The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Glitches

Fierce Diety Link and Escaping Clock Town
Ok. This cheat requires nothing but the fierce diety mask and another mask of your choice (non transformation).

Part 1: Enter Sakon's Hideout on the third day. The easiest way to do this (and not waste half of the day waiting for Sakon to show up) is to kind of... ok go to the stone door and look at a crack on the right side (facing it). Notice it is somewhat bigger than the other side crack. Roll straight at the crack a few times (trust me, it takes practice) and eventually you will enter Sakon's Hideout.

Part 2: Help Kafei for your own selfish desires. Put on a regular non-transformation mask on (e.g. Great Fairy's mask) and wait for the cutscene to finish. Once you gain control of Kafei, quickly press Start and equip Fierce Diety's Mask on the same C-button as the regular mask. When you finish Kafei's cutscene, Link will put on Fierce Diety's mask (with the spastic look on his face like he's going to die). Note that you CAN do this with your Giant's mask, but it will freeze, well, not freeze, but it will lock your game. The shaking link effect is somewhat pleasing to look at though.

Part 3: Escape from Ikana Canyon. Once you finish helping Kafei (or letting the mask drop, you selfish jerk!) dive off into the water and out the waterfall. Feel free to screw around in Termina. Note that I haven't made any mention of a magic bean, have I?

Part 4: The escape from Clock Town. This is where it all gets fun. Proving that there is an EASY way to escape CT with Fierce Diety (or Oni Link) and not having to make all the before-hand preparations with the magic bean junk. Normally, Oni Link can not escape CT because the guards will talk to him like an adult yet treat him like Deku Link. You also can't escape because he won't pull out a Tuba when you press the Ocarina button (XD). To make matters worse, the normal way takes lots of planning and annoying time getting through Deku guards to get magic beans (I always sucked at that part). TIME FOR A BREAK! Enter east CT and go on top of Milk Bar, Latte. Notice where the bomber's sign is with all the stupid rules. Go to the fence opposite that sign (and nearest to the guard's exit). Take a leap towards the wall and the exit and push the control stick toward the exit (you will fall through the straw ledge thingy). When you land (and I did this on my first try after realizing it could be done after randomly jumping into the wild blue yonder) you will be heading out to Termina.

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