The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Tips

Very Easy Money.
If you need quick money to fill your wallet, then follow these steps.

1.Put on the Bunny Hood and run along the side of East Clock Town and get the chest behind the Shooting Gallery.

2.Go into the Bombers' Hideout and take a left at the entrance, then blow a bomb near the cracked wall.

3.After opening the chest behind the wall, you should now have a combined 200 from both chests, now wear Romani's Mask and buy a bottle of Chateau Romani to have infinite magic power.

Now all you need is arrows and step out into the East side of Termina Field and hit the Blue Bubbles with a light arrow. Each time you kill a Blue Bubble with a light arrow, you get 50 rupees.
This is a lot faster than beating the Takkuri, which takes 6 elemental arrow/12 regular arrows to take down.

If you ever run low on arrows, hitting the quickly-spawning Bubbles with a fire arrow gives you a bundle of 20 arrows.