The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Glitches

Magic enchantment (longer magic) without green great fairy
First, you must at least beat the game on one file getting the magic enchantment on that file. Next start a new file and do whatever you do as usual. Approch the door to enter clock town.

Fun Fact: You will experience the cutscene you'll warp to if you let the moon attack one the third day without game over.

Agree to help the mask salesman get majora's mask back and blah blah blah. Go to the Great Fairy in North Clock Town. She'll tell you to get the stray fairy. Once the fairies gather around you, you'll hear the sound of earning magic. If you heard that sound, the glitch should work later. Get the stray fairy,(on first day, not night) return, she'll give you the magic power, but the green will go past the white line making it as long as 2x magic. If you let the magic run out to 1x magic, you can't get the 2x magic without green great fairy anymore, you'll have to get the 2x magic the great fairy way. It only works on the 2nd file if 1st file is game beaten, 2nd file starts on link on epona, and only once. Sorry but have fun! And if it does work again by erasing the 2nd file and doing it all over again, then sorry because I didn't check.