant goron on top of Death Mountain. You have 4 minutes to do this.
Biggoron Sword (Usable)Allow 3 days to pass (play the sun song 6 times). Give the claim check to the giant goron.
Dungeon Skulltulas
If you're having trouble collecting those last few Golden Skulltula Tokens, go back and explore the dungeons again. Some Golden Skulltulas can only be found in the game's shadowy temples.

The list below indicates how many Golden Skulltulas are hidden in each dungeon.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Deku Tree4 Golden Skulltulas
Dodongo's Cavern5 Golden Skulltulas
Jabu-Jabu's Belly4 Golden Skulltulas
Forest Temple5 Golden Skulltulas
Fire Temple5 Golden Skulltulas
Ice Cavern3 Golden Skulltulas
Water Temple5 Golden Skulltulas
Under the Well3 Golden Skulltulas
Shadow Temple5 Golden Skulltulas
Spirit Temple5 Golden Skulltulas
Fairy Fountain Locations
These fairy fountains provide a number of pink fairies that can be caught in bottles or immediately touched for a full health refill.
General AreaPrecise Directions
Sacred Forest MeadowWhen by the Forest Temple where Saria is as a child go down the only path into the maze but ascend the ladder directly in front of you, then drop down the hole there.
Zora's DomainGo onto the platform in the water/ice and play the Song of Storms.
Kakariko GraveyardGo forward and look for the grave with flowers in front of it. Pull it back and drop down the hole. Behind the chest is a wall you can bomb, revealing a passage to a fairy fountain.
Ganondorf's CastleGo into the Ganondorf's Castle, but don't enter the tower that leads to Ganondorf. Instead, use the Lens of Truth and search for a secret passage. Enter the secret passage, and you'll find a Fairy Fountain there. Adult Link only, must have all medallions to get access to Ganondorf's Castle.
Hyrule FieldGo to the northwest corner of the field and find a lone boulder. Destroy the boulder to reveal a fairy fountain.
Desert ColossusFind the dried up oasis at Desert Colossus and stand on the nearby rock that Navi indicates. Play the Song of Storms to fill the oasis with water and turn it into a fairy fountain.
Field Skulltulas
Likewise, some of the Golden Skulltulas are found outside of the dungeon and temples. You'll have to look high and low if you want to find all of them, though most of the time you'll find them in dark places.

The list below indicates the number of Golden Skulltulas hiding in each area.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Kokiri Forest3 Golden Skulltulas
Hyrule Field2 Golden Skulltulas
Hyrule Castle4 Golden Skulltulas
Lon Lon Ranch4 Golden Skulltulas
Kakariko Village6 Golden Skulltulas
Lost Woods3 Golden Skulltulas
Death Mountain4 Golden Skulltulas
Goron City2 Golden Skulltulas
Zora's River4 Golden Skulltulas
Zora's Domain1 Golden Skulltulas
Zora's Fountain3 Golden Skulltulas
Lake Hylia5 Golden Skulltulas
Graveyard2 Golden Skulltulas
Sacred Forest Meadow1 Golden Skulltulas
Death Mountain Crater2 Golden Skulltulas
Gerudo Valley4 Golden Skulltulas
Gerudo Fortress2 Golden Skulltulas
Haunted Wasteland1 Golden Skulltulas
Desert Colossus3 Golden Skulltulas
Gold Skulltula Collection Rewards
To claim your rewards visit the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village and talk to the people that have been freed from the curse. The more gold skulltula tokens you collect the more people will be freed from the curse.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Adults WalletCollect 10 gold skulltula tokens. Increases your rupee carrying capacity to 200.
Stone of AgonyCollect 20 gold skulltula tokens. This item will cause your rumble pak to react when near secret holes.
Giants WalletCollect 30 gold skulltula tokens. Ups your rupee capacity to 500 rupees.
BombchusCollect 40 gold skulltula tokens.
Heart PieceCollect 50 gold skulltula tokens.
200 rupeesCollect all 100 gold skulltula tokens. If you exit and re-enter you can collect this again, making this an infinite supply of rupees.
Great Fairy Locations
These places provides spells and upgrades for Link. When in one go to the Triforce symbol on the floor and play Zelda's Lullaby to summon the great fairy.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Din's FireYou need bombs for this. Go to Hyrule Castle and go up the vine on the right, then carry on until you reach the bridge. Jump of the side and go up the sign with the words dead end on and carry on the right side path until you see a boulder. Blow it up to gain access to the fountain.
Nayru`s LoveIn the Desert Collosuss when entering from the Haunted Wasteland follow the wall along the right side until you reach a pair of palm trees marking a crack in the wall. Bomb the crack to gain access to the fountain.
Farore's WindGo to the whale (Lord Jabu Jabu) at Zora's Fountain. When you get there go to the little island southwest of it. Once you get on the island throw a bomb at the wall where the rocks are. When the bomb explodes it will reveal a tunnel to the Great Fairy's Fountain.
Heart Pieces
Every four heart pieces you collect will add one heart to your health gauge.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Lake Hylia Heart PieceYou need the Golden Scale for this. Go to the lab and dive in the water. You should be able to touch the bottom and when you talk to the professor he'll give you this.
Hyrule Field Heart PieceWhen facing Lon Lon Ranch's entrance go right and make your way to the lone tree before the river. Bomb or hammer by the tree to make a hole appear and driop down. Now either dive or use the iron boots to sink to the bottom of the water for this.
Lost Woods Heart PieceAs a kid. Entering from Kokiri Forest go left and jump onto the smmall stump. Play Saria's Song to get this.
Gerudo Valley Heart PieceGrab the nearby chicken and jump off the right side of the bridge with it to float down to a walkway far below. Follow this to the right and jump off to behind the waterfall. Climb the ladder to reach this.
Lon Lon Ranch Heart PieceAs a kid, make your way over to the tower at the far side. Go in and move the boxes around to access the hole in the wall. Crawl through to claim this.
Kakariko Village Heart PieceWhen you reach Death Mountain summit ask the owl for a ride back down. Go left (Link's right) and slowly walk off the edge onto the small platform. Enter the hole to get this. Note that it may be possible to fly over to this ledge from the unfinished building by using a cucco.
Zora's Fountain Heart PieceAs an adult swim to the middle of the fountain, and with the Zoras Tunic equipped, use the iron boots to sink to the bottom.
Hyrule Field Heart PieceGo to the fences just outside of Lake Hylia. Get right in the center of the four fences and then use the megaton hammer or bombs. Drop down the hole that appears. Defeat the business scrub there and then talk to him. He should give you a heart piece for 10 rupees.
Zora's RiverGrab the cucco early on and then take it all the way up to the waterfall. Go past the waterfall and turn left to see the heart piece. Use the cucco to float over to it.
Gerudo Fortress Heart PieceAfter freeing the carpenters and gaining the pass, ride Epona around to the rear area and play the horseback archery game. Score 1000 points or more for this.
Gerudo Valley Heart PieceGrab the cucco and jummp off the left side of the bridge. Aim for the small platform set into the far wall with the crate. Smash the crate for the heart piece.
Death Mountain Trail Heart PieceGo to the cliff overlooking the cavern. Throw the bomb that you used to blow up the entrance to the cave. Before a bomb grows back, face away from the cave and backflip over the fence. You'll take a little damage, but you can reach the heart piece.
Kakariko Village Heart PieceGo to the very top of the tower and look out straight ahead from the ladder. Z-Target ahead and side-jump off the left side. You'll land on the fence and will be able to climb on the roof of the house. Talk to the guy there and get the heart piece.
Kakariko Graveyard Heart PieceUp on a ledge in a box on the left side. Climb the fence and then jump to the edge of the ledge with the box, you should have been able to hang and climb to the place where the box is located. Alternatively a magic bean can be planted as a child to make a plant as an adult if you're struggling to make the jump.
Market Heart PieceWin the treasure chest game. At the very end will be a chest with the heart piece. Use the lens of truth.
Market Heart PieceAt night, retrieve the white dog that's around the place that gets crowded with people during the day. Go into the alley, into the door that is facing you. Talk to the lady, and she will give it to you.
Market Heart PiecePlay the Bombchu Mini-Game as a child, eventually a Heart Piece will be the prize.
Desert ColossusAs a child plant the beans in the soil by the temple entrance,then come back as an adult. Jump on the flying plant and stay there until you see the heart piece on the rock formation and jump there.
Zora's River 2At the base of Zora's River, grab the cucco. As you make your way up the river, just before the frogs in the water, on the left is an uphill slant, leading to a gap and another ledge. Jump with the cucco, and as you meet the ledge, let go, and you will grab the ledge. then jump across to the pillar to get the heart piece.
Zora's River 3About half way up Zora's River, there will be a log coming out of the water to the land. Get on it, and walk out to the lighter wood spot. Equip your ocarina to make some frogs appear. If you play the song of storms, they will get excited, and give you a heart piece.
Zora's River 4At the same spot as Zora's River 3, bring out the frogs. then, Play all 5 of the songs that you can earn as a child (non warp songs, minus the song of storms) and with each of the songs, a frog will grow. once they are all grown, they will play a game with you. Each different frog will jump when you play a note, and there is one frog for each note ( c◄,c▲,c▼,c►, and (A) ) the game includes bugs hovering over one frog at a time, and you much (quickly) press the button for each frog to eat the bug. however the game is not random, and has a set pattern. the pattern is [ (A), c◄, c►, c▼, c◄, c►, c▼, (A), c▼, (A), c▼, c►, c◄, (A) ] Once you beat the mini-game, you will be rewarded a heart piece.
Masks Sidequest
This sidequest becomes available as a child after showing Zelda's Letter to the Death Mountain guard. Masks are picked up at the Happy Mask shop in Hyrule Castle Market and must be sold to NPCs. To see if someone wants to buy a mask just wear it when talking to people.

Successfully selling all four of these masks will grant you access to the Mask of Truth, Goron mask, Zora mask and Gerudo mask. Note that the last three don't have any special effects. Also, earlier masks will show up in the shop again after giving the money for them to the shop.
MaskWho to sell it to
Keaton MaskSell to the guard at Death Mountain Trail entrance in Kakariko Village. Give 10 rupees back to the shop.
Skull MaskSell to the lone Skull Kid in the Lost Woods. Give 20 rupees back to the shop.
Spooky MaskSell to the kid in Kakariko Graveyard during the day. Give 30 rupees back to the shop.
Bunny HoodSell to the man running around Hyrule Field (you have to wait for him to stop and take a break). Give 50 rupees back to the shop.
Optional Equipment & Upgrades
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver ScaleAs a kid go to Zora's Domain. Go up to King Zora's room but then go left down the tunnel and play the diving minigame there. If you win then you can claim this scale from the Zora.
Golden ScaleGo to the fishing game at Lake Hylia as an adult. Catch a fish weighing at least 20 lbs and you will win this item.
Deku Seeds (+10 capacity)Go to the Shooting Gallery in Hyrule Market when you're young Link and win the shooting game.
Deku Seeds (+10 capacity)Go to the Lost Woods as young Link. Go one screen right and shoot the big gong thing with your slingshot. You need 3 direct hits (you get 100 points for a direct hit).
Bombs (+10 capacity)Stop the big Goron by exploding a bomb in his path when he is next to the sign that promises he will give you a gift if you stop him in Goron City (as a child).
Bombs (+10 capacity)One of the prizes on offer at the Bombchu Bowling Alley in Hyrule Town Market as a child (the entrance is near the stairs).
Arrows (+10 capacity)Win the Shooting Gallery game at Kakriko Village when adult Link.
Arrows (+10 capacity)Get over 1500 points on Gerudo Horseback Archery at the Gerudo Fortress after winning the heart piece.
Deku Sticks (+10 capacity)First get 40 rupees and go to the Lost Woods. Now turn and go left and left again and go down the ladder. You will notice that there is a Business Scrub down there. Defeat it and purchase this upgrade.
Deku Sticks (+10 capacity)Get a skull mask and enter the Lost Woods. Go Right, Left, Right, Left, Left to reach an area with 2 Business Scrubs. Run around in the grass until you fall down a hole. Equip the mask and walk forward to get this upgrade.
Deku Nuts (+10 capacity)Enter the Lost Woods. Go Right, Left, Right, Left, Straight, Left. Bomb the boulder here and drop down the hole. Defeat the Business Scrubs and purchase this upgrade from one of them.
Deku Nuts (+10 capacity)Get a mask of truth and enter the Lost Woods. Go Right, Left, Right, Left, Left to reach an area with 2 Business Scrubs. Run around in the grass until you fall down a hole. Equip the mask and walk forward to get this upgrade. This upgrade may become unavailable after obtaining the master sword.
Giant's KnifeYou need 200 rupees for this. Go to Goron City blow up the walls that are next to the bomb flowers on the floor with the rolling goron. Now when you get inside you'll find a huge Goron that will sell you this sword when you are an adult. Note that this sword has equal strength to the biggoron sword but will break after so many strikes and the power will drop off considerably.
Ice ArrowsComplete the Gerudo Training Grounds in Gerudo Fortress (Requires Membership Pass to access). They are optional, but as soon as you get the chance, get them. They are fairly powerful, and a good thing to have to freeze enemies. They help a lot later on.
Bottle #1Underwater at Lake Hylia. Requires the silver scale to reach and is near the Zora's Domain warp. Mandatory item.
Bottle #2In Kakariko Village find and return the seven cuccos to the lady near the entrance to the graveyard. Child Link, daytime.
Bottle #3After waking Talon at Hyrule Castle grounds, go to Lon Lon Ranch and enter the left side door. Win the minigame to get this. Child Link, daytime.
Bottle #4Defeat and capture all 10 Big Poes from Hyrule Field and sell them to the Poe Collector in the room just inside Hyrule Market. Big Poes only appear when riding Epona. Adult Link only.
Fire ArrowsAfter you have completed the Water Temple, you will reappear on the little island where Sheik disappears (when he falls to the water). From here you have to go opposite the headstone and stand on the tile, then use the bow to shoot the sun and you will see something falling to the next island. Swim over to claim your fire arrows.
Scarecrow Song and Locations
The scarecrow song is a secret 13th song Link can learn. Go to Lake Hylia as a child. Near the warp to Zora's Dommain should be two scarecrows. Use the ocarina by the one nearest the water and play a song consisting of 8 notes that does not have any other song note combination in it. Now return to the same scarecrow as an adult and play back the same song to infuse it with power to summon a scarecrow in certain locations. Do note that this song is not recorded in the quest status subscreen so make sure you remember it or you will have to repeat this process to reset it.

This is a list of where to find spots to summon a scarecrow. You can use the hookshot/longshot to pull yourself to them when summoned.
General AreaPrecise Directions
Lake HyliaOn top of the lab building. Can be used to access the heart piece without using a plant bean.
Lake HyliaBy the fishing pond entrance. Can be used to access the minigame before the Water Temple is cleared.
Gerudo Training GroundIn the room where you must blind the statues. Note that you must play the song while on the walkway before dropping down. This lets you reach the room above once it has unlocked without having to go all the way around again.
Shadow TempleIn the chamber where the boat is on a high platform. Used to reach a gold skulltula.
Sacred Forest MeadowWalk towards the gate that leads into the maze, and on the left side you can summon a scarecrow. Can be used to travel over the maze, skipping the enemies there entirely.
Forest TempleOn a raised platform in the area with the well and river. Can only be summoned when on the platform and only serves as a means to get back onto the platform if you jump off.
Gerudo FortressAt the peak of the fortress. Used as a shortcut up the structure.
Fire TempleWhen you come out above the maze of rolling boulders play the song where you are. Grants access to a platform that lets you hookshot to a lift. Eventually leads to gold skulltulas and a huge rupee.
Dodongo's Caverngo back to Dodongo's cavern as adult link. Enter first passageway on right as kid. After killing 3 baby dodongos play the scarecrows song for a gold skulltula


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Avoid Breaking the Giant's Knife
If all you do is perform spin attacks with the knife then the sword will never break.
Avoid Falling Rocks When Fighting Volvagia
When he comes up and starts flying around blowing fire at you and throwing rocks you go off the side and you'll find that the sides are climbable, so crawl down a few feet and wait for when he descends again.
Cancel Queen Ghoma's Egg Attack
If you don't want her to make those offspring enemies, keep her at z-target when she recovers and when she goes up a wall she'll still be on z-target. Watch for her eye to turn red, hit it with the fairy slingshot and then she'll fall and be stunned, giving you a chance to inflict more damage and preventing her from using the eggs.
Catch the fish immediately/easier
Go to the fishing pond and get your rod. Go to the demolished dead tree thingy and climb on it. You can see the fish being close. Cast your line, but make sure you press B button enough times to make it just like you lowered the bait into the water and nothing else. As soon as a fish bites, it should display the scene when you caught a fish, but if this doesn't happen, you at least have higher chances of catching that fish. Good if you want to catch a fish that weights a lot of pounds, or even catch the Hyrule Loach. (which is difficult to catch; I caught it only once.)
Cucco Game Easy Win
When you visit Talon at Lon-Lon Ranch, he will challenge you to pick out 3 special Cucco's out of a bunch or regular ones. Before talking to him, pick up all the chickens and throw them in the space bewteen him and the stairs. Now talk to him and find the three Cucco's. A few may escape, but just throw them back. Now find the 3.
Dark Link Tactics - Fighting With Biggoron Sword/Megaton Hammer
To kill Dark Link all you have to do is just stab him with your biggoron's sword, as he can't counter it as effectively. The megaton hammer can be an effective tool as well if you don't have the sword.
Dark Link Tactics - Fighting With Din's Fire
Just keep on using Din's Fire on him, as he can't block or dodge it. Make sure to have a Green Potion or two with you to refill your magic. Best bet is to unleash it when he is very lose though, because if he's at a distance it is possible he will block it.
Dark Link Tactics - Fighting With Spin Attacks
With the master sword, move to just within striking range, and use the spin attack (rotate the control stick, and press B). You may want to practice your spin attack before facing Dark Link, but he has difficulty blocking it.

Never try to stab at dark link. He will jump onto your outstretched blade, dealing a great amount of damage when he strikes you. Don't z-target him either, as it limits your mobility and makes it easier for him to defend against your attacks.
Dead Hand Reveal Without Getting Caught
You need to have the Lens of Truth. Use it when he goes underground. Use it and lay a bomb by the black shadow-looking thing and he will come back up, making it safer to fight him.

Unfortunately, it's only possible to do this against the Shadow Temple Dead Hand, since the one in the Well is actually guarding the Lens and so you won't have it until afterwards.
Deku Sticks Are Powerful
It might be surprising, but Deku Sticks are actually more powerful than the kokiri sword. The obvious drawback is that they break upon hitting anything. Using jump attacks with these can end boss fights much more quickly.
Extra Key in Water Temple
1) Go into the Water Temple, you must have not yet opened the locked door at the bottom of the 'tower' in the main room.
2) Enter the Temple, find the room with Princess Ruto, float up and play Zelda's Lullaby next to the Triforce symbol to lower the water level.
3) Now play the Serenade of Water and choose to warp to Lake Hylia.
4) Re-enter the Water Temple.
5) Climb out of the water in the entrance and look at the main 'tower' in front of you, there are ledges encircling the tower. Directly in front of you there is a gap where a block floats up to when you raise the water level, don't jump there. Instead, take a running jump at the ledge to the left of the of the gap, you'll miss the highest one but will manage to land on the next one down.
6) Located on this ledge is a barred door and a lit and unlit torch, light the unlit torch with your bow or Din's Fire to enter the 'tower'.

You are now inside the 'tower' without having used a key to open the locked door at the bottom of the tower, so you have an extra key (or will have), this means you can skip getting a key somewhere or have an extra one. Opening the door from behind uses a key like normal.
Fairies and Business Scrubs in Ganon's Castle
Before you enter to the Dragon's mouth door of the central tower, go down the stairs and eqiup your lens of truth. There's a hidden passageway in one of the outer walls down here, inside of which is an area with fairies and business scrubs.
Fairies at Desert Collossus
Standing in front of the Spirit Temple facing the entrance head to the left. You should reach an area with a few trees and in the middle there should be a large hole that looks like there was water there. Stand on the piece of stone in front of it and play the song of storms. It will fill the hole with water and a bunch of fairies will come out.
Fairies from Butterflies
As a kid, find an area with butterflies flying around. (Like near the Deku Theatre entrance in Lost Woods). Pull out a Deku Stick. Move very slowly, and try to get one of the butterflies to stop on the end of your stick. If you're successful, the butterfly turns into a bottlable fairy.
Fairies from Gossip Stones
Go to any gossip stone (the one eyed stones that tell the time if struck). The ones at the entrance to the Temple of Time are ideal as you can get four at once. Play Zelda's Lullaby to summon a fairy from a stone.
Fairies from Soft Earth Patches
A neat way of getting extra fairies as young linkis to stand next to a magic bean sprout and play the song of storms on your ocarnia to cause two fairies come out of the plant as it grows then shrinks.
Fairy at Lake Hylia
At Lake Hylia, swim over to the island where you get the fire arrows. Stand where Navi turns green and play the Sun's Song on your Ocarina. A red fairy will appear that will refill your magic and heart containers. Note that you can't catch this one in a bottle.
Faster swimming
When swimming if you press B repeatedly you will move slightly faster in the water. Useful in areas such as Lake Hylia, and the Water Temple.
Fighting Ganon Without Magic
If you run out of magic and pillars to smash (or just want to challenge yourself) have your regular arrows ready Z-targeted on his face. While still Z-targeting his face lock and load your bow and run towards him until you're about an inch away from him. Fire immediately at Ganon's face and while he's shaking his face roll under his legs and slash his tail. The rolling under his legs part takes precision and timing but this requires no magic power. Repeat until beaten.
Finding The Real Meg (Forest Temple Sub-boss)
When fighting Meg after defeating the other three Poe Sisters she will split into 4 to attack. Keep the camera hanging back in third person when they appear. The one that spins around is the real one. Quickly shoot this one with an arrow or hookshot to inflict damage and cancel her attack. Repeat until she is defeated.
Fishing Tip
Put on your hover boots and take a baby step onto the water so you are at the edge. As you step out, cast your line and if timed correctly, you'll sink as your line lands. You will be knee-deep in water and will be able to move around in the pond.

If you really want to get up close to the fishies, put on your Iron Boots and Zora Tunic. Now, you will sink to the bottom and will be able to see what you catch.
Floating with a Cucco
Get a cucco and pick it up. Go to a high tower or building then launch yourself off it and the cucco will make you glide. Useful for reaching some areas normally out of reach.
Forest Stage
In the Lost Woods there is a room that apparently has nothing in it, except for a seed plot from Kokiri Forest go right, left, right, left, left). If you go to the far back of that area, and walk around behind the butterflies, you will fall into the Forest Stage. If you enter wearing a mask the deku will either give you rupees or attack you. Entering with the Skull Mask will result in you receiving the ability to hold even more Deku Sticks.
Free Deku Shield Replacement
In Dodongo's Cavern lose your shield then go to the part where the dodongo skull is go all the way across the bridge and then bomb the wall there and then open the chest and you will get the free deku shield.
Free Hyilian Shield
As young Link, go to the Kakariko Graveyard. There, in the front of the graveyard, should be a gravestone with grass in front of it. Get behind it, and pull it back. Now, jump down the hole, and open the chest. It contains a Hyilian Shield
Freeze Re-dead and Gibdos
A super easy way to kill the re-dead or gibdos is to just play the sun song around them. The freeze for a short while and its easier to escape them
Get the Fire Arrows before beating the Water Temple.
1) Go and learn Scarecrow´s song.
2)Become adult again and get the Longshot inside the Water Temple.
3) Go out of the temple and play the Sun´s song until it´s sunrise.
4) Shoot the Sun.
5) Walk slowly to the edge of that island (the one that you are standing on) and play the Scarecrow´s song.
6) Now just use the Longshot to hook with the scarecrow and get the arrows.
Getting away from Ganondorf's big black fire bolts
When Ganondorf fires the 5 black and yellow colored fire boats in the second to last fight, charge your spin attack on your sword and just before they hit you unleash your power. The power of the Master Sword will send all 5 fire bolts back to Ganondorf and you can get on and kill him
Getting to gerudo vally WITHOUT longshot
Have epona(you NEED her)then ride on epona.(You can only do this as adult,of course)go to the valley,and then run toward the broken brige.USE A CARROT NOW!epona will jump over the brige,and you'll be on the other side!
Gohma Eggs Quick Kill
Instead of slashing the eggs or hitting them with your slingshot, just throw a Deku Nut and they will all break at once.
Invisi-Link defects
most are familiar with the cheat "Invisi Link" were you tilt the cartridge to make Link invisible so you can quickly walk through obstacles such as Mido and King Zora. People say that there is no danger in doing this, but there can be slight defects, such as after doing this there will be no sound affects of walking, swimming or jumping in water. Also after you do this the cartridge will be fragile, if you touch it, stomp or jump around near the system the image will break away.
Keep Equipment If Swallowed By a Like-Like
Like-Likes will eat you and take your shield and tunic under certain circumstnaces. To prevent this equip the Kokiri Tunic and Mirror Shield, as they won't eat one of a kind items. If you're fast enough press "start" and equip them as you are swallowed up if you get too close.
Keep princess Ruto's letter.
1. Go through the game normally.
2. Win the diving contest in Zora's Domain.
3. Get Princess Ruto's letter at Lake Hylia.
4. Get past King Zora by Pulling the left side of the cartridge.
5. There you go!

Note: you'll permenently have the letter in the bottle if you do this. To make it so you have a normal amount of bottles, do the fake bottle cheat.
Lon Lon Milk from Cows
On any cow play Epona's Song and the cow will give you 2 servings of lon lon milk in one bottle which recovers 5 hearts each drink (must have an empty bottle).
Masks Special Effects
The skull mask repels keese.
The bunny hood repels the stachild in Hyrule Field.
The Mask of Truth reveals hints or info if you use it to read a one-eyed gossip stone.
More Attack Chances Against Volvagia
When the part where he flies up and send rocks down comes, go somewhere safe (probably near the edges of the area) and if you’re good at aiming arrows, shoot one at him while he’s flying; if you’re not, then just evade the rocks. Whether you did shoot or not, he’ll eventually start to land, so shoot this time and you can hack away. The advantage of shooting him in the air is that it’ll finish the job quicker.
Not being blowed away by the Fans In Shadow Temple
Don't you get annoyed when the fans in the Shadow Temple Blow you back or blow you off to the side and you die? I found a solution. Just put on the iron boots when facing the fans and You wont be blown away and wont die any more.
Queen Ghoma Advice
When you first start fighting Ghoma shoot her eye when red and slash away, using Deku nets to stun her over and over and slashign each time util she's dead.

Alternatively after slashing her and she moves away keep the lockon active and ready the slingshot. This will let you shoot her on thee ceiling when her eye turns red and knocks her to the floor.
Rupees From Skull Kids
When you are an adult go to the Lost Woods where the skull kid is (the one you gave a mask to - go left after entering from Kokiri Forest). He will start attacking you when you get up close so just kill him (biggoron sword helps). After he dies, he spits out an orange rupee the size of Link that is worth 200.
Rupees On Hyrule Drawbridge
As young Link during the day, when the draw bridge to the market is down, go up the right chain of the draw bridge and play the sun song to raise the bridge. Now walk along the raised bridge to gain rupees.
Safe Way To Defeat Morpha
First of all jump to the walkway with all the spikes. Run to a corner and stand as far back as you can with you back against the wall. It won't be able to get you at all.

The boss will start out with the core going up into the tentacle when it tries to get you. Grab it with your longshot and attack it with your sword, but don't chase after it as you might get thrown across the room.

Then the core will start to move around the tentacle in a circle. Z-target it with your longshot. When it is on its way up shoot your longshot, which should connect as its on its way back down. If you miss be patient and try again or try without targeting.
Save Deku Sticks From Burning Out
You can save your Deku Stick from burning to ash when you have set the end on fire. It is very simple, while the stick is still on fire, before it burns out, bring out your sword and you won't lose your Deku Stick.

It won't be lit next time, but it won't be lost either.
Sell Bottle Items For Rupees
Go get a bug/fish/blue fire in a bottle and you can then sell them to a boy willing to buy things with C, although the location depends on the time period. As a kid you go to Hyrule Market under the stairs by the Bombchu Bowling Alley or as an adult in Kakariko village on the left at the top of the stairs on the left side going towards Death Mountain. These are what he will buy and for how much:

  • Bug - 50 rupees
  • Fish - 100 rupees
  • Blue Fire - 150 rupees

    Bugs can be found in lots of places. As a kid there are some on the path to Hyrule Castle guard gate. You can also abuse the Unlimited Bugs tip.
    The fish is found mostly in puddles of water in holes or at Zora's Dommain or Fountain.
    The Blue Fire can only be found in the Ice Caves hence it's valubility.
  • Sinking Lure in Fishing Game
    Walk around the fishing pond until you reach a cluster of rocks by the edge of the water near the crack in the wall. Once rummaging about for awhile, Link steps on and discovers a sinking lure. At times, however, the lure can be located near the boulder at the crack in the wall located directly in back of the rocks. If you can't find one then exit and re-enter the game and try again.

    This lure sinks in the water, making it easier to snag fish. However, make sure you talk to the fisherman before using it and get approval, otherwise any record catches will be classed as illegal and no prize will be given.
    Stun Guards In Gerudo Fortress
    Prior to receiving the pass in Gerudo Fortress you can shoot the gerudo guards with arrows and they will be stunned until you enter one of the Fortress entrances. Note the guards by the entrances to the Gerudo Training Ground and Haunted Wasteland are immune and they will catch you. If you have no arrows then the longshot can stun them for a brief period of time too.

    Use this to make rescuing the carpenters so much easier.
    The Deku Tree-Easy Big Skulltula Kill
    Get the slingshot. Go to floor 2.Shoot the moving object up on the web.If it was done sucsessfully,It should of died. Tested and works.
    Treasure Chest Game Made Easy
    Get the Lens of Truth and go to the market as a child at NIGHT. Go to the guessing game place and when he gives you the key to the game, go in. Use your Lens of Truth to see where the next key is. Keep doing this from room to room and reward yourself with a heart piece at the end.
    Unlimited Bugs
    Every time you catch one bug, you are actually holding three. So whenever you release bugs, catch one of them before they burrow, and the other two will do the work. You will have another jar with three bugs in it, and you can do this forever.
    Use No Magic For The Lens Of Truth - Button Mash
    When you need to use the lens of truth just keep on pressing the button repeatedly and your magic gauge will not decrease.
    Use No Magic For The Lens Of Truth - Song of Storms
    If you play the song of storms and right after use your lens of truth, the magic meter blinks once and stops. Not a drop of magic is used at this time.


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    4 More Hidden Colours Of Gauntlets
    Everyone knows about the silver and golden gauntlets by now but there is a method to obtain 4 more colours! Simply follow these steps exactly to "unlock" one of these colours WITHOUT CHEAT DEVICES!!!

    1. Get the 40 capacity slingshot bag from the lost woods but do NOT get the 50 bag from the castle market

    2. Get the silver scale from zoras domain but do NOT get the golden scale

    3. Get the adults wallet (200) but NOT the giants wallet (500)

    4. Get the pocket cukoo from kakariko village as an adult and hatch it

    Choosing your colour of gauntlet
    5. Here is where you must choose what colour of gauntlet you want to get. There are 4 choices depending on the strength upgrade you have already. Nothing will get you black gauntlets, goron bracelet will get you green gauntlets, silver gauntlets will get you blue gauntlets and golden gauntlets will get you red gauntlets. Simply get the strength upgrade that corrisponds to the colour you want

    6. As an adult, make sure you have 0 deku sticks and a bottled fish

    7. Go to the fishing pond and perform the "steal rod glitch" to exit the pond with the rod, look up the exact details on how to perform this glitch if you do not know how

    8. Jump into some water untill the B button fades then climb back out

    9. Pause and unpause. This should put the deku sticks on the B button

    10. Pause and place the pocket cukoo on C-right and the bottled fish on any other button

    11. Empty the bottled fish and recapture it in the same bottle

    12. Perform a backflip and press the button for the bottled fish and then B before link touches the ground. This should release the fish again and put an empty bottle on B

    13. Recapture this same fish with the B bottle

    14. Re-equip your sword. You have now changed the colour of your gauntlets!

    These new gauntlets have the power of golden gauntlets and will stay throughout the game. You may also notice you equipment screen will have a few items on it which it shouldnt now. To fix this, get the 50 capacity slingshot, the golden scale and the giants wallet, the gauntlets slot will remain with a different item

    NOTE, do not get the normal braclet or gauntlets after doing this or it will override the glitch and return it to normal

    NOTE, to get the black gauntlets (no strength upgrade), you will need to do various other glitches to complete dogongos cavern without bomb flowers. See other sources for detials on how to do these

    I know this long line of actions makes this seem like a fake cheat. I had my doubts when i heard this too but i have tested this for myself and i garentee that this works if you follow the steps exactly
    Barbecue Link
    To barbecue Link go to the Gannon fight. When he knocks the Master Sowrd out of your hands, make Gannon fall down. Get the Master Sowrd back. Do not move though. Get your Light Arrows out and shoot the light arrows at his tail. If done correctly Link should have fire all over him as the firewall reappears.

    Get a fairy in a bottle and die near the fire. Once you get control again (you'll be glowing red still) go behind the fire and you'll blow or go behind a wall behind the fire and you're body will be engulfed in flames and stuck behind the fire and you will have to reset.
    Drown without being underwater
    Weaken yourself (lose hearts) to have enough health for a bomb to be able to kill you. (bomb takes 1/2 of a heart; have maximum 1/2 of a heart) Now you need to go to a place where's a cliff and a water; in this case are Lake Hylia and Gerudo Valley. (where's the bridge and a river.) Go to either place and go to the edge of a cliff. If you are going to Lake Hylia, you will see two bridges, and go to the place where Kaepora Gaebora is(as a child Link) and stand at the edge. If you are going to the Gerudo Valley, don't cross the bridge, just stand at the edge of the cliff just beside the bridge. Now take out your bomb and keep it in your hands. If you're at lake Hylia, you will need to react fast; wait until the bomb is close to exploding, then jump. If timed well, bomb will explode while in air. If you're at Gerudo Valley, you can freely jump at any time.(but I recommend as soon as possible) When the bomb explodes while in air, it will hurt you and take your last 1/2 hearts, but since you're not on ground, you'll not die right now. When you fall into the water, a drown scene will play instead of "falling on the floor" scene.
    There is a reason for this. When you're underwater and you try to resist to come to the surface (by going under something or using iron boots while not using zora tunic), the game will eventually launch a timer that will warn you that you must come to the surface for air, but if you constantly refuse to come to the surface, the timer will run out and game will at an super-duper fast speed remove all your hearts and show the death scene. (was it falling on the floor or drowning; when using iron boots, you fall on the floor while underwater, as an Adult Link.) However, if you fall into the water while having no hearts (losing all of them in the middle of the air), the game will perhaps think the timer ran out and that the game already removed the hearts, so it will show the drowning scene instead. Or, it could be a reason that falling down in the middle of the water (not on the bottom) would be pointless.
    Fazing can produce a number of awesome effects like providing a way to bypass various obstacles. When you faze Link disappears for up to several seconds, during which you can walk through people and things. However, be warned that this method can potentially damage the game and console.

    Simply pull up on the left side (the game's right) of the cartidge while keeping downward pressure on the right. Very gradualy let the left side start to lift up relative to the system. while you're doing this suddenly you will hear a bunch of static and Link will become invisible. If you let the game faze for more than a few secconds the game will freeze. If you do this while walking into a rock or Mido when Link disapears he will walk through the obstacle quickly push the game back in and voila you're past what you wanted to get through.
    Floating Arrow
    As an adult z-target a person, load the bow and press a. Now Link has an arrow in his head, and it stays there as long as the conversation lasts. Works best when talking to the girl sitting on the roof of the Kokiri Forest shop.
    Flying Link
    1. Go to the Gerudo's Valley as Child Link.
    2. Go halfway across the bridge and turn 90 degrees, so that Link is facing the river.
    3. Get Link as close to the edge as possible.
    4. Turn around (face the bridge) and put a bomb down.
    5. Turn around again (face the river) and get as close to the edge as possible.
    6. When the bomb explodes, push forward.
    7. Link will dive, and the explosion will send him flying like Superman.
    Forward Backflips
    Use the hover boots, then run forward, and then do a backflip and you will jump backwards while still going forward. and the still-roll: Roll and hit a wall multiple times and you will see link roll in place-hit the action button several times to do this.
    Get a Free Health Boost Anywhere
    Requirments: Fish in a bottle, empty bottle.

    First off, you need to equip the fish and the empty bottle to 2 of your C buttons. When you are low on health, drop the fish onto the floor and then pick it up again. After you do that do a backflip but while you're in the air press the C button that has the fish equipped to it then the C button that has the empty bottle equipped to it. When you land you should be drinking an empty bottle that refills your health by 5 hearts each time. This can be repeated as often as you want.
    Get the Biggoron's sword without Trading!
    What you need: Hover boots and fishing rod.

    Directions: When you get the rod, go to the pond. Walk to the pond so that you are floating. While floating, cast B and the back flip almost the exact same time. You should be able to walk anywhere, even exit the place! (Note. This only works on 1.0 of Zelda OOT)
    After that, leave the fishing area. Then, press start twice. Your rod should turn into a deku stick.
    Now save and reset.
    Once that happens, your 3rd sword slot (biggorn's sword/giant's knife) cannot be selected. Now go buy a giant's knife. You will get a biggorons sword instead!
    Get Under the Ice of Zora's Domain
    First you need to do the swordless Link glitch. Go to Lake Hylia on Epona. Then, go across the two bridges and to the island with the big tree. On Epona, hookshot onto the tree and jump off Epona. You should fly up in the air. Now head towards the corner in the south screen (the one with a Gossip Stone standing there. Now, most people thought you could get off the hookshot by only moving towards what the hookshot stuck to, but I discovered that if you are hit by an enemy, you will launch off as well! Now, wait for the bird to hit you and once he does, hold the analog stick in the direction the wall is. You should fly over it. Now, use your Zora Tunic and Iron Boots to sink very low (but not too low, or you'll be transported back). Once very low, take the boots off and start swimming in the direction of the alternate entrance to Zora's Domain. Then when you see you've gone high, put the boots back on and sink, then take them off and swim again.

    Now, if you want to make it easy for yourself, swim past the entrance and don't stop swimming until you've seen that you are falling like a rock. As soon as you see this, INSTANTLY hold the analog stick back to get in the water again. Now, let yourself float to the top and the camera should go back to normal so you can see yourself again. Once the camera is back to normal, put on your boots and sink down to see the entrance. Now, just swim right into the square and you're in.
    Hyrule Dog Follows You In Daytime
    You know those pack of dogs that come to Hyrule Castle each night when you're young? Well do you want to have one following you in the daytime? Go get a dog to follow you and then play the Sun Song.

    If you get "little Richard" to follow you then go to the lady who you normally return the dog to at night and she will have her puppy next to her, meaning you have effectively cloned her dog.
    Invisible Link
    To become Invisible Link, you must be an adult, and have Epona and the Serenade of Water. Ride to the Gerudo Valley, and whilst still on Epona, try and ride into the Tent. It won't work at first, but try many positions and tilting. Usually about 2 minutes later, you should get inside. You won't be on Epona. (If you leave the Tent, you will automatically be on Epona) Now play the Serenade of Water and Link will be at Lake Hylia invisible. Epona also gets stuck on the Warp Pad and Navi won't follow you! The effects are NOT Permenant, and will end when you leave Lake Hylia. Epona will still be on the Warp Pad though, and to get her off, use Epona's Song.
    Jump into a wall in kokori forest
    As adult link jump into the water by the entrance of the Deku tree. Face the less than 90 degrees corner in the water and do a jump strike towards it. Make sure you don't get to close on the left or right sides or you'll appear on the ground. You can swim in the walls after you do the trick. You can swim in the ground to. but don't go to far or you'll fall.
    Longshot vanishes. Forever.
    Note: Don't do this glitch unless you do it on an emulator, since this will make the game unbeatable. If you are going to do this glitch on an emulator, make a save state before preforming it, or you will have to start over your entire progress.

    Go to Water Temple and beat Dark Link, but don't get the Longshot. Save the game. Open the chest and get the longshot. After you get it, reset the game without saving. You will have a Hookshot again, but the chest once Longshot was in will be opened, which will make Longshot unobtainable, thus making the game unbeatable without starting over.
    Mirror Image Epona
    What you need to do is do the swordless Link cheat. Go to the mainlands and call Epona and hop on her. Assign the ocarina to a c button then use it while on Epona. Exit out of that and you should automatically be off of Epona. Now all you do is walk around and Epona moves along with you.

    EDIT by Dragon: Apparently this freezes the game if weapons are used. Be careful.
    No Damage From Cuccos On Epona
    Go to anywhere you can find a cuccos. Run over them on Epona until they attack. While you're on Epona, the cuccos can't hurt you at all, but remember that you can't kill them.
    No Music Playing When In Lost Woods
    As an adult go to the brige between Hyrule Field and Kokiri Forest and stand in the middle. Aim your longshot at the ladder to your left. Hit the wooden part and you should be pulled towards the ladder. Keep trying different positions until you can hit it.
    Pedastal Running and No Sound Iron Boots
    Location: Master Sword Pedastal, Temple of Time

    Go up close to the Master Sword's Pedastal to where it says "drop". Don't press A yet though. Instead, hold down R then hold Z while still holding R. Walk a tiny bit sideways or backwards but while you're walking press A to "drop". Link should now be constantly moving while holding his shield as long as you keep R pressed.

    For the iron boots part of this glitch don't put the Iron Boots on at the start. After doing the glitch above let go of Z but make sure you are still holding R. Now equip the iron boots. If done correctly, you should see Link running in place with his Iron Boots on but no sound from them.
    Play any Item like an Ocarina
    Assign a bottle with an item inside that can be released and recaptured (eg bugs or fish) and another non-bottle item, like a bombchu. Find a raised ledge or platform you can jump off to solid ground and get on it. Release the bottled item and the recatch it so now Link is holding the bottle. Then jump off the ledge and press the button for the bottled item and then quickly press the C button for the other item before you touch the ground. Link should now be playing that item like the ocarina and the songs will have the usual effects.
    Play Ocarina of Time Before You Actually Get It
    Note that doing this makes it impossible to complete the game, so make sure you don't actually save after doing this.

    Play the game up to the point where you will be taught a song where you still have the fairy ocarina (eg Zelda's Lullaby or Saria's Song). Now go grab a bottle (either at Kakariko or Lon Lon Ranch after waking Talon). Perform the duplicate bottles glitch and use it to replace your ocarina with a bottle. Now whenever you go to learn a song Link will pull out the ocarina of time despite not actually having it yet.
    Poke Darunia With a Deku Stick
    As young Link, go to Darunia's room in Goron City. Take out a deku stick and then take out your ocarina and play Saria's song. In the little movie, link should have taken out the deku stick and is poking Darunia with it as he dances.
    Purple Cuccos
    Go to the Bombchu Bowling Alley in the Hyrule Market. Pay to play, and then get to the part in the game where you have to get your bombchu past the little and big chickens. Finish the game and then walk up to the Juke Box, and slowly turn around to where you are in a sort of first-person perspective. If done correctly, both chickens should be purple.
    Purple Mist
    First you have to activate the Swordless Link Glitch. Then go to Hyrule Field and call Epona. Get on her and go to Lon Lon Ranch. Talk to Malon and start the obstacle course. After the whip cracks bring out your ocarina and play the Song of Storms. This will create the mist.
    Seam Walking
    Seam walking is when you walk between two joints of a polygon.

    Heres some tips:
    1. Go very slowly. Walking while charging a spin attack is ideal.
    2. Make sure the seam matches up your sword icon

    Heres some locations:

    A. As a child to the left of the Great Fairy's fountain entrance at Hyrule Castle. You are able to get inside the castle by going along the edge of the hills towards the back off it then jumping behind it, it's full of water. You can also get to the end of the road that leads towards the market, you can also jump off into the void.

    B. On Death Mountain Trail, on the path that leads up towards the crater there is a hole with a cow in it, to the right of this hole is a drop off to the ground below, follow this drop off until it ends and a walls starts, right on the edge, the edge of this wall is the seam.

    You can climb Death Mountain the hard way, up the side of it, beware of rock faces that are not solid, slide you to your doom or instantly kill you. To get to the top of the Mountain you have to go up a rock face right on the edge of the actual trail that looks too sheer to climb. It takes you into Biggoron.

    C. On Death Mountain Trail, as you exit Goron City there is a drop off with a fence to the left, follow this drop off until it ends in a rock wall, the edge of this rock wall is the seam.

    You can get onto a previously inaccessible bit of rock, you can also jump off into the void or onto the start of the trail below.

    D. On Death Mountain Trail as you exit Goron City follow the wall to your right, where this wall turns further to the right is the seam, the corner of the turn.

    Absolutely pointless, the top of the seam goes straight into the overhead rock, so it takes you nowhere.

    E. In Gerudo Valley on the side furthest from the Gerudo's Fortress. The edge of the wall, that is on the right side while facing towards Gerudo Fortress, is the seam. The edge of wall on the edge of the cliff.

    Almost impossible to climb, if you could climb it with the nearby cucco in hand as a child, you could float over to the other side and get into GF as a child.

    F. In Hyrule Field, the corner of the raised area outside the Gerudo Valley entrance, the corner furthest away from the large tree that you see the owl in as a child.

    Pointless, takes you to the top of the raised area, somewhere you can already go.
    G. As an adult, when you enter the area outside Ganon's Tower from the market, it is the first corner to your right.

    Although not half as hard as 'E', this is a devilishly tricky seam, when you get to the top you fall straight into the void.

    H. As an adult in the area outside Ganon's Tower, go to the edge of the cliff that falls away into the lava and follow it towards the entrance to the Great Fairy's Fountain. Where it ends is the start of the seam.

    Also extremely hard, I have not yet successfully climbed this seam, but I guess that when you do you'll simply fall into the void.

    I. In the Gerudo's Archery Range, the corner directly to the right as you enter, many other corners can be climbed in here too.

    Gives you limited access to the cliffs around the Archery Range, you can also jump into the void.

    J. The entrance doorway to the Shadow Temple has two large angled pillars on either side of it, the corners of these furthest away from the door came be climbed.
    You can get on top of the pillars.
    Shield Glitches
    1) You have to be Young Link and have both shields. Defend with your Deku Shield then press start and switch the Deku Shield with the Hylian Shield and then press start again while still holding the [R] button so Link will be crouching like he's holding the Deku Shield only he has the Hylian Shield on his back.

    2) Same as above except have the Hylian Shield out at first then switch to the Deku Shield instead and Link will float a few inches off the ground
    while crouching.

    3) Go into a large body of water (Lake Hylia suggested)(as Adult or Kid) and hold [Z] and press [R] button and Link will have his shield out in the water. Now dive underwater and Link will still have his shield out underwater.
    Skip Unlocking The Seals In Ganon's Castle
    In Ganons castle run down the stairs and go through the door at the bottom. Turn left and go into the spirit temple room. When inside pull the statue that's closest to you towards the door as far as you can. Then go around the other side and push it the rest of the way until its one push away from hitting the wall. Now pull it twice towards the left wall so it is in line with the carpet at the door. Do a jump-slash (Z+A+forward) at the wall in-between the door and the statue and you should go right through the wall.

    You will now be in the room outside the door but it will all be black. Don't move but turn to face the room from where you left and do a back flip. Now jump sideways seven times to the left and run backwards, you should hit something. Jump to the right once and then run backwards again till you enter a room. You are now inside Ganons tower without completing any of the rooms to break the seal around the door.
    Stuck Epona
    (This only works as a kid.)Go to the Lon-Lon Ranch and you will go to the pen where you will see Epona. Play Epona's song and she should be following you. Go out of the pen and she should still be following you. Either go left or right and wait a couple of seconds. She'll then try to go back to Malon, but she'll be stuck and can't go anywhere. This may take a couple of tries, but you should keep trying.
    Super Flying Chicken
    Go to Gerudo Valley and pick up the chicken. Jump off the bridge and float down to the ledge far down on the right side and then throw it into the river. It will float across and then fly straight up to the top of the canyon when it hits the wall.
    Swimming Link with iron boots on
    1) As an adult find some water that is deep enough that you can swim in it.
    2) Press and hold 'Z'. From now on do not let go of 'Z' at any time, if you do the glitch will not work or will stop working.
    3) Make sure you have the Kokiri or Hover boots on. Then get into the water and start swimming.
    4) While in the middle of a swimming stroke pause the game and switch to the Iron boots.
    5) Unpause the game, as you do so hold forward on the analog stick to make Link continue swimming. Link should keep swimming but will sink to the bottom(and swim on the bottom).

    Now, swim out of the water onto land. You're now swimming in the air, if you try to dive, use most weapons/items or let go of 'Z' you'll fall to the ground and be walking around like normal. Try using the Hookshot/Longshot though, you don't fall to the ground and it looks really crazy as Link tries to do swimming motions and hold the Hookshot/Longshot out in front of him at the same time. Also, once you are swimming on land equip the Kokiri or Hover boots to swim faster.
    Swordless Link - Works On Any Version
    Requirements: Filled Bottle (Fish or Bugs works great).

    Enter the final battle with Ganon and get your sword knocked away by Ganon. Do not equip another sword. Now you need to perform the cheat to play an item as an ocarina.

    Make sure you have the filled bottle assigned and Link is holding it (if he isn't, release the bottle item and recatch it to get him to hold it) and have a weapon assigned to another C button (like the longshot). Find a raised ledge and jump off. Press the button with the filled bottle and then press the button with the assigned weapon before you hit the ground. Link should hold the weapon up like an ocarina.

    Now play a warping song and warp out of the battle. When Link appears he should still be swordless. Like the other version of this glitch, you can now use this to perform other glitches such as using items on Epona.

    Note that unlike the other glitch, this glitch will work on any game version.
    Swordless Link - Works On Older Games Only
    When you go to fight Ganon he will knock the Master Sword away. Save your game after your sword is knocked away and reset your game. When you start you will find that your B button icon is empty. This opens up some interesting other glitches, such as being able to use any C item on Epona.

    This cheat stops when you equip any sword. Only works on older versions of the game (most likely only gold versions).
    Through the fence
    As adult link go to lon lon ranch before you own epona. Stand to the left of ingo and play Eponas song. Epona should Get stuck by the fence. Walk up to her and press "A". you should go right through the fence.
    To get out I played the suns song.
    Unbreakable Deku Stick
    If you go to a box or raised ledge get on top and use a deku stick for a jump attack against a wall where it will break in half and will still be in your hand untill you leave the area or pull out another item. Note that the key to this is to strike the wall while in the air.
    Under water moblin
    1) Go to the Secret Forest Meadow as an adult.
    2) Go to the end closest to the Forest Temple.
    3) In the passage right before the first set of stairs a Moblin patrols, wait in the area next to the passage(at the foot of the stairs) until the Moblin is between you and the pool of water.
    4) Move out in front of the Moblin so that he sees you, as soon as he roars jump back out of the way.
    5) Wait until he has gone past, and then keep waiting until he comes back past you, immediately run out in front of him and chase him towards the water(he'll keep running away).

    If you were fast enough he'll run all the way back to the water and fall in, he'll sink to the bottom and continue to walk around underwater. Using a similar method you can get the other nearby Moblin into the same pool of water.
    Underwater sword
    To get the Kokiri, Master, Biggorons, and giant's knife swords under water go to lake Hylia and put on the Zora tunic and Iron boots. Stand in the water so you are not swimming, but in the water. Now charge up your sword with or without magic slowly walk in the lake and you should be holding it out.
    Unlimited Chain Extending
    Do the Swordless Link glitch and then go to the Gerudo Valley. Get on Epona and press the ocarina button then cancel to get off. Walk near the bridge. Use the longshot near the bridge pad. The longshot should keep on going and going. Unfortunately, this will never end so you will have to reset the game.
    Unlimited Gold Skulltulas
    When you are a kid head to Hyrule Castle grounds and there is a grotto by a tree inside the fence corner by the castle (near where Talon was sleeping). When you open the grotto using the Song of Storms go inside and you will see a skullatula on the wall. Now comes the tricky bit.

    Kill it and then position yourself so you're facing the token but have your back to the exit platform. Use your boomarang to grab the token, but right when it strikes it backflip onto the platform. Link should grab the boomerang and token exactly as he is warped out. When you press start and look at your Skulltula Count it shows you got it and when you go back down it should be there again.

    This can be repeated as often as you want as long as you get the timing just right.
    Use Magic While Nayru's Love is Active
    1. Go to Death Mountain crater.
    2. Put on either the Zora tunic or Kokiri tunic so that you will eventually die from the heat.
    3. Just before you die from the heat cast Nayru's love.
    4. Choose whether you want to save or not then choose to continue.

    When you come back to life Nayru's love will still be working but will not be using any magic power. This means you can use the Lens of Truth or cast another Nayru's love while the first is still going, if you try to use one of the magic arrows or cast Din's fire the game will crash. If you do the glitch by drowning in a Temple you can use Farore's wind while Nayru's love is still going, it just crashes the game though.
    Walk Through Epona
    Become grown-up Link and position Epona relatively close to the broken drawbridge that leads you into the Hyrule Castle Town. Face her parallel with the stream but make sure she's still standing on grass, not stone. If you look at her from a little bit away so that she's standing in front of the bridge, she should be pretty close to right in the center between the two small stone ledges.

    Go into Castle Town now and then come right back out and you'll walk straight through her. You can try having Epona in different positions so you walk through different body parts. There's no real point to this but it is interesting.
    Walk through floor - Forest Temple entrance
    You need the hookshot. Stand in range of the tree branch to enter the forest temple, try to aim for the top of the branch so that when you let go you're standing on top of the branch, then jump off towards the door and you should go right through the floor.
    Zombie Link
    Do the Swordless Link Glitch. Have the zora tunic unequipped, and go on Epona and ride to Gerudo Valley. Press the ocarina button then cancel to get off.

    Equip the iron boots (make SURE you have a bottled fairy!) Jump off the bridge and into the water. When the countdown to drowning starts, press A. Do NOT equip the zora tunic. You will get out of the water and onto epona. While the countdown is still ticking, hookshot something.(The bridge sign is good.) Do not press a single button at this time. You will eventually "die" unpainfully on Epona. The fairy will revive you. Get off of Epona and you will moon jump. When you land, your life will be at 0, enemies are frozen, the only thing you can do is move Link and other odd things!

    Easter eggs

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    A Bowser.
    Go to the Lon Lon ranch and stand infront Malon, but don't talk to her. Instead, press the up-C button(you press it for a Navi to let her say something when she needs to tell something) to change the camera to the first person view. Pull the control stick down, and you will look down, and you'll see something. What's that on Malon's yellow scarf? It's a Bowser face.
    A Funny Way To Beat Bongo Bongo
    First get the ice arrows from the Gerudo Traning Grounds. When you fight Bongo Bongo shoot an ice arrow at one of his hands and it will freeze. His other hand will start punching his frozen hand in an attempt to break the ice. You can then hit his eye while this is all going on to make him fall. Now you can start hacking away.
    Blow Up Peahats
    When you're in Hyrule Field go near one of those peahats (orange things with whirling blades). Play Zelda's Lullaby and then run. In a couple of seconds they explode.
    Bowser Necklace
    If you look carefully at what Talon is wearing then you can see he has a necklace that has bowser's face made of gold.
    Castle Courtyard Secrets
    1) In the right side window you can see pictures of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and Yoshi. Also, shoot a Deku Seed from the slingshot at the window and get a red rupee (20 rupees).

    2) On the left side, shoot another Deku Seed from the slingshot at the window and a guard will be "ticked off" and throws a live bomb at you.
    Cucco in Kakariko Windmill
    As adult Link, once you have beaten the Water Temple and got the longshot go to Kakariko Village. Get past the cutscene and then use the longshot to get on top of the blue roof by the guy. From here you can longshot onto a small wooden stake in the lower windmill opening to reach it. Now go up the stairs and it will lead to the higher opening where a cucco is. No real point to this though.
    Deflect Energy Balls With a Bottle
    This is fairly simple and can be done against either Phantom Ganon or Gannondorf. Just hit the orb of light with the bottle by pressing the button it is equipped on. It will send the orb back at him as if you hit it with your sword.
    Ending Scarecrow Song!
    When you beat the game and watch all of the boring credits it will show a little clip of Navi flying away and Link meeting little Zelda again. After that it will say 'THE END' but instead of turning off the console wait a minute or two and it will play your last scarecrow song. If you keep waiting every few minutes it will play it with different sounding instruments.
    Fix Broken Signs
    If you have accidentally slashed a sign to pieces that you wanted to read, just play Zelda's lullaby and it will restore itself before your very eyes.
    Gargling Rooster or Wolf
    Requirments: Zora Tunic and Iron boots, Sun Song if ur impatient

    Go to Hylian Lake(use the Serenade of Water or take the long way through Hyrule Field) Go into the water and play the Sun's Song if u know it. Listen and (depending on whether it turns to day or night) you will hear either a gargling rooster or gargling wolf.
    Giant Guays
    Go to Lon Lon Ranch at night there are a bunch of Guays flying around. Go to the right of the tower at the south part of the ranch and start shooting every Guay you see. Eventually a giant one will start hovering over you.
    Giant Stalchild
    Stalchilds are the skeletons that come out at night when Link is a kid in Hyrule Field where they come in waves of two. Kill 4 or 5 waves and a Giant Stalchild will come in the next wave.
    Gossip Stones Fun
    All throughout Hyrule, you will see large, weird stones with a carving of an eye on them. These stones offer a variety of interesting effects.

  • Whack them with your sword, and they'll tell you the time.
  • Use the "check" command and it will say, " This statue's one-eyed gaze pierces into your mind..." Talk to it with the mask of truth on, and it will tell you some gossip. It's usually not helpful, but occasionally it tells you a hint about the game.
  • Play Zelda's Lullaby to summon a fairy from them.
  • If you bomb the stone, it will begin flashing, then blast off like a rocket. If you strike it while it is blue then you will stop the blast off and cause it to remain blue.
  • Strike it with the Megaton Hammer to flatten it, although it will bounce back into shape in a few moments.
  • Hit it with fire (either Din's Fire or a Fire Arrow). It will start to spin rapidly, stretch and then bounce back into shape.
  • Laboratory Shark
    If you go to the lakeside laboratory and go to the bottom of the water area then look around until you see a caged shark.
    Lon Lon Ranch Alternate Exit
    When you are Adult Link and have acquired Epona, ride full speed towards the North most wall of the Ranch and you will watch a cutscene showing Link jumping over the wall and out into the field.
    Nighttime Guards
    In the beginning when you go to visit Zelda, and you do that quest of waking the fat man for Malon, wait until nightfall and then enter the castle. If you are careful, you can look up with the looking button.... you'll see two guards guarding the entrance staring right at you.
    Ocarina Pitch Changes
    When using your ocarina hold L or R to change the pitch of all of your notes. Holding the analogue stick can also affect it.
    Ocarina Song Endings
    After you play a song on the Ocarina, you will hear a little melody that comes after some of the songs that you play. Here is how to play some songs through more:
    Saria's Song: down,right,left,stick up-up,up,left,R-left,left,stick down-right,stick up-A,A,stick up-A,stick up-down,stick up-A
    Epona's Song: up,left,right,stick up-right,right
    Song of Healing: left,right,Z-down,A,Z-down
    Nocturne of Shadow:Left,right,right,A,left,right,
    stick up-left,stick up-right,stick up-right,stick up-A,stick up-left,stick up-right,R-right(whew!)
    Purple Rupees With Light Arrows
    If you shoot any enemy (besides a Poe, Big Poe or Boss) with a Light Arrow until they die, you will get a purple rupee.
    ReDeads / Gibdos Can't See
    Interestingly, ReDeads and Gibdos apparently can't see. If Link is walking then they won't notice him even if he walks right past them. Curiously, use the iron boots and you can run around a redead and it still won't notice you despite the clanging.too.
    Shoot Epona
    This only works as an adult. Go get Epona and get on her, get out your arrow and shoot at her and she should cry out.
    Steal The Hat At The Fisihing Pond
    As an adult when you enter the fishing area, get the rod and cast it at the owner. It might take a few times to get it but it will hook the hat off his head. Then you can either give it back or cast it into the water so it falls off.

    He will charge you 50 rupees for a new one but will never get it so he is bald for the rest of the game.
    Stun Cursed Residents of House of Skulltula
    You know how Skulltulas are weak on their undersides? Well, so are the cursed people. Try hitting the front of the skulltula and it'll deflect the attack and start swinging. Use this opportunity to circle around and strike their underside to stun them. Don't stand near them when they recover though or they will knock you down.
    The puzzle blocks don't fall...?
    Please note: You can do this only if you haven't already beaten Amy the Poe Sister that took the green flame.

    Go to the place where you need to move puzzle blocks to form a picture of Amy, which is after the Maze of Doom(the room with falling ceiling). However, don't shoot at the picture... yet. First, stand in one of the shadows of the floating blocks. Now shoot the picture. The picture goes red for something like 1/2 of a second, but nothing happens. However, when you move out of the shadow, the puzzle blocks will drop. Pretty cool huh?

    If you can't figure out where this is actually located, it is in Forest Temple.
    The time is passing...
    Go to the fishing pond, as either adult or young Link. If you watch carefully, you can see that the sun/moon is moving but slower than usual, which marks that the time still passes in the fishing pond, btu at a slower rate, but still not the same speed as the speed of a real life time. It's easier to see it if you use an emulator, since some emulators have an ability to make the game go faster.
    Your own custom end music
    Go to Lake Hylia as a kid. Go to the two scarecrows. Talk to perrie. When you take out your ocarina, the staff will appear and you can play a song. It can be very long. (53 notes) Anyway, after you play it, he'll say he likes it. After that, finish the game. At the end, wait until it says "The End." None of your buttons do anything and you have to reset or turn the game off. Well don't do it right away. If you wait, and you created the extended scarecrow song, you will hear the song play.