The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Unlockables

UnlockableHow to unlock
Postman's Hatgive postman the delivery and he will wait outside the latte bar
couple's maskcomplete anju's and kafei's quest
bremens maskhear guru gurus confession
don geros maskgive the chunk of meat to don gero found in goron shrine
kafeis maskaccept to search for kafei
giant maskfound in stone tower temple
Romani MaskDay 1 At Night Go to Romani Ranch at 2:00 and help Romani fight off the Aliens that steal the cows until the morning of the next day. Then romani will give you a bottle with milk in it. Then go into the Romani Ranch Barn and talk to Cremia and later on in the even go back to Romani Ranch and accept the carriage ride. Then shoot arrows at the Gorman Brother bandits wearing garo masks.
Captain's Hatgo to ikana graveyard go to Mr. Dampe's House and stand near Captain Keeta whom is resting and Play the Sonata of Awakening then he will get up and brake the top of the House and then you must chase him down and fight him he will eventually give up.
Bunny Hoodgo to the Cucco Shack in Romani Ranch, wear the Bremen's Mask and turn the baby cuccos into adult crested cuccos and the grog will give you this mask.
Gibdos Maskslow down time, go into the canyon house and play the Song of Healing to the Researcher who was turned into a Gibdo and he will give you the Gibdo's Mask
Keaton MaskAsk on the Third Day at the Curiosity Shop and you will have to get it from the OWNER
Goron's MaskMust have already of Beaten Goht to be able to climb up to the top of the Mountain and enter the Goron Graveyard. Go over to the grave and you will see a shadow that shows on the floor right in front of the Darmani's Grave. Put on the Lens of Truth and You will see Darmani The III's Spirit Talk TO Him and Heal his Soul and then He will leave behind his mask.
Zora's MaskOn Day One go to Great Bay, you will see seagulls flying around a unconscious figure whom is Mikau the leader of the Indigos go out there in the water and he will ask for help. Push him to shore and he will walk for a while and then collapse. Go up to him and heal his soul which then he will leave his mask.
Deku Maskyou must get back the Ocarina of Time and then go to the place where the Happy Mask Salesman is and she will teach you the Song of Healing which then it will turn the Deku Curse into the Deku Mask that you can put on and take off at any time.
All Night MaskOn Day Three Go To the Curiosity Shop and buy it for 500 rupees (you must have the Giants wallet in order to buy this mask)
Fierce Deity maskget all masks and before the final boss speak to all kids (kid with majora last),you will get into 4 dungeons after that you should have no masks left, if you dont have any go speak to majora masked kid and he will give you it.Gibdo's Mask The Real Way To Get The Mask|+|First go the the cave that is behind the Music Box House. Then Sharp the other Composer brother will play the Song of Darkness to try to kill you and play the Song of Storms and The Curse will be lifted off of Sharp and the land will refill with water and the music box house will start playing Goodbye Gibdos and after that cut scene, leave the cave put on the stone mask and Pamela won't see you and enter the music box house. Go down to the basement and go up to the casket, Pamelas Father will come out, then play the song of Healing and he will give you this mask.
Giant's MaskTurn Stone Tower Temple. Get on the top platform then beat the eyegore and a treasure chest will appear open it and get it.
Gerudo mask (transformation mask)Defeat Gyorg 5 times.
Smooch maskGo to the Honey and Darling shop. Then play each game on the 3 days 3 times.
Majora's maskGo to the moon and fight majora's mask (with fierce deitys mask) 5 times. (Before remains react, put on fierce deitys mask)
Hero's maskDefeat every boss with the right mask, in order.
Save maskHit every owl save place in Termina.
Skull mask (transformation mask)Talk to every stalchild in Ikana graveyard.
All- Night MaskOn the first night, stop Sakon from stealing the Big Bomb Bags from the old lady in North Clock Town at midnight. Wait until the third night at 10:00 to go to the Curosity Shop to buy the All- Night mask for 500 rupees. This mask will helg stay up with the woman in the inn that tells the stories and help you get two pieces of heart! Need the Giant's wallet for this. NOTE: Stopping Sakon on the first night will not allow you to complete the Anju and Kafei storyline!!!!!