The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Easter eggs

Fishing dude from OoT to MM to TP and very many random HINTS and TIPS
In OoT there's a fishing pond located in west Lake Hylia. In Majora's Mask he owns the shop in between the Curiosity shop and Bomb shop. In Twilight Princess, if you go way up north to the top of the river that leads to lake Hylia, you'll find a new and way better fishing pond than in OoT. Go in and go inside the fishing guide's house on the right. Speak to the girl and say no to the fishing requests and she will tell you to snoop around the the place and to look with the "c" stick/button at what might interst you. To the right of the desk/bar there us some pictures of her, her sister and some other stuff on the floor. One of the pictures is actually of the same guy from the first fishing pond in OoT and from the shop In MM. She tells you how he was a legendary fishing guru hundreds of years ago!!! Also how she wouldve wished to have lived way back then just to learn from him or something. I personally thought this was cool and hilarious at the same time because first off, he was always kind of a dork scratching his back and scratching his pits like every 2 seconds, and second you can snag his hat off with the fishing rod he gives you in OoT revealing a bald head! It's cool though because I'm pretty sure he's the only character besides link and skull kid to be in all three games! Oh and for those of you who don't know, to get fire arrows in OoT go to lake Hylia, by the tall dead tree and as adult link shoot at the sun with an arrow in the morning as it just starts rising. Complete the Gerudo valley training grounds to get ice arrows. Beat race challenge at Lon Lon Ranch under time limit to get Cow and Heart piece in house in Kokiri Forest. Play Epona's song to cow to get milk. Use mask of truth to talk to Cow and any other animal or gossip stone. Find Running Man/PostMan running laps around Lon Lon Ranch in daytime, as a kid give him bunny hood. As a kid give Keaton aka fox mask to guard at Death Mt. entrance in Kakariko Village. Give sad mask/wooden mask to little boy in Kakariko Graveyard that plays with a stick. Give Skull mask to Mysterious flute player in orange tunic aka Skull Kid in Lost Woods. Use Sexy Gerudo mask to talk to townsfolk to get reply either ooh you looking fine or something like that or ahhh! Gerudo Theif! Also use Zora/Goron mask to get funny a funny reply from a Zora or Goron. Have Dampe the Gravedigger dig at his own grave(one closest to house I think) to get hookshot, follow him through his grave to return to a ledge in the Windmill Hut to find heart piece. Get Epona to jump across bridge to Gerudo Fortress without using hookshot for an epic movie scene. Find 30 I'd say of Gold Skulltulas to get Stone of Agony which will rumble the controller when near a secret(hole in the ground), use bomb, play Song of Storms or use Megaton Hammer to open. Hole locations=1. Kakariko Village when you come in from Hyrule Field, dead centered in the middle of Town behind the tree and near the stairs to the left. 2. Hyrule Hield, entrance to Lake Hylia, right in the middle of the four tall metal gates. 3. To the left of the Lake Hylia entrance, back a little way somewhere around the skinny trees(run around through them and just feel for the rumble.)oh by the way roll into any if these trees to get some rupees or hearts, or on some rare occasions, a Gold Skulltula will fly out of these trees! Oh and another Hint, When searching for Gold Skulltulas, always search at night! They appear way the heck more often! 4. Gerudo Valley entrance behind Lon Lon Ranch, the red cliff bordered by a low wooden fence. Circled by rocks. 5. (I don't remember if this one was invisible or not) Hyrule Field, left side of the Castle,(not Zelda's Castle, the Market!) around the skinny trees near the small body of water. 6. Outside Zelda's Castle, directly infront of the tree all of the way right of the tall metal gate with 2 guards. (the place early in the game where you used the chicken to wake Malon, Owner of Lon Lon Ranch) 7. Death Mt. entrance to Goron Village, in a circle of rocks on a large, slanted pedestal. 8. Path to Zoras Domain, on top of a large cliff in a circle of rocks. Oh by the way in this same area, you'll notice a frog on a log(lol) stand on the log and get out your ocarina and play diff. Three note songs like Zeldas Lullabye or Epona's Song, infill you get the right song, more frogs will join in and play games with you, each win you get money and eventually you'll get a heart piece! That's all I can think of right now sorry. But if you ever happen to come across a circle of rocks there's bound to be a secret hole! Dang, it took me 2 and a half hours to type this on my itouch for the sake of all you awesome Zelda fans!!! Good Luck!!! Hope you don't get too frustrated!!!