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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Complete FAQ

by peace_pheonix   Updated to v1.1 on
                           +  Legend of Zelda: +
                           +   Majora's Mask   +
        	      Written by peace_pheonix aka Starling_86  V-1.1

1.0 The Story
	1.1 How to Survive the Impending Doom
2.0 The Characers
	2.1 Friends
	2.2 Foes
	2.3 Neutral Characters
3.0 The Quick and Dirty Walkthrough
	3.1 The First Three Days
	3.2 The Healing of Link
	3.3 Woodfall
	3.4 Snowhead
	3.5 Epona and Romani Ranch
	3.6 Great Bay
	3.7 Ikana
	3.8 Beyond Clock Town...
4.0 Bobmbers Unite
	4.1 A Love Story
	4.2 Home, Home on the Romani
	4.3 The Greatest Show on Earth(?)
	4.4 Other Citizens of Termina
5.0 Gotta Love the Items
	5.1 Your Basic Arsenal
	5.2 Eventful Items
	5.3 Masks
	5.4 Extra Goodies (Includes Upgrades)
6.0 Heart to Heart (Not Completed)
	6.1 Clock Town
	6.2 Termina Feild
	6.3 Woodfall
	6.4 Snowhead
	6.5 Great Bay
	6.6 Ikana
	6.7 All the Others
7.0 Creepy Crawlies and Bumps in the Night
	7.1 Creepy Crawlies
	7.2 Bumps in the Night
8.0 Shooting for the Stars: All the Secrets
9.0 Credits and Acknowledgments

There is one problem I have encountered while typing this guide, sometimes the
printer will break up sentences in funny places. I would reccomend you set the
setup right and left margins to .25", then it will print right.

v 1.1- updated faulty e-mail and the author's name

1.0 The Story
	Link is leaving Hyrule to find a dear friend he needed to part
with in order to save the world. (Does anyone else know who it is?) His trip
is interrupted by the Skull Kid and his two fairy friends. At the time the
Skull Kid is possesed by Majora's Mask, causing him to commit more than
his usual pranks. He knocks Link off of Epona and steals the Ocarina of
Time, riding off and leading Link on a not so merry chase. At this point
you will have control, however there is only one way to go. When you meet
the Skull Kid again he tauntsLink and turns him into a Deku Scrub as a means
of slowing him down. You will have control again and need to make your way
accrossthe platforms with Deku flowers on them. Stand directly over the flower,
look atthe A button's command and make sure it says burrow, press and HOLD A
untill a yellow cloud of pollen appears, position yourself so the camera is
pointing the way you want to go,then release A. Eventually you will end up
inside of the Clock Tower of Clock Town. Talk to the Happy Mask Man
(that guy has issues) to learn what to do next.

1.1 How to Survive the Impending Doom
	In this section I will cover all the moves for Link's alter egos and
the hidden songs that will realllly help you out.

Deku Link

	Deku Link is the first transformation of Link; since you will be
stuck with him for at least three game days, you'd better know what to do
with him.

* Pressing A preforms a spinning attack that you can control the direction of.
This is a way better attack than the roll attack Link has, the spin is more
like a weaker version of the Koriki sword's spin attack.

*By burrowing into a Deku flower you can lauch yourself up on flower propellers
for a short period of time. The yellow Deku flowers give you more height and
distance than the normal pink ones. If you kill a Mad Scrub a Deku flower
appears. You can kill Mad Scrubs with a Deku Nut bomb. (press B while in air)

* After visiting the Great Fairy the first time and gaining magic, you can shoot
bubbles using B.

* Deku Link can literally skip accross water, as you hop the number of hops
remaining will be displayed at A button. You can only hop a short distance,
but the last hop is an extra long twirl.

* Deku Link's instrument are the Deku Pipes, only as Deku Link can you
properly play the Sonota of Awakening.

* Deku Link has the speed of the Bunny Hood

Goron Link

	Goron Link's Mask can be attained after aquiring the Lens of Truth
and freeing Darmani's soul. As the Goron you are known to all the Gorons
as Darmani, their lost warrior. They truly believe you are Darmani, so expect
them to act accordingly.

* While holding A, Goron Link can curl into a ball, pushing the control stick
causes you to spin. Depending on your surface you will eventually pick up enough
speed to to have spikes come out of your body. This causes damage to any enemy
you hit, but also uses magic up quickly.

* Press B to preform a powerfull punch, well timed pressing will cause Link to
execute 3 punches in sucession, ending with a butt thrust. Goron Link's punches
are extremely powerfull, you can do many things with it that originally you
not be able to.

* While curled press and hold A, then press B to cause Link to launch himself up
into the air and fall like a, well, rock.

* Goron Link has great traction, but a puny fall distance and he can't swim. To
minimize the damage from a fall, push forward on the control stick and curl
hitting the ground. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work, the timing is very

* Goron Link has an immunity to lava! You can walk through most without a

* Don't expect to win any marathons, except maybe the Goron Races,
Goron Link is SLOW. If you have Ocarina of Time his speed is that of Link
with the iron boots.

* Goron Link's speciality are a set of drums, only as Goron Link can you lull
to sleep

Zora Link

	Once you encounter poor Mikau and heal his soul the Zora Mask will be

* Press A while in water to swim like a dolphin. Try to avoid sharp turns as
this will
put you into a terminal spin.

* Press B while swiming to walk on the bottom of the sea, press it again to

* While walking press A to engage in a series of karate chops. DO NOT try of
any enemy of less than waist height with this attack, your blows go right over
heads and it leaves you open for attack. (Once I got killed by a Golden
Skullatulla this way!)

* The Boomarang may not be with us any longer, but Zora Link's fins are.
By pressing and holdingB above water Zora Link will shoot his fins from his
The fins will act like the Boomerang, retrieving items from vanquished enemies.
If you move while the fins are on their trajectory, their path will change.

* By pressing B and R at the same time you can preform Zora Link's
electricity sheild attack, while swimming simply press R. Be very careful,
it drains magic like our van drains gas! The Electricity sheild can be used
while in
a Like Like.

* Zora Link is suceptible to fire and ice attacks.

* Zora Link jams on a gitaur, only as Zora Link can you strum the chords to
New Wave Bossa Nova as compellingly

* Zora Link is the same speed as normal Link

Ocarina Melodies

	There are three very special melodies that can be played on the Ocarina,
one is old, the other two affect the flow of time.

The Inverted Song of Time is used to slow the flow of time to less than half
of the regular speed, it's melody is the Song of Time played backwards. Get out
pen and paper and write the Song forwards, now reverse the order. This melody is
essential for completing dungeons or completing a particuarly difficult timed
such as catching all the Bombers. To return the flow of time to normal just play
the Song again.

Another important song is the Song of Double TIme. This Song will automatically
warp you to
the nearest 6:00, either PM or AM. Be careful, as you cannot reverse it and any
that would have happened will happen; for an example do not try to speed the
time flow
during the Romani alien event, it will not work, I know. The song is right,
right, A, A, down,

The last hidden song was in the Ocarina of Time, its the Scarecrow's Song. To
start it
you need to find the scarecrow in either the item shop or Observatory basement
then play
a song for either one of them. They will offer to "teach" you the above two
songs, but
they'll only give you a substantial hint. For each cycle of days you need to
reteach the
song to them, I would suggest writing down your favorite song so you won't
forget it.

Bomber's Notebook

	 In order to complete certain Mask events you will need to keep all the
and times straight. Once you've talked with a person whom an event revolves
they will be entered in the notebook. When an important converstation takes
place or you
receive a Mask or item a icon will be added. Once you've completed an event a
will be added to the far right hand side of the page. More will be covered in
the Bombers
Unite section of the walkthrough.

Additional Hints

	To save your pogress you either need to play the Song of Time or
interrupt your
game at an activated owl statue. To activate an owl statue you just need to hit
it with
your sword, therefore there is no way to save the game before changing back from
a Deku
Scrub and recovering the Ocarina of Time. When interrupting your game once you
your game all the saved data will be forgotten back to the last time you played
Song of TIme, so don't save, restart, continue playing, make a mistake, and turn
system off. You will be taken back to the last time you played the Song of Time.

	Stop at the bank before restarting the cycle, all the rupees you earned
be lost if you don't deposit them in the bank. The bankman marks you with time
ink, he will always be able to tell who you are. All the other items such as
bombs,and Deku sticks will be lost.

	Use the Song of Soaring whenever possible. It will prevent you from
wasting time
walking around or even riding around.

	Sometimes you will need to defeat a boss again in order to trigger
events,such as bringing spring to the Gorons' area. To do this just reenter the
dungeon and step onto the owl pad that appears at the very beginning of each

2.0 The Characters


	In this game you will have a great deal of help from certain characters,
some will be listed here, so you will have to decide for yourself on the others
you meet.

* The Great Fairy is one of the greatest helps in the game. She will give you
many gifts
for reuniting all of her fairies scattered through the dungeons.

* The Scrub Salesmen will funrnish you with items you need thorughout the game,
also important in the trading sequences.

* The Bombers will help you in the first cycle of days by allowing you to trade
with the
Clock Town Deku Scrub Salesman for his flower, it will later allow you to reach
the top
of the Clock Tower. After changing back to Link they will give you the Bomber's
HINT: When popping the balloon the second time to get the notebook, do it as
Deku Link,
then change back into regular Link. Jim won't know the difference and then you
don't have
to wait to get the Hero's Bow.

* The Curiosity Shop Man (aka the item shop keeper) will sell you back any item
by the buzzard in Termina Feild. Sometimes he will steal your sword, shield, or
Just go back to the Curisosity Shop while its open and buy back your stuff.

* Romani is Malon's alternate in the Clock Town universe, the Skull Kid hid
Epona on
the ranch, contrary to what you are led to believe. To get Epona you must be a
Goron Powder Keg carrier. Blow up the boulder blocking the Ranch's entrance on
one or two, talk to Romani and agree to do the course. You will be doing the
course on
Epona! If you beat the time she will reteach you Epona's Song, after this you
will be
able to call Epona wether or not you have completed the course.

* Contrary to their role in the Ocarina of Time the hags Koume and Kotake will
you by making potions (Koume) or giving you a boat tour. (Kotake) Maybe in
return you
can do something for them...

* The possesed man in both of the Skullatulla houses will give you a prize if
free him of the spider's curse.

* Tingle the "fairy" will sell you maps if you shoot him down from his red
Tingle is actually a person and his father runs the photograph contest in the
Tour Hut.


Some of the characters listed here will not really be enemies, but simply
people or creatures you have to deal with. Bosses and Strategies for beating
them are
also listed here.

* Gerudo Pirates are the lovely female pirates who frequent the Great Bay Area,
are known for their great skill and speed in swordplay. They are not truly evil,
following their nature. Being very protective of their territory they will
attack any intruder, two or three good slashes with the gilded sword should

* Geckos are the mini-bosses in several dungeons, however they are possesd frogs
once belonged to Don Gero's band before being drafted to protect the evil Masks
inhabiting the spirits of the Temples. To free them defeat the Gecko and then
to the frog that appears using the Don Gero's Mask.

* The Gorman brothers are truly sleazy characters who you should milk for all
worth. First beat them at their own game of horseback riding to receive the Garo
Then take them on after the alien invasion sequence, when Cremia asks you to
her along Milk Road. Defeating them earns again earns Romani's Mask!

* The Garo Warriors are not at all evil, they are just wandering ninja souls
 a fierce sense of pride. Use Z targeting and your sheild to gaurd against their
speed and agility. Then swoop in and attack when their gaurd is down. After
defeating them, they would rather commit suicide than live in shame so watch for
their final attack of an explosion. If you wear the Garo's Mask in certain areas
a Garo will challange you to a duel, therefore when they lose they will only
give up information and not their half life.

* Odolwa is the Mask who possessed the first Gaurdian. He will call locusts,
scarabs, fire, and stone blocks to help him defeat you. At all costs stay
away from him when he is taunting you with his sword! Defeating the scarabs
yeilds 3 hearts apiece. The locusts can be a major problem but just tough
it out untill Odolwa calls a ring of fire. At any time while the summons
are going on his gaurd is down and he is unable to attack you with his
sword. While he taunts you use arrows to bring down this deity. Once you
defeat him his Mask is yeilded and you see an awesome cinima scene.

* The second boss is Ghot, the mechanical Mask that possesed Snowhead's
Gaurdian. Defeating him is easy as long as you are very apt at contol
of Goron Link while he is rolling. You must chase Ghot through a circular
track and attack him with your spikes. When you run out of magic power
just run over the jars scattered around the track. All the time you must
avoid the boulders and bombs he throws out. If you fall too far behind he
will shoot electricity at you from afar. The best thing to do is try to ride
UNDERNEATH Ghot, you will damage him, but he won't damage you. When he
puts on the extra burst of speed at each of the new stage he'll loose you
for a short period of time. Keep it up and evenually Ghot will fall.
(IF you like racing games, this boss is FUN!)

* Gyrorg is the hardest of the Temple bosses. He inflicts a lot of damage and
impossible to doge and hard to attack. You need to use double hit attacks, the
first hit stuns and then the second hit damages. You can try to attack from the
podium as Link by using arrows. From the tank's bottom you have a better chance
of hitting him with Zora Link's boomerang attack. Four of these combo attacks
kill Gyrorg but hitting him is so hard and he deals so much damage that this
will be a long hard one. My suggestion is to use Zora Link's Barrier attack and
try to
ram his eye, this takes great skill in swimming, but is really fun. If you do
take this
route pack quite a few faries cause you'll need em. Magic pots are scattered
the arena. It's a good idea to recover all the faries from this Temple
and get the Great Fairy's gift of extra defense. (Like in Ocarina of Time)
him is probably one of the most rewarding events in the game. (However using the
strategy I found this battle very similar to Ghot's.)

* The battle with Twinmold is weird. First, you need to change your strategy
signifigantly. You need to choose wether or not to use the Giant's Mask. If you
don't, the feild is HUGE as is Twinmold! I would suggest atacking using the
Mask to equalize yourself with the scale of the feild. Twinmold is a nice
reprive from
Gyrorg as all it does is jump in and out of the sand. The hardest part is
close enough to do the damage! The only problem is that the Giant's Mask uses up
one point of magic per second, so pack a bunch of green potions and one fairy.
Again you might want to claim the Great Fairy's gift, the Great Fairy Sword,
taking Twinmold on. YOu will need to target its head and tail, as Giant Link you
can't Z target so you need to be accurate. Hopefully it won't take to long to
dispatch the two mutant centipedes and then you can claim the final dungeon's
(Of course, to keep the magic meter full you may want to make a trip to the
Milk Bar...)

Neutral Characters

	There are very few characters who are neither good nor bad but here are
a few. Most of the characters not listed will be in the Bombers Unite section of

* Don Gero's frog choir is a group of creatures you must assemble in order to
claim a
heart piece, for two you must kill two of the sub boss Geckos. For another two
must simply seek them out. They are neither good nor bad, being only animals.

* The Sword Shop's owner is a little sleazy, but fair, he will upgrade your
temporarily to the Razor Sword, and the Razor Sword permanantly to the Gilded
Sword, for only a small fee and the leftover gold dust.

3.0 The Quick and Dirty Path

	This is a very quick and unspecific walkthrough for the game of Majora's
The Dungeon puzzles will not be solved and faries will not be revealed. In
version of the guide I PROMISE I will take the time to create an entire Dungeon
guide, but for now this will have to do. Be warned this is the VERY least you
to do. Anything such as nonessential Masks, Heart Pieces, Trading Sequences,
and Bomber's Notebook tasks will NOT be covered in this section, but most
likely are under their noted sections.

3.1 The First Three Days

	Clock Town
* Catch the Missing Fairy and return it to the Great Fairy Fountain
* Use Deku Link's Bubble Attack to burst the lead Bomber's balloon
* Find all five Bombers and get the Observatory password
* Travel to the Astral Observatory, use telescope to see Skull Kid on top of
Get Moon's Tear
* Give Moon's Tear to Deku Salesman
* At midnight on the final night launch to the entrance of the Clock Tower and
Use the Bubble attack to knock the Ocarina from the Skull Kid's hands, play
Song of Time to return to the first day

3.2 The Healing of Link

	Clock Town
* Learn the Song of Healing from the Mask Salesman beneath the Clock Tower, get
*Strike the Owl Statue by the Clock Tower

	Termina Feild
* Go to enterance of the Swamp

3.3 Woodfall
Before every cycle of days you decide to take on a dungeon on play the Inverted
Song of Time to give you the maximum amount of time for completing the dungeon.
Also, play the Song of Time after completing a dungeon.

Road to Southern Swamp

*Purchase the Woodfall Map from Tingle

Southern Swamp

* Strike the Owl Statue outside of the Tour Hut
* Swim to the Hag's Hut
* Enter the Woods of Mystery, follow the Monkey to Koume
* Get Red Potion from Kotake (bottle 1)
* Give Red Potion to Koume
* Agree to help the Monkeys
* Return to Tour Hut, get Camera, take the Boat Cruise

Deku Palace

* Get off of boat outside of Deku Palace
* Talk to Deku King and take his picture
* Navigate the garden maze and buy a Magic Bean from the guy in the hidden hole
* Plant Bean in the dirt patch in the outer garden
* Navigate airborne garden maze and lauch to the secret jail enterance
* Learn the Sonota of Awakening from the imprisoned Monkey
* Take the shortcut to Woodfall
* Navigate the flowers (shoot down the dragonflies first)
* Talk to the Owl to learn the Song of Soaring


* Use Deku Flowers and lily pads to get to the raised platform
* Hit the Owl Statue
* Play the Sonota of Awekening as Deku Link on the Deku seal
* Glide accross to the Temple

Woodfall Temple

* Get the Map, Compass, and Hero's Bow
* Collect the 15 faries
* Defeat Odolwa
* Get Heart Container and Remains Mask
* Learn Oath to Order
* Collect Deku Princess in a Bottle and carry her to her father
* Return faries to fairy fountain

3.4 Snowhead

Termina Field

* Use Bow to shoot the icicles down to get into Snowhead

Mountain Path

* Use bombs to blow the giant snowballs away

Twin Islands

* Buy map from Tingle

Goron Village

* Follow the trail of feathers left by the Owl
 (be careful the platforms are ice)
* Get Lens of Truth
* Using Lens of Truth talk to and follow Darmani, a goron spirit

Mountain Village

* Follow Darmani up the invisible ladder using the Lens of Truth
* Play the Song of Healing for Darmani and get the Goron Mask
* Pull back Darmani's tombstone to open up the hot springs
* Fill a bottle with Hot Water

Goron Village

* Talk to the Sentry to learn how to enter the Goron Shrine
* Talk to the attendants and the Elder Goron's crying son inside of
the Goron Shrine

Twin Islands
This is for days one and two only, otherwise follow the same directions
but find him in the Mountain Village.

* Find the Elder goron frozen under one of the snow boulders
(It will have a Yellow attack arrow over it)
* Unfreeze him
* Talk to him to learn the first part of the Goron Lullaby

Goron Village

* Play the first part of the Goron Lullaby for the Elder's son
* Learn the rest of the Goron Lullaby

Path to Snowhead

* Gain enough speed to make spikes apppear from your body then take the


* Strike the Owl Statue
* Use the Lens of Truth to find a really big Goron blocking the path
* Play Goron Lullaby about halfway up the path to put him to sleep
* Follow the path around the mountain up to the Temple, avoiding the
Wolfos and White Boes

Snowhead Temple

* Get the Map, Compass, and Fire Arrows
* Collect all 15 faries
* Defeat Goht
* Get the Heart Container and Ghot's Mask
* Return the faries to the Fairy Fountain
* Get Certified to carry Powder Kegs

3.5 Epona and Romani Ranch

Milk Road

* Buy Romani Ranch Map from Tingle
* Strike the Owl Statue
* Use a Powder Keg to blow up the boulder on day

Romani Ranch

* Talk to Romani on day one and accept her challange, if you win
she'll teach you Epona's Song

Gorman Racetrack

* Defeat the Gorman Bros. in a horse race to win the Garo's Mask

3.6 Great Bay

Great Bay Coast

* Use Epona to leap the fences between Termina field and Great Bay
* Help Mikau the Zora to shore by pushing him as you swim, look for the cloud
of seagulls
* Listen to his stoy and play the Song of Healing to ease his death
* Buy a Great Bay map from Tingle
* Hit the Owl Statue outside of the laboratory
* Swim along under water and find the boarded area along the north wall and
into the Gerudo fortress

Gerudo Fortress

* Swim to the switch opposite the enterance and activate it
* Swim through the underwater passage into the Fortress proper
* Get the Hookshot from the head pirate's room
* Rescue the 4 Zora eggs

Great Bay Coast

* Put the four Zora eggs into the aquarium in the lab, if you're having touble
reposition over the tank and try again
* Swim to Pinnacle Rock, marked by two spikes

Pinnacle Rock

* Defeat the 8 Deep Pythons
* Rescue the 3 Zora eggs

Great Bay Coast

* Put the last 3 eggs into the tank, they will hatch and teach you the New Wave
Bossa Nova

Zora Cape

* Hit the Owl Statue out in the back of Zora Hall
* Play New Wave Bossa Nova for Lulu
* Ride the turtle to the Great Bay Temple

Great Bay Temple

* Get the Map, Compass, and Ice Arrows
* Collect all 15 faries
* Defeat Gyorg
* Get the heart container and Remains Mask

3.7 Ikana

Road to Ikana Canyon

* Wear the Garo's Mask for the mysterious man
* Hookshot to the tree that he conjures for you

Ikana Canyon

* Shoot the Octorocks with Ice Arrows to create stepping stones
* Hookshot up the cliffs to the Village
* Hit the Owl Statue
* Buy the Stone Tower map from Tingle
* Defeat the Iron Knuckle in the first night tombstone and learn the Song of
Storms from
* Heal Sharp using the Song of Storms
* Enter the Music Box House without being seen by the little girl
* Play the Song of Healing for the little girl's father
* Recieve the Gibdo Mask

Beneath the Well

* Enter the well in Ilkana Canyon with a Blue potion and five Magic Beans
* Give the Gibdo sentries the items they need
* Get the Mirror Shield and enter the Ikana Palace ruins

Ikana Palace Ruins

* Using the Mirror Shield, Fire Arrows, and a Powder Keg make your way to the
King's rooms
* Defeat the Servants then the King
* Learn the Elergy of Emptiness

Stone Tower

* Play the Elergy as Goron and Zora Link to trigger the switches contolling the
* Make your way to the top of the Tower
* Hit the Owl Statue before entering

Stone Tower Temple

* Get the Map, Compass, Light Arrows, and Giant's Mask
* Collect all 15 faries
* Defeat Twinmold
* Receive the heart container and Twinmold's Mask

3.8 Beyond Clock Town...

	At this point you will have collected all the neccessary Masks but one.
You will need ten Masks to go beyond this point. When you have all four deity
go to the Clock Tower on midnight of the final day. What happens after that
I will not reveal in this section. If you feel you MUST know, find the Shooting
for the Stars section.

4.0 Bombers Unite

	The Bombers Unite section of this walkthrough contains all the
Bombers Notebook quests, you probably should complete at least one other
Mask event to have all the Masks you need.

4.1 A Love Story

	This is the Anju-Kafei storyline, one of the major stories in the game.

Who you'll help:

- Anju
- Kafei
- Curiosity Shop Man
- Madame Aroma*
- Postman*

* These two are strictly optional and you don't have to complete them in order
complete the Anju-Kafei storyline, but an item you get within the story enables
to do part of their good deeds. Both Madame Aroma, and the Postman
 will be covered again fully later on.

Be sure you do NOT foil Sakon's theft of the package from the Old Lady at the
Shop. Make sure you get the Pendant of Memories to Anju on time.

Day One

10-3pm       Get the Kafei Mask from Madame Aroma
             at the Mayor's House

1:30-3:30pm  Go to the Stock Pot Inn and tell Anju 
             you have a reservation, receive Room Key.

2-7:30pm     Talk to Anju while wearing the Kafei Mask.
             Promise to meet her in the kitchen at

11:30-5pm    Meet with Anju in the kitchen of the Stock
	       Pot Inn. Get the letter to Kafei

12-6am       Put the letter in in one of the Mailboxes

Day Two

6-9am        Put the letter to Kafei in one of the Mailboxes
             (if you haven't already)

3:30-10pm    Talk to Kafei in the Curiosity Shop's Back Room.
             This area in in the Laundry room area of town
             Receive the Memorial Pendant to Anju

5-9pm        Deliver the Memorial Pendant to Anju. (IMPORTANT:
             make sure you get the pendant to Anju on time)

Final Day

6am-12pm     Get the Memorial Pendant to Anju. (If you haven't
             already, shame on you!)

1-6pm        Meet the Curiosity Shop Man in the Shop's Back Room,
             learn where Kafei is. Receive Keaton's Mask and Special
             Delivery to Madame Aroma.

{6pm-5am}    {Give the postman the Special Delivery to Madame Aroma,
             Wait for him outside Milk Bar Latte and talk to him as
             he leaves, You will receive the postman's hat.}

{10pm on}    {Enter Milk Bar Latte and personally deliver the Special

6-7pm        Meet Kafei outside Sakkon's hideout in Ikana Canyon.
             Help him steal the Sun Mask Back.

1am-6pm      Meet Kaefei and Anju in the Employees Only room in the
             Stock Pot Inn. Receive the couple's Mask. This scence is one
		 of the happiest in the game so be sure to watch it carefully.

4.2 Home, Home on the Romani

Who you'll help:


Even though the Gorman Brothers Live in the Romani Area, I will cover them in
a seperate area.

Day One

Any time     Purchase a Powder Keg and blow up the rocks at Milk Road   

6am-6pm      Agree to help Romani with her archery, you will learn Epona's song
             and earn use of Epona. Promise to help her defend her farm against
             "Them" later on that day

2-5am        Keep "Them" from the barn by shooting them, they will try to sneak
             around back of the barn as well as from the front. A good way to
             where an alien is will be looking for lens flares, they show
             the barn and that will give them away. DO NOT PLAY THE SONG OF
             It will not work and just before you warp you will see the lens
             that mark an alien all converge on the barn.

Day Two

Any time     Talk to Cremia, she will ask you for help when she makes her run to
before       Town. She's having trouble with some theives.

6pm          Meet Cremia at the barn and ride with her. Use your bow to keep
them from
             getting too close to the wagon. If you make it to town with one
bottle you
             receive the Romani Mask. (P.S. Though it doesn't help much, if you
wear the
             Circus Leader's Mask, the theives won't come near you. But you
can't get
             this Mask without Romani's Mask.)

Day Three

This event can be done during any day, but can be accomplished early on in the
by doing it during the final day. You need the Bremen Mask to finish this task.

Any time     Poor Grog wants to see his chickens grow up to be roosters. Help
him out
before       by slapping on the Bremen Mask and marching around by pressing B.
moon falls   Carefully gather each chick, once you have all ten they will grow
             into some stupendous strutters. (I suggest you have your time
             and at least four hours to do this task as you march VERY slowly
             and may need the time.) Your reward for helping this misplaced
             rocker is the bunny hood which allows you to run like Deku Link.

4.3 The Greatest Show on Earth (?)

	This involves the myriad preformers who have entered the town for
the Festival of Time.

Who you'll help:

- Guru-Guru (aka the music box player)
- Mr. Toto
- Gorman
- Rosa Sisters


Times: Day One or Two between 6 A.M- 6 P.M

	Poor Guru-Guru has a bad case of the guilts, listen for his music box
and follow it to the Laundry Pool. All you have to do is listen to his
troubles. Afterward you will receive the Bremen Mask

Mr. Toto and Gorman

Times: Day One or Two between 10 P.M.- 5 P.M.

	First you must meet Mr. Toto, manager of the Zora Band the Indigo-Go's,
in Madame Aroma's Parlor. Later meet him in the Milk Bar Latte after you have
Romani's Mask and all three transformation Masks. Preform a sound check as
all four characters. This makes Mr. Toto very happy.  After this talk to Gorman,
who is sitting at the bar,you will learn your music made the poor sod very
You will receive the Circus Leader's Mask for your beautiful music.
(P.S.- Hey all you history junkies out there, did you hear the Indigo-Go's
number one hit? It's Ballad of the WindFish from Link's Awakening for

The Rosa Sisters

Times: Day One or Two between 6 P.M.-6 A.M.

	The Rosa sisters are twin dancing girls who are looking for a new
dance. Have you found someone else who wants to have his dance craze live on?
If you haven't found Kemaro, find him and use his Mask for the girls. Pressing
B while wearing this Mask makes you repeat his funky dance. Dancing in front of
the girls captures their heart, quite literally in fact. Your reward is a heart
piece! (P.S- the girls captured my brother's heart, he replays the scene over
and over.)

4.4 Other Citizens of Termina

	Here are all the characters who don't really belong to a certain
story line, but who give out really useful items.

Old Lady from the Bomb Shop

Time: 12:30 P.M. First Night

	Go to north clock town at 12 and wait for the theif Sakkon
to try and steal the Bomb Bags from the poor old lady. Chase him
and hit him with your sword, causing him to drop the package. Try escorting
the lady as soon as you see her appear. Your reward is the Blast Mask.

Mr. Dotour

Times: Day One or Two 10am- 8pm

	Remember, Mr.Dotour is Kaefi's father, with this in mind you
should know what you'll need next. To finish this task you must first have the
Couple's Mask. Wear the Mask to one of the meetings to remind him of
the love of families and the need for peace. He will give you a piece of heart
for this

Madame Aroma

	Talk to Madame Aroma during the first two days to get Kaefi's Mask. You
to complete most of the Anju-Kaefi story line, so look into that section. You
the specical delivery to Madame Aroma from the Curiosity shop man. Deliver it to
her yourself in the Milk Bar Latte to receive the bottle of Chateau Romani.


	During Day One or Two between 3pm and 12am take the ten second
challenge, get it
exactly right and you'll get a piece of heart. Then, instead of delivering the
Delivery to Madame Aroma herself give it to the postma on the final night and
outside Milk Bar Latte. 6pm-5pm. Before he leaves he will give you his hat.

Person in Inn's Restroom

	Don't ask me what the programmers were thinking when they created this
but it is really zany. All you have to do is Enter the Stock Pot Inn's bathroom
midnight during any night. Give him a piece of paper and you'll get a piece of
handed back. If you finish the event before getting the Notebook, just talk to
and your sticker will be automatically added. (HINT- use the Special Delivery or
Land title.


	Kemaro lives of the stone mushrooms outside of ClockTown's norht
during all three nights from 12am-6am. Play the song of healing on him to learn
his dance. To get onto the mushroom pull yourslef up onto the wall and jump to
the mushroom. Your reward for allowing Kemaro to pass on is Kemaro's Mask.

Anju's Grandma

	First you must buy the All Night Mask, then ask to listen to both of
her stories in order on either the first or second days. Your reward for
ansering her questions are two pieces of heart. They say the stories are boring,
however both give an interesting amount of information about the world of

Curiosity Shop Man

	To make the Curiosity Shop man Happy, you must complete most of the
Anju-Kafei storyline. When you meet him on the final day of this event
he will give you the Special Delivery and Keaton's Mask for helping
Kafei. The next event requires you to stop the Bomb Bag Robbery. You will
then need to purchase the All Night Mask for 500 rupees. Now that is one
fancy Mask!! (HINT- the two events are not compatable, so do them seperately)

Gorman Bros.

	Defeat the Gorman Bros. in a horse race on Epona to receive
the Garo's Mask.


	On the Road to Ikana there will be a ring of stones, using the
Lens of Truth will reveal a soldier sitting there. Bring him a red potion
and he will give you the Stone Mask. He is there 24 3.

5.0 Gotta Love the Items

	Majora's Mask takes the collection and use of items to a new level!
Some Masks have a special use and others are just for looks, but there are
a ton and each one is covered here!

5.1 Your Basic Arsenal

	These items are the very fist items you will start with and how
to use them all.

Kokiri Sword

	This is the basic sword.

Jab- B

Vertical Swing- Press and hold Z or press up while pressing B

Horizontal Slash- Hold Z and press either left or right with the
control stick whil pressig B

Stab- Hold Z while pressing the contol stick up and B

Hero's Sheild

	The basic sheild. To defend with it press R.

Child's Wallet

	Holds 99 rupees.

5.2 Eventful Items

	The following are special items that are found in events,
they can be used with the C buttons.

Land Title Deeds

	Location: Clock Town, Snowhead, Great Bay, Southern Swamp
	Use: Used to gain ownership of a Deku flower in any one of
	the locations, usually traded for one another.

Letter to Kafei

	Location: Stock Pot Inn
	Use: Get it from Anju to find out info from Kafei's

Moon's Tear

	Location: Astral Observatory
	Use: A pretty gem used to trade for the Land title
	Deed in Clock Town

Pendant of Memories

	Location: Clock Town
	Use: Give to Anju as proof of Kafei's intentions

Room Key

	Location: Clock Town
	Use: Get from Anju at Stock Pot Inn when you say you have a

Special Delivery to Madame Aroma

	Location: Clock Town
	Use: Give to Postman or Madame Aroma

5.3 Masks

	This is section you have been waiting for! I'll
tell you about each of the Masks in turn and how to get them.
If the description just says received from (name), look for the
name in the Bombers Unite. Also, I will be listing all Masks you cannot
wear at the end of the section with a asterisk (*) next to them.

All Night Mask

	Use: Keeps the wearer from falling asleep during
	boring stories
	Location: Foil Sakkon's attempt at robbery and on the
	third night purchase from the Curiosity shop.

Blast Mask

	Use: Used as a bomb strapped to Link's face, will
	detonate when B is pressed. Causes damage.
	Location: Received from the Bomb Lady when you
	protect her

Bremen Mask

	Use: Makes young animals grow up quickly.
	Location: Received from Guru-Guru.

Bunny Hood

	Use: Used to make you run quickly.
	Location: Received from Grog.

Captain's Hat

	Use: Allows you to comunicated with Stalchildren
	and pass by ReDead without being noticed.
	Location: Play Sonota of Awakening in front
	of Skull Keeta, then defeat him and hookshot
	over to the revealed chest.

Couple's Mask

	Use: Reminds people of happy events.	
	Location: Received at end of Anju-Kafei storyline.

Deku Mask

	Use: Changes you to Deku Link
	Location: When you visit the Happy Mask Man he will remove your
	Mask using the Song of Healing.

Don Gero's Mask

	Use: Calls Don Gero's frog band to the pond in Snowhead's spring
	Location: Received from a starving Goron. Break the lamps on the
	in the Goron Hall's chanelier. Make it turn by lighting all the
	torches. Carry the Rock Sirloin to him and throw it up.

Fierce Deity's Mask

	Use: Transforms Link into his ultimate form during boss battles.
	Location: Known as the ultimate Mask, it is received when
	all the Masks are collected.(see Shooting for the Stars for more info)

Garo's Mask

	Use: Calls the Garos to fight.
	Location: Received from Gorman Bros.

Giant's Mask

	Use: Transforms Link into a giant for the fight with Twinmold.
	Locaiton: Gound in the big treasure chest outside the Boss'
	room in the Stone Tower

Gibdo Mask

	Use: Allows you converse with Gibdos and pass the Redead without
	being noticed
	Location: Play Song of Storms to heal Sharp. Try to enter Music
	Box House w/out being seen. Find the half-Gibdo inside and play
	the Song of healing to uncurse him. You will receive the Gibdo

Goron Mask

	Use: Allows Link to transform into Goron Link, aka Darmani.
	Location: Find the ghost of Darmani and follow to his his tomb.
	Play the Song of Healing and Darmani will give you his Mask.

Great Fairy's Mask

	Use: Alerts you to the presence of a fairy when you wear it and
	will attract the fairy to you if it is not trapped.
	Location: After you change back to Link, capture the fairy in Clock
	Town and return it to the Great Fairy's Fountain.

Kafei's Mask

	Use: Makes people tell you about Kafei.
	Location: Talk to Madame Aroma on the First and Second Days during
	10am-8pm. She will ask you to find her son, accept and you receive this

Kamaro's Mask

	Use: Makes you bust a groove just like Kamaro when you wear it and press
	Location: Received from Kamaro.

Keaton Mask

	Use: Will reveal Keaton whenever you wear it in a ring of "living"
	Location: Received from Curiosity Shop Man.

Mask of Scents

	Use: Can be used to find the Magical Mushrooms that Koume and Kotake
	for their potions.
	Location: After defeating Woodfall, go into the Deku shrine and take the
	Butler's challange. If you played Ocarina of Time, it's a lot like
	Dampe's challenge, only harder. To finish this task I used the Bunny
	Hood to give me the extra speed and jump distance I needed. I also found
	that Zora Link could do quite well.

Mask of Truth

	Use: Allows you to talk with dogs and Gossip Stones. (Stones w/the
	pattern on them.)
	Location: Received as a prize for finding all the Golden Skullatulas
	in the Swamp Spider house on Day One or Two. The Swamp Spider house is
	the building w/ a spider's web covering the opening. It is located, duh,
	the swamp near Woodfall.

Postman's Hat

	Use: Lets you look in the mailboxes.
	Location: Received from Postman.

Romani's Mask

	Use: Allows you in Milk Bar Latte.
	Location: Received from Cremia.

Stone Mask

	Use: Makes you invisible to most enemies, including Gerudo pirates.
	Location: Received from Shiro.

Zora Mask

	Use: Morphs you into Zora Link.
	Location: IN the Great Bay, look for a Zora floating in the water,
	Swim out to him and push him into shore. Then Play the Song of Healing
	to receive Mikau's remains.

Ghot's Remains(*)

	Use: Proves you defeated Goht.
	Location: Boss chamber in Snowhead. DO NOT FORGET TO PICK UP!

Gyorg's Remains(*)

	Use: Proves you beat Gyorg.
	Locaiton: Boss chamber in Great Bay. DO NOT FOGET TO PICK UP!

Majora's Mask(*)

	You NEVER receive this Mask. Majora is an evil entity who is
the game's final boss. Anyone who told you this is a lying fink or simply
, I have good sources and they all tell me you NEVER get this Mask.

Odolwa's Remains(*)

	Use: Proves you defeated Odolwa.
	Location: Boss chamber in Woodfall. DO NOT FORGET TO PICK UP!

Twinmold's Remains(*)

	Use: Proves you defeated Twinmold.
	Location: Boss chamber in Stone Tower. DO NOT FORGET TO PICK UP!

5.4 Extra Goodies

	This section covers all items that are found in the game. A detailed
description of how to get one is not present, but may one day be.

Razor Sword

	Property: Upgrade of Kokiri sword. Lasts only 100 hits.
	Location: Blacksmith in Snowhead.

Gilded Sword

	Property: Inflicts three times the damage of the Kokiri sword. Is a
	permanant upgrade.
	Location: Blacksmith in Snowhead.

Mirror Sheild

	Property: Will defend against most attacks, and reflects light sources
	and magic.
	Location: Beneath the well.


	Property: Holds 20 arrows.
	Location: Woodfall Temple main treasure.

Big Quiver

	Property: Holds 40 arrows.
	Location: Prize for one of 2 shooting games. One in Clock Town, one in
	the swamp.

Biggest Quiver

	Property: Holds 50 arrows.
	Location: Prize for beating the other shooting game. Either Clock Town
	or the swamp.

Bomb Bag

	Property: Carries 20 bombs.
	Location: Bomb Shop in Clock Town.

Big Bomb Bag

	Property: Carries 30 bombs.
	Location: Bomb Shop or Curiosity Shop. Purely Either Or.

Biggest Bomb Bag

	Property: Carries 40 bombs.
	Location: Purchased from the nut salesman in Snowhead.


	Property: Blows up boulders, fake walls, and triggers switches. Also
	will blow certain enemies to smithereens.
	Location: Everywhere
	Characters: Link

	Property: Mobile Bomb that climbs walls.
	Location: Stores and Treasure Chests
	Characters: Link

	Property: Holds various usefull items such as potions, faries, bugs, and
	Deku princesses.
	Location: Milk Bar Latte, Potion Shop, Romani Ranch, Waterfall Rapids,
	Goron Races, Ikana Graveyard.
	Characters: All 4

Deku Nut

	Property: Will stun some enemies. When used as a Deku Scrub they are
	Location: Everywhere
	Characters: Link and Deku Link

Deku Stick

	Property: Used to light torches. If you roll or slash before the flame
	it, you will have saved your stick!
	Location: Everywhere
	Characters: Link

Fire Arrow
	Property: Arrow that will melt ice and light torches (and certain
enemies) and
	uses 2MP.
	Location: Snowhead Temple main treasure chest.
	Characters: Link

Great Fairy Sword

	Property: Inflicts four times the damage of the Kokiri sword. It is a C
button item
	so can be used while under the Blue Bubble curse.
	Location: Prize for finding the 15 faries in Stone Temple.
        Characters: Link

Hero's Bow

	Property: Allows you to fire both normal and magical arrows.
	Location: Woodfall Temple main treasure chest.
	Characters: Link


	Property: Allows you to target certain materials within your range and
pull yourself
	to them. Wood, such as trees and treasure chests, can be hookshot and
certain other
	targets can be. A red bead will appear when you can use it.
	Location: Gerudo Fortress.
	Characters: Link

Ice Arrow

	Property: Can freeze water and some enemies, used to make Octorock
stepping stones.
	2MP per use.
	Location: Great Bay Temple main treasure chest.
	Characters: Link

Lens of Truth

	Property: Reveals hidden platforms, monsters, treasure chests, and goron
	Uses 5 MP per second of use.
	Location: Received from the Goron graveyard in Snowhead. It is a
floating island,
	apparently unapproachable, but trust in the owl and all will be made
	Characters: All 4

Light Arrow

	Property: Triggers Sun Switches and Sun Blocks. They will stun certain
	Each arrow costs 4MP per use.
	Location: Stone Tower main treasure chest.
	Characters: Link

Magic Beans

	Property: When placed in a special patch and watered, they form a
floating leaf
	that will take you to a hard to reach location.
	Location: The first time you buy them, you need to reach the BeanGuy in
	hidden hole in the Deku Palace Gardens. Afterwards you can buy them from
	Salesman Nut in front of the Swamp Tour Hut.
	Characters: Link

Ocarina of Time

	Property: The sacred gift from Princess Zelda upon which you can play
	melodies. Each character's Ocarina manifests as a different instument.
	Location: You need to steal it back from the Skull Kid on the Final
Night on
	Top of the Clock Tower. Hit him with a bubble and he will yeild it. This
	instrument is essential for the game.
	Characters: All 4


	Property: Takes pictures of certain characters for specific purpouses.
	hold only one picture at a time.
	Location: Given to you by Tingle's father in the Swamp Tourist Hut.
	Characters: Link

Powder Keg

	Property: Super bomb that can blow up huge boulders and other areas not
	affected by smaller bombs. You need to be approved by BigGoron to use
	these very powerfull bombs. Has a VERY long fuse.
	Location: Can be bought from BigGoron, high quality, or from the
	lone Goron in the Bomb Shop, medium quality.
	Character: Goron Link	

Adult Wallet

	Property: Carries 200 Rupees.
	Location: Received after depositing a total of or more at the bank.
Giant Wallet

	Property: Carries 500 Rupees.
	Location: Prize after finding all the Golden Skulltulas in the
	Ocean SpiderHouse before the end of the First Day. There are 30.

6.0 Heart to Heart

	Sorry, but this section is so HUGE that I decided to go on to the more
info instead. In later versions I will finish the section, I promise.

7.0 Creepy Crawlies and Bumps in the Night

	This section deals with all the enemies and how to defeat them, the
bosses are
not listed because they are already placed in The Characters section.

7.1 Creepy Crawlies

	All these critters are just the normal enemies you find while running
around or
in the dungeons. Sub- bosses are in the Bumps in the night area.


	Appearence: A statue
	Habitat: Stone Tower Temple
	Strategy: Hit 'em with a Goron punch first then follow up with the
second punch
	while they're still waking up. Finally do the duck and cover thing
	these babies blow when defeated.


	Appearance: Look like little tripods with an eye on top
	Habitat: Stone Tower Area
	Strategy: Chuck a bomb then duck, because their head blows when

Big Octo

	Appearance: HUGE octorock
	Habitat: Southern Swamp
	Strategy: When you have the bow just stand back and shoot, but untill
then you'll
	just have to hitch a ride from Kotake.

Bio Deku Baba

	Appearance: When above water they look like lilly pads, but from below
they are
	Deku Babas hanging upside down from the pad
	Habitat: Great Bay Temple, Stone Tower Temple
	Strategy: Easy to beat as long as you keep your head. First Z target and
hit them with
	an arrow to send them to the bottom. Then either try to pick them off
from above or
	go down as Zora Link and use the electric attack.

Black Boe

	Appearance: Usually as just a pair of glowing eyes, in the light they
are little
	shadowy blobs with glowing eyes
	Habitat: Woodfall, Stone Tower, Below the Well
	Strategy: Just keep slashing, one slash will take care of them but they
	in packs and have no honor.

Blue Bubble

	Appearance: Bat winged skull that is surrounded by a gostly blue flame
	Habitat: Termina Feild and Ikana Canyon at night, also in Ikana Palace
and Stone Tower
	Stategy: One touch causes you to loose the power to draw your sword. Use
the arrows or
	hookshot to pick them off from afar or whip out the Great Fairy Sword
and wade right in.
	Playing the Song of Storms or waiting a few minutes will cure the curse.

Blue Chuchu

	Appearance: Contrary to other Chuchus, it is just a blue blob with
nothing in it's belly
	Habitat: Great Bay Temple
	Strategy: Really, all they are are overgrown stepping stones, peg one
with an ice arrow and
	jump onto it's head.

Blue Tekite

	Appearance: Spiderlike blue and yellow creature
	Habitat: Snowhead Area
	Strategy: Just keep slashing, eventually you'll get a lucky hit. They're
also easy to just avoid.

Death Armos

	Appearance: Larger and nastier version of the regular Armos
	Habitat: Stone Tower
	Strategy: Hit the special panels with the light arrows. When hit it will
flip upside down and try
	to crush you. Move out of the way and be ready for an explosion.

Deep Python

	Appearance: Really scary wormlike monsters who inhabit holes underwater
	Habitat: Pinnacle Rock
	Strategy: Swim into them with Zora Link's Barrier Attack on. Did someone
say sushi?

Deku Baba

	Appearance: Looks like an ugly purple flower till you get close and it
starts biting at you
	Habitat: Everwhere there are trees or woods
	Strategy: Just hit 'em. They are the easiest enemy in the game except
for the Chuchus.


	Appearance: A giant skeleton of a lantern fish surrounded by skullfish
	Habitat: Gerudo Fortress and Great Bay Temple
	Strategy: Use Zora Link's boomerang attack from afar, but the Barrier
Attack when up close.


	Appearance: Pale white hand anchored to walls that appears to wave in
the current, but wants
	to grab YOU
	Habitat: Great Bay Temple, Stone Tower, Beneath the Well
	Strategy: Use Zora Link's boomerang attack and they collapse easily.

	Appearance: Really big lizard
	Habitat: Termina Feild and some Hidden Holes
	Strategy: The real way to defeat them is to throw a bomb in their
mouths. However, it is
	easier to sneak up on thier tails and slash them. Their tails are the
only unarmored area
	and, like a loarge number of enemies in this game, will explode after
you defeat them.


	Appearance: An oversized Dragonfly
	Habitat: Woodfall Area and Temple
	Strategy: Shoot them down with arrows and Deku Bubbles, but don't get
close. Their tails
	have a nasty shock that will knock you off of your perch and take away a
good bit of life.


	Appearance: Moving snowdrifts of differing sizes
	Habitat: Snowhead Area, Snowfall Temple, and Termina Feild
	Strategy: Use bombs or a Goron punch, but beware, the large Eenos turn
into a few smaller
	Eenos when hit.

Fire Keese
	Appearance: Look just like regular Keese, but are enshrouded in flame
	Habitat: Beneath the Well and Stone Tower Area
	Strategy: Don't let them hit you! You will catch on fire as well as be
hurt by the Keese.
	Their fire will go out after they attack, but they will relight. Just
shoot them like
	regular Keese.


	Appearance: An icy face that blows no good
	Habitat: Snowhead Temple, Beneath the Well
	Strategy: If their breath touches you, you'll be frozen. However, they
cannot turn to
	orient on you, so either steam them with Fire Arrows or turn them into
ice cubes with
	a few slashes.

Giant Bee

	Appearance: Like a giant yellowjacket
	Habitat: Beehives and Snowhead Area (in the spring)
	Strategy: No longer can you just abuse these poor bee's homes, they now
fight back. Be
	prepared to take them on wherever you happen to abuse a beehive. Just
slash them.


	Appearance: A living mummy
	Habitat: Ikana Area and Stone Tower
	Strategy: I personally would use the Gibdo Mask whenever I am in their
presence. If
	they see you, you will freeze for a short amount of time and in that
	they will jump on your back and suck out your life. You can try to shake
them off by
	wiggling the control stick, but I would avoid the situation entirely and
	shoot them from afar. (Fire Arrows add comic relief, but will turn them
into a
	Redead, so plan accordingly.)

Golden Skulltula

	Appearance: A spider sporting a golden Mask
	Habitat: Special Spider Houses
	Strategy: These enemies are weak, you can use almost any attack to
finish them off,
	just don't attack them as a Zora. (Long story)

Green Chuchu

	Appearance: A large green blob with a magic potion in its belly
	Habitat: Termina Feild ect.
	Strategy: Seek out and destroy these monsters whenever your magic is
low, just
	slash at them, but know that they will jump.


	Appearance: Purple crow-like creatures that swoop down and attack Link
	Habitat: If it's open, it's fair game
	Strategy: Hit them before they hit you, usually your only warning will
be either
	a flash of yellow or the battle music. Use an arrow or bubble to shoot
them out
	of the air.


	Appearance: Charging bugs that come with or without Masks
	Habitat: Stone Tower and Woodfall Area
	Strategy: Hit it with your sword before it starts to charge you, if it
	a Mask you'll need to steal it with the hookshot before attacking.

Ice Keese

	Appearance: These bats look like Keese, but are shouded in ghostly blue
	Habitat: Beneath the well, Snowhead Mountain
	Strategy: Don't let them hit you, you'll take damage from the hit and
from the
	ice block that encases you after. Shoot them with an arrow to end their
rime of terror.

	Appearence: Bats
	Habitat: Anywhere the sun don't shine (Swamp, nighttime, Temples, ect.)
	Strategy: Hit them when they dive or Z target and release a volley of


	Appearance: Large green spinning critters that pop out of the ground
	Habitat: Termina Feild and Great Bay Area
	Strategy: Leevers are extremely fast and agressive, they aslo tend to
gang up. My advice is
	to either trample them with Epona or pray that your Nikes don't wear


	Appearance: Flowing tan tubes
	Habitat: Great Bay Area
	Strategy: Contrary to appearance, Like-Likes are nasty to cross. They
will stretch to amazing
	lengths and swallow you. You may then find yourself sheildless unless
you defeat the creature
	quickly. Shoot it twice with arrows, first to stun then kill. If
swallowed as Zora Link, turn on
	the Barrier attack and zap it from the inside.

Mad Scrub

	Appearance: Orange bush like creatures, they are Deku Scrubs gone BAD
	Habitat: Woodfall Area and Deku Palace
	Strategy: Knock their own nuts back at them, take them out with an air
attack, shoot with
	a bubble, slash them, the possibilites are endless!

Mini Baba

	Appearance: Bud-like Deku Baba
	Habitat: Many many places
	Strategy: If you don't know what to do, I ain't tellin ya.


	Appearance: These creatures look surprisingly like Gorons until they
	Habitat: Ikana Canyon and Stone Tower Temple
	Strategy: You really can't defeat them, they roll up and explode and its
	to get a hit in edgewise, so creep by in the Stone Mask and hope that
you never meet a Goron that


	Appearance: Puprle Octopi comes to mind
	Habitat: Water you kidding me?
	Strategy: Use the Sheild to give them a taste of their own medicine, or
possibly freeze them
	with Ice Arrows. (Say bye bye to all that bridge matinince.)


	Appearance: Large swirling floating machines o' death
	Habitat: Hidden Holes
	Strategy: Strange, but this seems to be one of the only monsters that
ever sleep, you
	can only attack during the day. Their only weakspot is a know underneath
the blades.


	Appearance: A ghost (duh!)
	Habitat: Ikana and Stone Tower Temple
	Strategy: I hope you don't rely too much on Z targeting because it ain't
gonna work.
	Poes only appear un Z targeted and sometimes not even then. Beware of
spin attacks from
	their death lights and know that they like to retreat, so have a good
supply of arrows.
	(By the way, I've heard Poes are good bottled.)

Real Bombchu

	Appearance: Take one look and ask me WHY they named a cute little bomb
after these rodents
	Habitat: Anywhere you look we got em
	Strategy: Take them out from AFAR. Why else did you think they call the
moving bombs Bombchus.

Red Bubble

	Appearance: A Skull surrounded by baelful hellfire (Sorry summer reading
getting to me)
	Habitat: Snowhead Temple (Isn't it Ironic)
	Strategy: Take them out from afar, they are just like Blue Bubbles, but
without that curse

Red Chuchu

	Appearance: A large red blob sporting a heart piece in its belly
	Habitat: If it's outside, it's fair game
	Strategy: The same with any other Chuchu, but look for them when you've
lost heart.


	Appearance: A walking corpse with a wooden Mask
	Habitat: Ikana Canyon and Ikana Palace
	Strategy: Don't let it see you or you'll freeze in place while it makes
itself your
	new hat, just wear the Gibdo Mask or Captain's Hat and they won't

Shell Blade

	Appearance: A clamshell with spikes
	Habitat:Gerudo Frortress and Great Bay Temple
	Strategy: You need to attack it while it's open, a good strategy is
either arrows or
	Zora Link's Boomerang attack.


	Appearance: A skeletal fish
	Habitat: Great Bay Temple and Area
	Strategy: Use Zora Link's Barrier attack to zap them. Anyone for fried


	Appearance: A giant skull with spider legs that drops from above
	Habitat: Many many places
	Strategy: Okay, if you haven't played Ocarina of Time raise your hand.
For those of
	you new to the Zelda scene you need to hit their soft backsides when
they turn around.


	Appearance: A turtle with spikes on it's shell
	Habitat: Mystery Forest, Woodfall Temple, and scattered throughout the
	Strategy: You need to be aware this monster is FAST, you need to bomb it
and then attack
	its exposed belly. However, you could also use Deku Link to burrow into
a flower and then
	pop up when it is over the flower.


	Appearance: A very small skeleton
	Habitat: Oceanside Spider House and Ikana Graveyard
	Strategy: You know that long piece of razor sharp metal you own? Use it.
If you want some
	useful info out of them, talk to them using the Captain's Hat.


	Appearance: A deranged Buzzard
	Habitat: Just outside of Milk Road
	Straegy: You win 200 rupees for defeating it, but he may steal an item
of yours that is Very
	important. (see afforementioned piece of metal) To reclaim your stolen
goods just take
	a trip to the Curiosity Shop.


	Appearance: First a large shadow then a disembodied hand
	Habitat: Beneath the Well and in Ikana Graveyard
	Strategy: Listen for a groan and watch for a large shadow below you.
Keep running till the shadow
	freezes and then move out of the way, a few sword hits will clear the
problem up. But beware
	they like to drop you at the beginning of a dungeon.

White Boe

	Appearance: A white fluffball with glowing red eyes
	Habitat: Snowhead Temple and Area
	Strategy: Just attack them, but be warned when they attack in swarms.

White Wolfos

	Appearance: White Wolves
	Habitat: Snowhead Mountain Area and Temple
	Strategy: Hit them in the back for a one hit victory or just keep up Z
targeting them
	until they lower their defense.


	Appearance: A brown Wolf
	Habitat: Snowhead Mountain Area and Woodfall Area
	Strategy: Same as the White Wolfos.

Yellow Chuchu

	Appearance: A yellow blob with arrows in it's belly
	Habitat: Great Bay Temple and Stone Tower Temple
	Strategy: The same as all other Chuchus but seek them out when you are
low on arrows.

7.2  Bumps in the Night

	It's Sub-boss time! These are your favorite enemies who appear to either
discourage you
or to guard a heart piece or other important item.

The Four Poe Sisters

	Appearance: Four Poes of differing color, they once appeared in Ocarina
of Time as
	REAL Sub-bosses
	Location: These four lovely sisters are found in the Spirit House and
are the Poes
	you have to defeat for the game.
	Strategy: To defeat Amy you will need to wait till she is stationary and
then hit her
	with arrows. For both Beth and Jo you need to defeat with sword strikes
as they attack
	you from accross the room. Finally, you must defeat Meg. To send her to
the great beyond
	shoot the Meg lookalikes as they circle you, four lucky hits should do
it. (Any literary
	critics here will note the four sisters from Little Women and the
subsquent books.)

Big Poe

	Appearance: Like a larger Poe
	Location: Beneath the Well and Ikana Graveyard
	Strategy: Same as for either Amy, Beth, or Jo of the Poe sisters, but
you can bottle these
	when they are defeated.

Boss Garo

	Appearance: A much larger, faster, and more dangerous version of a
regular Garo
	Location: Stone Tower Temple and Secret Shrine
	Strategy: Z target and sheild against him, when he stops to look around
for you hit him
	with an ice arrow then slash.


	Appearance: A large, armed lizard
	Location: Secret Shrine, Woodfall and Snowhead Temples
	Strategy: Z target and move when they are open, actually they are quite
easy to defeat.


	Appearance: A strange creature with one huge eye
	Location: Stone Tower Temple
	Strategy: Wait till its eye turns yellow then shoot it with with an
arrow. Be ready
	to dodge its various attacks.


	Appearance: A large Wallmaster who lives on the groun
	Location: Ikana Palace
	Strategy: When the monster turns green MOVE or it will ram you! Slice it
with your
	sword then quickly defeat the tiny Floormasters it splits into, if you
let them go too
	long they'll regroup into the Master Floormaster again.


	Appearance: A large frog
	Location: Woodfall and Great Bay Temples
	Strategy: Find different ways to disarm its friends, for example the
jelly in Great Bay
	needs frozen. Be sure to take them out quickly enough or the Gecko and
its buddy will
	beat on you with a major attack. Remember to recruit the resulting


	Appearance: A swordweilding monstrosity which wears a coat of Keese
	Location: Stone Tower Temple
	Strategy: To dissipate its cloak of Keese hit it with a Light Arrow,
then run up
	and hit it with your sword. To keep up use the Bunny Hood.

Iron Knuckle

	Appearance: A machine in the guise of a samuri
	Location: Ikana Graveyard
	Strategy: Use the Song of Storms to rust them and then dodge their
	and go in for the kill when they are open.

King of Ikana

	Appearance: A large and regal skelatal warrior
	Location: Ikana Palace
	Strategy: Use the same strategy as that for the King's Servants below.

King's Servants

	Appearance: Smaller skeletal warriors
	Location: Ikana Palace
	Strategy: Hit them until they faint then burn away the curtains covering
the windows.
	Knock them out again and then shine the light onto them with the Mirror

Skull Keeta

	Appearance: A HUGE skeleton
	Location: Ikana Graveyard
	Strategy: Wake Skull Keeta with the Sonota of awakening then chase him
as he runs.
	Use arrows to slow him own as he runs until you get close enough to take
him on
	man to man. (Or in this case child to huge undead beast.)


	Appearance: A scaly eye enshouded by pink bubbles
	Location: Great Bay Temple
	Strategy: Become Deku Link and spin beneath him, as long as you do this
he really
	won't hurt you, but be warned once he starts to chase you you'll need to
dodge all
	those bubbles.


	Appearance: Spinning, blue, old men (weird huh?)
	Location: Every Temple but Great Bay
	Strategy: In the first stage he hops from pad to pad shooting a magic
attack. Don't
	let him get that far! Find out where he will materialize next and then
attack him whinle
	he is still spinning. Next he will cast some decoys, look for the one
that spins and attack
	that one.

8.0 Shooting for the Stars: All the Secrets

	WARNING!!! This section contains many secrets and the FINAL BATTLE. If
you want a surprise
don't read this section, but if secrets be your food of life, read on.

Zero Hour

	This area reveals exactly what to do after collecting all the Remains

	On midnight of the Final Day we find our young hero again on the top of
the Clock Tower,
but this time you have some friends who will help. NOTE- before you go make sure
you have AT LEAST
ten masks, the minimum required to complete the game.

	* Play the Oath to order to summon the four protectors of Termina
	* Follow Majora's Mask to to the moon by the portal it leavs.
	* Give each of the four children the masks they wish and then complete
the ensuing game
	of hide and seek.
	* Finally you will find one child sitting against the tree wearing
Majora's Mask, talk to him
	and you will be transported to the ULTIMATE BATTLE.
Many Faces of Majora

	Majora has three transformations, in each of the three you need to react
	Oh, and bye the bye if you collected all 23 masks, first of all my
congrats. This
	task is not easy, second it will cause the Moon Children to reward you
with the Fierce 	Deity's Mask. This, of course, makes defeating Majora a
titchy bit easier.

	Majora's Mask
	This is Majora's fist phase. The Mask will fly around like a buzz saw,
wait until you can
	attack the unarmored back side of this deity. After three hits the
Remains Masks will start to
	attack while Majora begins to unleash a stream of fire. Kill the Remains
Masks off with two arrows
	each and then reflect the fire beam back at Majora to toast it.

	Majora's Incarnation

	This is Majora's second phase, this phase has long arms and legs. It
will run around and taunt
	you, much like Odolwa, only pausing to shoot energy at you. Charge up
your spin attack then
	unleash the energy. Finish it off while it lies stunned.

	Majora's Wrath

	The final try of Majora to vanquish you, this time Majora sports VERY
long whip like tentacles.
	To finish it off, everyone together now, USE THE LIGHT ARROWS! ( I'm
very sure those of us
	who played Ocarina were expecting that, huh?) Then rush in and slash it
with your sword.
 Huzza Huzza! You have defeated Majora's Mask and have saved the world once
again! Or have you?
 Did you help everyone? Do every side quest? If not, then your ending will be a
tiny bit bittersweet.
 However, why don't you go back and fix that? As you know, there's no time like
the past!

9.0 Credits and Acknowledgements

	Before I wrap this up, please, I beg of you, ASK MY PERMISSION to place
this guide on
	your site. It took me many many hours and many many breakdowns to finish
this guide. If you
	need to contact me with further questions about this gameguide or
further gameguides, e-mail me at I look at this
about once a month, so if your e-mail doesn't pertain to the above, kindly shut
up. And yes, there will be another version of this guide posted someday.

	Behind every guide there are some truly great people, and I don't mean

* Thanks to Mr. Miyamoto for all the work he has done in the past and will in
  future. He is the REAL hero of the Triforce! UPDATE= Sorry to hear about your
  Mr. M, Please somebody do something about this horrible cel shading in the
Gamecube game!

* Thanks to my parents and sibling for listening to my babbling about this

* Thank all of you at Prima Gameguides for helping ME get through the game the
first time.
   (If this guide really didn't help, contact the great folks at

* Thanks to all the wonderful people at QED radio in Pittsburgh.

* Thank you Nintendo for all your great games. (All characters and products in
this guide
  are copyrighted by Nintendo, not just a product of my diseased imagination.)

* Finally, thanks to the posse, (You know who you are) without whom I would only
be a

Oh, You thought this guide was over. Congrats for your perserverence, there are
a few little things
I'd like to add.

The Secrets

Every game has secrets and funny little quirks that make the game unique. Mask
is no exception.

* You have probably heard the Deku Stick rumor. If you touch a butterfly with a
Deku Stick, it
  will turn into a fairy. Guess what? It's true! I have only done it once in
Snowhead but I swear
  on the honor of Richard Nixon it is true.

* Listen to the Gossip Stones, what they tell you is true. (mostly)

  Chateau Romani does max out your magic meter for three days when you drink it,
but I can't
  promise anything if it's not fresh.

* Have you checked out the masks on the Happy Mask Man? One is Mario!

* If you wear a mask and show it to the Happy Mask Man, he will tell you what it

* Link is looking for Saria, if you haven't figured that out yet.

* When you break a sign, it can be healed using the Song of Healing.

* Some minigames have a way you can cheat a bit.
  Honey and Darling's target game will stop the timer briefly if you hit them
with an arrow.

  The treasure chest game will let you buy a ticket as one character, but race
as another!
  This is useful for Goron Link's prize.

* While in Termina Feild, there are some secrets.

  Look through the observatory telescope to
  find a Guay who, excuse me, poops rupees. Just zoom in on it and watch where
it drops the rupees.

  Also, in the tree near the observatory, the kid who fills in for the Shop
Owner while he is
  gone sits up there with a stash of rupees. Roll attack into the tree to cause
him and the rupees
  to drop.

  While in the Woodfall section of the feild, you will find a cloud of
butterfies. If you follow
  them you will drop into a hidden hole!

  In the Snowhead area of the feild there is a staff with a picture of the Skull
Kid next to it.
  If you play the notes, rupees will fall from the picture! Some of the songs
are from Ocarina.

* In Clock Town, the owner of the shop is actually the fishing shop owner from
Ocarina of Time.
  If you check the glass case in the corner you will find an amusing caption.

* Dogs love Zoras, hate Deku Scrubs, and fear Gorons.

* The Mask of Truth allows you to hear animal thoughts, this really helps when
trying to find
  the fastest dog in the dog race, just pick them up and listen to them.

* Try different weapons on gossip stones and see how they react!

* If you play the Song of Healing next to a Gossip Stone, it will release a

* There are four chests containing silver rupees in Clock Town.

  Get the Bunny Hood and run over the roof accross from the Stock Pot Inn, jump
the gap and land on
  the colum, from there jump to the basket over Honey and Darling's shop and
finally jump to the area
  behind the Octorock shooting gallery.

  Inside the Bomber's "secret passage" turn left instead of going straight at
the water area, you
  will encounter a skultulla. Turn left into the little alcove and bomb the
cracked wall.

  Inside "your" room in the Stock Pot Inn.

  Inside the Employees Only Room in the Stock Pot Inn.

* The Goron whose room you took has the name of Link Durania, he was the son of
Durania in Ocarina of

* If you roll into a counter that holds a cow statuette, the cow will bob its

* If you shoot the center of the clock in the center of Clock Town, it will rain

* At the top of the observation tower on the final night you will find a purple

* Remeber the "tree" that looked like it was crying in the beginning of the
game? That was
  the Deku Butler's son, and the source of your Mask. Remember that he said you
reminded him
  of his son? That's why.

* Can't finish Keaton's quiz? Here are the answers!

	= What time does Romani go to bed?  8
	= What is Link's nickname at Romani Ranch? grasshopper
	= What time does Romani wake up? 6
	= How many levels are there on the festival tower at the end? 4
	= What is Tingle's spell? Tingle Tingle, what? Koolo-Limpah!
	= What tribe does Darmani belong to? Gorons
	= How many balloons does Romani practice with? 1
	= What is the name of Anju's father? Tortas
	= What is the name of the hotel in Clock Town? Stock Pot Inn
	= What color are Tingle's pants? red
	= How many posts are there in Clock Town? 5
	= What is Anju's habit? Apologize right away
	= Which weapon does Romani practice with? bow
	= How many cows are there in Romani Ranch? 3
	= How many people are in the Zora Band? 5
	= What does the Bomb Shop Owner call her mother? Mama
	= What is the name of the lead singer of the Zora band? Lulu
	= How many cow statues are ther in Clock Town? 10
	= What tribe does Mikau belong to? Zoras
	= What kind of instrument does the Skull Kid use? flute
	= What is the name of the song that Romani teaches Link? Epona's Song
	= How old is Tingle? 35
	= Is Tingle left-handed or right-handed? right
	= How many chickens are in the Cow Shack? 1
	= What is the name of Vintage Milk? Chateau Romani
	= What is the name of Clock Town's Mayor? Dotour
	= What is the name of the Bomber's leader? Jim
	= Where does Cremia take her milk? The Milk Bar

That's all I can think of now, if you have further secrets that you can
VALIDATE, send them to me at The e-mail is case sensitive, PLEASE type it in
correctly! I will test each and every suggestion, and if I find it to be false I
will post it as false. If you hear of a rumor you have proved to be false send
that too!