The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Gerudo Training Grounds Guide v1.2
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: : : : The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Gerudo Training Grounds Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Gerudo Training Grounds Guide

by Peek_a_buu   Updated to v1.2 on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the 3DS version of the game.
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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for N64
Gerudo Training Grounds Guide Version 1.2

First version dated 27/1/04
Version Changes
1.1: 15/2/04: Added more stuff to increase length. I mean, its only one dungeon!
1.2: imBarossing Speeling Misstaikes! Also added extra stuff like weapons.


Welcome to my short Walkthrough for the Gerudo training grounds as there are no FAQ’s on this 
part of the game. This  

Mini-quest will reward you with the chilling Ice arrows. Not needed as much as the Fire Arrows 
but very useful on occasions.  

Since this is a mini-quest and can be failed the Ice Arrows are not needed to beat the game.

Do not copy this walkthrough on your site without permission from me, Peek_a_buu.

Okay. I'm adding this section to tell what the monsters you will face in the Gerudo Training 
Grounds and how to beat them.  

Starting from the way I went through the guide.
Bio: A skeleton with a shield and sword. Its shield protects it from attacks so wait till he attacks 
and attack him quickly.  

Use Biggorons sword and you can occasionally get under the shield.

Master sword:5-7
Biggorons sword:3-4
Bio: Basically a hand that drops from the ceiling and can bring you back to the beginning. Watch 
for the shadow that is  

larger than Link himself.

Master sword: 2
Biggorons sword: 1
Bio: A wolf that attacks and can defend. Attack it during it attacking. Sometimes it attack twice 
and turns arounds. If you  
hit it then you can kill it in one shot,

Hits: This varies for where and when you hit it and with which sword.
White Wolfos:
Bio: Same as Wolfos yet are stronger. They turn around more often though.

Hits: A bit more than Wolfos.
Bio: If you have the silver gaunlets you can face this worm like guys. Use and arrow or slash it. 
But make sure it doesn't  
grab you in its mouth or it can steal your Shield and Goron/Zora Tunics.

Arrows: 2
Master sword: 2-3
Biggorons' Sword: 1
Fire puddles:
Bio: A red puddle that can burn you. When you hit it it turns grey and runs away. Slice it again to 
kill it before it goes  
red again.

Arrows: 3
Master Sword:3
Biggorons' Sword: 2
Red bubbles/skulls
Bio: A fiery skull that can only be stopped if its fire goes out with the shield. Then slice it.

Hits: (Use shield first)
Master sword: 1-2
Biggorons sword: 1
Bio: I call them clams because these are the only things that I don't know the real names of yet. 
They are clams that can  
only be damaged it you hookshot it while its mouth is open. If it closes its mouth it will attack 
you so watch out.

Bios: basically Lizolfos, those lizards with knifes, but bigger and stronger. Just keep attack them 
while they attack. But  
you can really defend against their jump attack so jump out the way.

Master Sword: 5-6
Biggorons sword:3-4
Bio: A tall statue with one open eye. If it sees you it home a beam on you. Run from its site and 
throw a bomb to defeat it.

Bomb/Bombchus: 1-2 (Modifies all the time to just stunned to destruction.
Thats all of the monsters to beat in the dungeon. Use this guide and you'll easily win!

Items and songs
These are the items and songs you'll need or to make it easier in the Gerudo Training Grounds.
Master sword: Duh!!!!!!

Biggorons Sword: Beat enemies quicker

Longshot: easier to get white rupees and make it across rooms. You'll need in the 4 eyed statued 

Arrows: To shoot the eyes of the statues and the eyes in some rooms to get some items.

Bombs: To defeat Beamos in limited time.

Hover Boots: Makes it easier to get across lava room.

Hylian Shield: Defend! Duh!

Silver Gauntlets: To move block in Wolfos room.

Lens of Truth: To see above the false door.

Ocarina of Time: For time Blocks rooms.

Megaton Hammer: To smash statue blocks.


Song of Time: To remove blocks from water pool and to make a staircase to small key.

Scarecrow Song: This song make the dungeon alot quicker than going all the way around!


When you get the Gerudo Membership card (see the Gerudo fortress guide) you can go to the 
Gerudo training Ground at the front  
of the Gerudo Fortress. This is a great place to test your fighting and thinking skills. It cost 10 
rupees to enter.
When you enter there will be three doors. But above the entrance there is an eye. Shoot it with an 
arrow and 2 chests will  
appear. They only contain some arrows and stuff but try and get them. Now you can go either left 
or right.

If you go left first there will be 2 stalfos (Skeletons). You can beat them easily with the 
Biggorons sword or the Master
Sword when they jump and attack. But you are standing in quicksand so you should hurry. (Tip: 
Use Hover boots to stop you  
from sinking) The door will unlock and a chest will appear with a small key in it.  You have to 
collect as many Keys as you
can. Open the door and you have to collect 5
Silver Rupees in 1:30 minutes. There are 2 to the
left side, one to the right, one on the ledge in front,
and on in the air that is reachable by Longshot. But watch out for the Wallmaster that appears. Go
through the door. This next room has a heavy stone block. If you have
the Silver Gauntlets, you can move it out of the way
to get a Key, but that Key is not that important as the others so don’t worry if you don’t have 
them. All that's in it is 3  
like-likes and afew chests with Money and one contains a trap. 

Kill the Wolfos but watch out because you might have to battle 4 wolfos at a time including the 
harder white ones. Use the Lens of  
Truth above the
door. There will be a place where you can Hookshot
up. Push the button which will open a door 
somewhere (I think it is behind that heavy block).

Go through the door. You will be above a room with a rotating floor.
To finish this puzzle, you must shoot the eyes of the
statue without skipping one (Use scarecrow song and go to the bottom of the room then Hookshot 
back up by using the  
scarecrow)  This will open the top door. Go to the door and you will find a chest on a wire floor 
above a big chest that  
contains the Ice Arrows. You can’t get them until you get at least seven keys. 

Now go back to the 
room above the rotating  
floor. Go down to the bottom and shoot all the eyes without missing any. Then there will be a 
chest there with a key  
available. Go to the door at the front by hookshot and enter the door. Now kill all the  fire 
monsters then smash the statues  
with the megaton hammer and find the switch which stops the fire in the middle of the room so a 
chest will be available. This  
chest contains a key. Make sure you find the wall eye and shoot it with an arrow to get some 
Now for the bit that stumped for 4 days. In the next door you will be above a fire pit (No need to 
worry about the Goron  
Tunic though). Get all 5 white rupees. The first four are easy. The fifth one can only be “got” by 
going to the far side of  
the room to the right. A switch will be there. It will temporarily stop the platform with fire. The 
rupee is there. Now the  
door to the left of the entrance that you went through is open. But first sing the song of time next 
the block on the right.  
2 blocks of time will appear leading to a key. Now go through the hall past the key and get the 
items in chests but don’t go  
through the locked doors!

Now go to the door you opened in the Lava room by getting the white rupees and sing the song of 
time inside next to the time  
blocks. They will disappear leaving you an entrance underwater. Equip your water Tunic and iron 
boots and go under water.  

Beat all the clams by using the hookshot in their mouths and grab all the white rupees you can. 
Now hookshot to the targets  
so you will grab the rupees on your way.
Go back up the top by equipping your Kokiri boots after you open the chest with the key in it.  

Go back up
and into the lava room (the last room you were in).
Take the door to your left. You will now be in a 
room with 2 Dinofos (stronger than Lizalfos) and 
a Beamos. You have to kill them all in 1:30 minutes.
You will get a Key and go through the other door.
Now open the next door and you will be at the first room you were in. Now go to the central door 
(To your right now) and open  
it! Now you can use your seven keys to open the locked doors. There will be a choice between 
the left and right path at the  
start. I say this now, DO NOT CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATH! If you choose it you will fail 
miserably and not get the ice arrows.  

Take the left path and open all the doors and chests on the way. Now you will be in the middle 
room of the central area. Open  
the large chest to grab the ICE ARROWS. They are considered the strongest arrows in the game 
although you don’t need them to  
complete the game! Now walk back to the first room and walk out of the training grounds. Now 
you can take on any opponent  
with pride. To feel even more pride go to the place above the fortress and get 1,500 points on the 
Horse archery contest to  
get the biggest quiver for your arrows!

Thanks and Legal Disclaimers

I would like to thank Nintendo, the creators of Legend of Zelda for giving me a good time and 
my friend Sam for helping with  
this part of the game. 
This guide is exclusive only for and no-where else as Copyright of
Please E-Mail if there are any queries you might have.