The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Glitches

a way to ride epna as a goron and more also go to just about any ware on epona in the
1) make sure you have the ocarina and one of the zora or goron or deku mask on your 3 arrow bottles

2 you have to go to milk road.

3)call epona go in and out of the brothers race track and do not get off the horse or it wont work Go to the owl Z target it and save on epona


5) go to your saved game. once it's done loading you should still be on epona. (if not try again)do not get off the horse or it wont work

6) go back to the brothers race track on milk rd

7) put zora's mask on one of the C buttons

8) then you will be epona you're man well be floating (the fairy will say something so just ignore her. so just go out of the brothers race track as epona no rider you'll be epona it looks Weird its OK you will see the moon so on

9 )ride her around for a bit z will help you move

10) ride around tell the night comes and on the new day you will be in the middle of the field and able to use you're ocarina on epona and ride her any ware .
ps you can warp any ware 2 use the song of soaring epona will follow you

Just do the same thing except a different mask.